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Should RPGs be Shorter?

1UP - When free time comes at a premium, it's hard to justify another 50-hour quest. (Culture)

NYC_Gamer  +   694d ago
Nope,i love for rpgs to offer hours of story and gameplay...
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Son_Lee  +   694d ago
If you don't have the time for them, don't play them. But don't advocate for shorter RPGs just because you don't have the time for them.

RPGs need to be longer, and there needs to be more of them. Back in the day, Mass Effect being 30-40 hours long would have been an insult. Today that's the cream of the crop.
DivineAssault  +   694d ago
no they shouldnt.. Maybe the main story could be for people who lose interest or dont want to play something long but make enough side quests & multiple endings to satisfy people who pay $60 for the thing.. I cant stand games releasing for so much that u finish in a few hours.. I wont buy em but games with great replay ability, i will.. Not just multiplayer
Gamer-Z  +   693d ago
Max-Zorin  +   693d ago

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