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The Scariest Games You Never Played

IGN - Unspeakable terrors await. The scariest, most obscure video games you need to play. (Culture)

Venox2008  +   549d ago
thats a really good list

Haunting ground especially great game
IAMERROR  +   549d ago
The scariest game I've ever played was Superman 64, that quality was horrifying.
Eddy223  +   549d ago
Yes Rule of Rose! God I wish that game was more popular. It's so beautiful.
gillri  +   549d ago
good list but 'The cradle Level' in Thief 3 is about as scary as its gets

best out and out horror game is still Silent Hill 2 tho!!
acmegamer  +   549d ago
The crocodiles in Far Cry 3 always make me jump!!
Kinger8938  +   549d ago
The penumbra series is great! The team then took this on and made amnesia the dark decent which is by far the best horror game ive ever played

Totally immersive
GusBricker  +   549d ago
Wow, those graphics are scary now.
TheGOODKyle  +   549d ago
Blood Siren.
Servbot41  +   549d ago
I've played all but one of these (Lone Survivor). It's missing the gems that are Siren 1 and 2, but I'm glad to see Haunting Ground and Echo Night get recognition, they are fantastic.

Rule of Rose is great too, but a lot of the game takes place on the rather dull airship, sadly; it would have been great if they had a few more changes to the scenery. I loved Brown and Jennifer.

Call of Cthulhu was a disappointment; once you get the gun and enough ammo the the game basically turns into a simple FPS.

More games need helpful pets like Haunting Ground and Rule of Rose.

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