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THQ President Jason Rubin Responds To Cliff Bleszinski's Tweets About Dildos

In a sad but dignified departure from THQ yesterday, as the remaining employees were allowed to gather their things and clear their desks by the end of the day, THQ’s now former president Jason Rubin tweeted a picture in response to not only his last day at the office, but to industry figurehead Cliff Bleszinski’s comments on the Saints Row franchise. (Cliff Bleszinski, Industry, Jason Rubin, Saints Row: The Third, THQ)

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phantomexe  +   768d ago
That is priceless...looks like deep silver will keep the purple giant alive.
showtimefolks  +   767d ago
I am not a cliffy fan but I agree SR series could be so much more if they make few changes. They could target a much more broader audience that way

Jason rubin to me is an idiot. He once said on Bonus Round over at GT that publishers have every right to charge online dlc pass code but they should also charge more TNA. $60 per game. His view is how to make more money and nothing else. Also from what I have seen of his interviews it's simple as I am right and you are wrong

So while I do see in comments people hating on cliffy, I just hope you all realize that he had been working at epic since he was a teenager and he has done a lot more tha. Just gears of war. David Jaffe started GOW so he will always get the credit no matter who designs future god of war games.

But as a combo of game designer and game director he had a lot of say in what should be made.

I would love for him to work on some existence IPs, when RE6 came out to mediocre reviews cliffy said if given the opportunity he could fix RE6. Capcom get on the phone

Saints row 2 was a much much better game than SR3. In SR3 they threw everything in kitsch sink and hoped for the best while having no structure to the story what so ever. Craziness and silliness can get you only so far. I am a huge open world games open and I see a lot more potential in SR series

Also I am surprised by how little the price was that deep silver's publisher paid. I thought for sure activision and or EA would be involved. Also this would be have a great chance for one of the console makers to grab the IP but what's done is done
MaxXAttaxX  +   767d ago
Anyone with a big mouth could say they can fix RE6. Yeah Capcom, get on the phone and release Resident Evil 6 Redux: Cliffy Edition.
Not sure things are that simple.

The only game of his I really liked was Jazz Jackrabbit. Everything else he did that stood out was pretty much the Unreal Tournament games and its third-person counterpart, Gears of War.

All Cliffy kept complaining about was the dildo and gimp suits because it made him feel "embarrassed". Get over it Cliff, Bulletstorm was a huge dick joke anyway.

I do agree that SR2 was better balanced though.
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solid_warlord  +   767d ago
I heard cliffy b is becoming popular in the Gay porn industry since he left epic
Gamer1982  +   767d ago
Cliffy knows FA and its shows. I mean keeping Gears exclusive was a dumb move as the company lost million in profit so he need to shut his mouth about other company's who have gone bust thanks to lack of funds. I mean no Unreal Tournament in nearly 4 years? EPIC fail (pun intended).
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yewles1  +   768d ago | Funny
Vaya con Dildos.
nrvalleytime  +   768d ago
Ha. Have a bubble.
palaeomerus  +   768d ago
You have won one (1) internet.
rpd123  +   768d ago
Zero f**ks were given...
smashman98  +   768d ago
There we go glad to see Jason stand up for volition
Nelson M  +   768d ago
Go tickle cliffys ear with it
ChrisW  +   767d ago
Better yet, go clean Cliffy's ear with it! Stick it in there real deep!
ILive  +   767d ago
Hey, Cliff. Is that a dildo in your ear?
Riderz1337  +   768d ago
There was no need to even respond to Cliff. The guy is a joke.
CaptainPunch  +   768d ago
Yeah it's not like he didn't design any popular games or anything. You're the joke.
Riderz1337  +   768d ago
So he designs a popular game and he automatically gets to criticize other successful franchises? You're the joke.

Also just so you know it's not like Cliff was the only person working on those titles. He's just the one that got recognized but hundreds of people contributed they just weren't fortunate enough to get the credit they deserved. He's not some sort of one man army developer.
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Ducky  +   767d ago
^ No-one said that Cliff was the only one who worked on those titles. He was the designer and director though, meaning he knows a thing or two about designing games.

