Convince Your Friends to Get a PS Vita System and Earn PSN Cash

Want to introduce a friend to the PlayStation Vita and earn some PSN cash for yourself?

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jujubee881821d ago

Much better than that stupid Taco Bell thing they had at launch.


ftwrthtx1821d ago

Locking in the 3G service to AT&T didn't help either.

UltraVegito1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Sony should just fire thier marketing division.

Just...goddamn...this is embarrassing.
I know I know ~everyone does it~ but given the situation the Vita is in right now the timing on this is bad as hell.

Why won't sony fire them,i mean ANYONE would be more qualified than they are.

iamnsuperman1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Is is a standard form of marketing that works very well. Jeeezzz Sky Boxes here in the UK did it with Marks and Spencer vouchers and they are certainly not in trouble. They shouldn't need to fire their marketing department because this is showing they are doing their job. It is standard practice. I am not sure how people don't understand this

TerminalGamer1821d ago

Their PS vita marketing division has been completely inept.

When NFS: Most Wanted came out, I didn't see the Vita anywhere, even when it was a PlayStation commercial.

ftwrthtx1821d ago

1 million reward points would be sweet!

TerminalGamer1821d ago

That's roughly $10K in cash for Sony stuff.

jujubee881821d ago

This would work awesomely for me if VITA would be at a price point my friends wallets could swallow.

TerminalGamer1821d ago

Maybe a price drop is next.

Sev1821d ago

OMG, this is getting embarrassing for Sony.

Sony: Please, please, please tell your friends about the PS Vita.

People: No!

Sony: We'll give you $20 on PSN!

People: Still no!

Me: In all reality, I love the Vita hardware and tell everyone how much I love it. But until there is a steady stream of good software, it's hard to recommend it to people just based on the quality of hardware alone.

TrendyGamers1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )


How much would they pay?

jujubee881821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

And people I know want to buy the VITA but (as I wrote before) they are waiting for a price drop.


Between $99 and $175. (That is about the price range they could get a VITA when a price drop comes and they buy an old one used.)

Something tells me a few people I know would just go for the $200 if they see Bioshock or some awesome JRPG come to VITA.

ftwrthtx1821d ago

GTA V: Vita might just move quite a few Vita's if they do a good job on it.

ftwrthtx1821d ago

With PlayStation Mobile slowly getting on board, it is starting to look up for Vita owners. More quality games (emphasis on quality) are needed, but with games like CoD being way less than sub-par, the Vita is just getting slapped around.

It is a great way to watch Netflix on the road if you have a wifi hotspot though.

G20WLY1821d ago

Very entertaining, but I think you're being a bit overly dramatic...

Sony, as we all acknowledge, are not the best at putting effort into marketing the Vita and people moan (rightly so). Then they do this and you pop up calling it embarrassing and implying desperation!? This is a step forward, for a change - a good thing!

It's a form of marketing that's very common and can be effective. It's often used as a reward for introducing new customers to insurers or even in large corporations (banks and the like) to reward an existing member of staff for introducing a successful candidate to a vacant position.

I for one hope it works :)

iamnsuperman1821d ago

-_- It is a standard form of marketing. Sky boxes here in the UK did it with Marks and Spencer vouchers. It is very common.

G20WLY1821d ago

I'm sorry, I disagreed by accident - I completely agree with you.

I'm a senior figure in one of the big global banks, based in UK, Canary Wharf. Our European marketing directors use this to boost custom in UK, Italy and Portugal - the latter market, in particular, is aimed at high-net-worth individuals. Hardly the kind of custom we'd seek using embarrassing marketing techniques... :)

Good_Guy_Jamal1821d ago

Thank you. Someone who gets it. How can they ask people to recommend a device to their friends when they themselves don't market it right, price their memory cards ridiculously, not have enough 3rd party support?

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Jio1821d ago

I guess I should have waited since I already convinced 3 people to get Vitas :C

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