Home Free - Why Xbox 360 and Wii Owners Should Root For Home

"All three hardware manufacturers are adaptive entities, constantly changing their features and services to remain competitive in today's dynamic console market. Make no mistake: if Home is a huge hit for Sony, Nintendo and Microsoft may be forced to adopt a similar free model in order to keep up with increased expectations, benefiting all budget-conscious gamers regardless of their platform of choice."

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InYourMom3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

I repeat NEVER make their gaming service free. I really hope they don't waste their time with a HOME clone.

pwnsause3943d ago

why not, you like to pay?

InYourMom3943d ago

I'd rather have the level of quality XBL has and it be free but...

I will tell you now that MS will not stop charging for it. It is a major revenue stream and it's not like there is a mass exodus to the free PSN. I could see them lowering the price however.

Bill Gates3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Did I miss something here?

Wasn't XBL down and constantly with problems for almost an entire month not too long ago?

You BABOONS sure like to say stupid things....AHHAAHHAHA

Hey look I'm about to say a BABOON thing right now..."HD-DVD is going to own Blu-ray".....AHAHAHAHAHA

or maybe you like this one instead,..."Blu-ray is not needed for games this gen"......AHAHAHAHA

XxZxX3943d ago

I don't see any quality diff, except one is free and one is not. And you can actually call one month downtime services better? It's all in your head man. "I paid, therefore it is better." We need more of this kind of people more, So it's easier for us to get rich. Hey do you the air in scuba tanks is better than the air you breathe, since you're paying anyway.


WOW , sorry for the name calling but your not that really retarded right ? People on live act like its the best thing on earth , I have no problem with psn now , I go to lobby challenged someone and we play no lag , If i want to play with my friends i either text him or call him for a game. Its not that hard ......The only reason why i have no problem with home is because its free . Maybe for some people in here they have a problem hooking up for a game...You ask 80 % of the people online they just want to play , screw the matchmaking , achievements , trophys ( yeah i can understand for the 12 year old ) everything else .just give me wins and loss in sports and how many kills i have in warhawk im all good for that.


ruibing3943d ago

It's kind of funny to hear quality and MS associated in the same sentence. I am not sure what kind of quality you are talking about; you must imagine PSN is filled with down time, spyware, and broken links.

Bowzabub3943d ago

would be kinda dumb for some of the knobs in here. Look at how well they function in this community. Yeah, i also heard there is going to be a game within Home where you can dress your avatar as a UPS delivery man and have competitions to see who can deliver refurbs the quickest in a set ammount of time.. I am psyched for this one.

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Hydrollex3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Home is a HOME !

where you meet friends, play pools, you play chess and .... too many things to talk about !

Sony is really generous. If Microsoft had something like that, they would sell it like at least 60$ via Xbox Live and you know this is something that everyone like to have. so they pay for it

Wow This is FREE and imagine all PS3 fans around the world will make the second life

bozobucketeer3943d ago

That's true. I paid for a hooker and all I got was an incurable STD.

winlonghorn3943d ago

Well, it would actually work if they ever release it!! LOL.

sonarus3943d ago

why do things have to be slow split between various console owners. If home was coming out for wii no one would care cus hardly any one here takes the wii seriously. If home was coming out for xbox 360, msoft would be praised by 360 owners as being console inovators and how they are miles ahead of sony in online and ps3 owners would say it was a second life rip off and bla bla. Can't we just give credit to where credit is due. This is sony's first step into the online realm and msoft has had xbox live since the original xbox offcourse 360 is ahead of them and as is Home is sony's one legit chance at catching up to the xbox live. Instead of being so negative about it why don't we as gamers praise it because the service really has the potential for a better service than live and best believe if this is so msoft will try to top it.

gamesR4fun3943d ago

second life doesnt have anything on HOME

man cant wait for this my whole clans hype we'll be able to hook up with other clans in our own spaces and launch games...
not ta mention meeting new peeps showing off our game shwag and tons more.

kevoncox3943d ago

It may let sony rest on it's laurels.
Sony needs to great a universal friendslist that I can message in and outside of games. I want to be able to send messages in game regardless to what game my friends are playing. I don't care for custom soundtrack but... 2 years into the console, this should be allowed, especially with a built in hdd.

Home looks awesom and like it could be huge, however, Sony has other holes o fix that Home may not resolve....

Monchichi0253943d ago

HOME is a great idea! But is it too great?? I mean, people will be gettind addicted to HOME and will be on it all the time. Will it interfere with their gaming time tho? If it does, that means less games sold and less profit for Sony and the developers.

What do you guys think?

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niall773943d ago

thats why XBL will always be seen by them as Number 1

Ri0tSquad3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Once I got my PS3, experienced the online with the console, I decided 50 bucks for Live wasn't worth it for me. Theres nothing wrong with Live or anything and I can agree it's more connected and feels more like your part of a community then PSN does at the time, I just don't feel convinced 50 bucks is actually worth it. I still use Live from time to time when I get free 3 month cards or what ever comes my way though. All I want to do is go online and play other people around the world and thats it. PSN does the job and it's free.

Hydrollex3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Learn something from Sony !

One time I met Bill Gates and he said, if you wanna say Hi to me you have to pay $2. LOL I said Hi, and he said if you wanna say How are you, you have to pay another $2. <-- JK

I mean comonnnnnnnn ! you have 60 billion. You are in 50s. You will die and all the money will go in other people's pocket.

Bill Gates3943d ago

Consider yourself lucky son. I have since raised my prices....AHAAHHAHA

$5.00 for Hi and,
$7.25 for How are you?

XxZxX3943d ago

Well soon you gonna discontinue Hi since it's cheaper and more people use it. You will force every one to use How are you? instead or you are not talking to them

SUP3R3943d ago

LOL, funniest 3 comments I've ever read since I joined this site

LeonSKennedy4Life3943d ago

HOME is HUGE!!! If you have a PS3...why wouldn't you have HOME?

That's like saying Counter Stike fans don't have internet access!

This guy was in Gamestop today and he said he HATED the PS3's online. I was just like...what? Maybe he hasn't played a PS3 since launch though...

Hydrollex3943d ago (Edited 3943d ago )

Lets talk about politics,

See how many people choosed George Bush as the president, lol not just 1 time but 2 times. LOL !

That's how they choose their console

Maddens Raiders3943d ago

"...this guy was in Gamestop today...."

ScentlessApprentice73943d ago

When I went to Game Stop to purchase my 80 gig PS3 the cashier actually tried to convince me to purchase an xbox 360 instead, No BS.

He was almost acting like he was my father or something giving me direction on what not to spend my money on. I eventually told him to just shut up and not to worry about what I do.

"I'll take my chances" was the last thing I said to that pizza face.

DeckUKold3943d ago

Thats the same exact thing that happened to me untill I told him I sold my other one RROD twice thats a no no


But not just with gamestop , everywhere......But I can understand why , most of these fkers are kids .......

gamesR4fun3943d ago

sh!t for brains clerk telling me I should buy a 360 its like got one already now I want the real deal. sigh is ms paying these guys to bash the ps3 or what?

SolidSnake933943d ago

Can you play CS without an internet connection?
back on topic:
Yes home will be amazing, I don't plan to play it that much, but if executed correctly it will be a lot of fun.

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