With that in mind, his opinion holds some weight when he comments on another game's design. Calling him a joke is just laughable.
Revolver_X_  +   767d ago
Cliff B opinions hold no weight. So, what he's a developer? Thats like saying Treyarch could go from COD to Need For Speed successfully. Gears of War is an ok TPS with a redundant story, and one of the buggiest onlines for a TPS. Did I miss Cliff B becoming someone like Hideo Kojima overnight? Saints Row 3 was by far a better gaming experience. Gotta love these die hard defenders. I bet you'd defend Superman 64 if it suited your argument.
Ducky  +   767d ago
^ You might be surprised to know that Cliff has worked on games other than Gears.

... but yea, sure, I'm a die hard defender because I don't think some guy who's been influential in the gaming industry for the past two decades is a joke.
hazardman  +   767d ago
@ Revolver....
Gears of War series was the shit, I don't care what anyone says. If you have a Xbox360 that trilogy gotta be in the collection! And for its few flaws the multiplayer is just right too, mad fun. But its my opinion. On topic though Cliffy does come across as a prick, but he knows his shit, he been in the business a long time! Damn I didn't even want to defend the bastard either. Anyway good for dude going out in full glory with a Barneys dick and shit...hahahaha!!
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InMyOpinion  +   767d ago
Cliffy never bashed Saint's Row. He just said that he thought the series would have had more success following a less whimsical route.

You guys act as if he wished death upon Jason Rubin or something.
Gamer1982  +   767d ago
And the 360 fanboys come out the woodwork!
Septic  +   768d ago
Please elaborate. How is Cliffy B, instrumental behind the success of seminal titles such as Unreal Tournament, Gears of War and others, a joke?

If you can't come up with a decent response, I think this is a case of pot calling kettle black.
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2pacalypsenow  +   767d ago
Seriusly this guy bashes kojima on MGS4 and then says how great MGS 4 is
snake_eater  +   768d ago
Cliff Bitch is probably fingering himself to that pic right now.
FarCryLover182  +   768d ago
No, hes probably using the purple right now.
pdqprogrammer  +   768d ago
Haha well played Jason Rubin. Well played. Gotta give him credit with sticking with it until the end. Shame he had a ton to try and clean up but couldn't get it done sadly. Good luck in his and the purple giant's next endeavors.
T3MPL3TON  +   768d ago
I still agree with Cliffy. There was no need to be so immature. SR3 was a good game that had a lot of potential. Potential it never lived up to.
Riderz1337  +   768d ago
Saints Row was successful because it was immature. It wasn't just another GTA clone. Why do you think it was successful? How many GTA clones out there even get recognized? Saints Row did what GTA did but with a lighter tone and more focus on fun and immature gameplay styles.
Septic  +   768d ago
Maybe it was successful because it was a good game?

I'm sorry but people saying that it was successful because it was immature clearly don't get it. The gameplay in the SR games are brilliant. The story was brilliant in SR1 and 2 and I thought they were going a little overboard in SR2 as it is in terms of the over-the-top nature of some elements.

Saints Row doesn't have to be stupid to be good. It has to be fun and you don't have to go OTT on the immaturity for it to be enjoyable.

Also, 'immature gameplay styles'? WTF is that?
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Ritsujun  +   767d ago
what the hell is SR3? =/
Bumpmapping  +   767d ago
Like the GEOW series?
Hicken  +   767d ago
Neither Saints Row nor GTA are really my types of games. Played some of multiple entries in both series; they don't appeal to me.

That said, I think SR should stay how it is. The immaturity is what makes the series Saints Row and NOT GTA. Sure, they could have toned it down some. But that's not really what they wanted to do. Maybe the next game- and there'll be a next game- will be more reserved than the third iteration, or maybe it'll be at the same level. Maybe it'll be even more extreme.

But I DON'T think it needs to start taking cues from Grand Theft.

Let it be silly.
sdozzo  +   768d ago
Cliff blows.
BigStef71  +   768d ago
Jason Rubin seems like a really cool dude. Its too bad he wasn't able to turn THQ around in the short time he was there. I wonder what he will do next. I personally would like it if he went back to Naughty Dog. He was the game director on the Jak games so I'm sure he has an idea for Jak 4
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-MD-  +   767d ago
Would rather see him try and open a smaller studio of his own.
ElitaStorm  +   768d ago
i feel sry for Jason, first naughty dog and now thq he have made really bad decisions on his timeline
dee-ecks  +   767d ago
"still #notembarrased"??? Well, you should be. I can't believe a douche bag like Jason Rubin was ever associated with Naughty Dog.
Sgt_Slaughter  +   767d ago
The only douche bag in this situation is Cliffy B.
Zechs34  +   767d ago
Please explain.

How you come to the conclusion that Jason Rubin is a douche bag in the same story as the name Cliffy "the douche" B is beyond many of us.

I am at the ready professor. Enlighten away!
snowman2149  +   767d ago
lmao cliff got dildo-slapped! and if saints row didn't any the crazy over the top elements then WHAT would make it stand out from GTA and other open world games??
aLucidMind  +   767d ago
Maybe if they brought back the balance between serious, impactful story and the over the top elements? SR2 hit the right balance and definitely stood out from GTA. They even removed some of the fun and crazy mini games like the septic avenger.
007Bond  +   767d ago
Nice grown man holding a dildo trying to be funny for brainless 12 year olds.
Snookies12  +   767d ago
Lighten up.
attilayavuzer  +   767d ago
He's too busy drinking vodka martinis
LordHiggens  +   767d ago
Laugh, you'll live longer. Instead of being a buzzkill asshat...which is likely to get you killed...true story bro.
Ser  +   767d ago
Do you take video games this seriously as well? My goodness.
eioweoidsfwe   767d ago | Spam
stuntman_mike  +   767d ago
I feel like a purple pikmin!!?
REALgamer  +   767d ago

How strange, here he calls Saints Row The Third 'embarrassing'. I love Saints Row The Third, but Jason Rubin has said several times that he wants to change it.

From his interview in 2011:

"Why couldn't that be a Red Dead Redemption or a Skyrim?" he said. "I look at that title and I say, ‘Who cares what it is and why it got to be what it is? From that team we can make something that isn't embarrassing."

"It works for South Park, but I'm not sure it does elsewhere," he said. "I don't think (Volition) chose to do what they did because they had all of the options available to them. It was the environment at the time.

"I know I can change that."
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N4GDgAPc  +   767d ago
Jason Rubin? Just saw his image. Didn't realize this was the guy and also Andy Gavin that created Naughty Dog.
EffectO  +   767d ago

poor CliffyB
HarryB  +   767d ago
I wonder whats going to happen with homefront 2. I liked homefront it was good for a few months. I didnt care for the single player part.
UnRated  +   767d ago
Crytek were working on Homefront 2 and they bought the IP off THQ. It's still in development.
kurochi  +   767d ago
When did Cliff Bleszinski become an "industry figurehead"?? Why do we care what these game makers say? Make games and STFU.
Tzuno  +   767d ago
I shall impale you!!!
Soldierone  +   767d ago
This is why I'll miss THQ. One of the few publishers that were actually allowing creativity this generation. Most of the others prefer yearly FPS after FPS, or "realistic" explanations for that. Its getting boring, I miss last generation and having TONS of different games in all genre's to choose from. Not "shooter, shooter, shooter, shooter, ooh this one looks good, shooter, shooter shooter....."
AO1JMM  +   767d ago
Obviously people do not read the articles on N4G.
arivera3000  +   767d ago
Almost all of the comment I've read sounds like comments from 12 year old. Both men have done so much and need to be honored for their service to the gaming industry.
TheOneEyedHound  +   767d ago
I always didn't like cliffy, but to say he doesn't have talent in gaming is comical.
ExCest  +   767d ago
This man is the hero n4g deserves.
LordHiggens  +   767d ago
But not the one it needs right now...
KnightRobby  +   767d ago
It would be awesome if these developers could keep their mouths shut about each other. Besides, Cliffy B isn't perfect. Oh right, I am not suppose to call him that anymore.

And 'Whored' Mode? Come on...I think next Saints Row still needs silliness but to be balanced by a story akin to Saints Row 2. A lot of features were cut from SR2 as well...

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