Daily Game: Lost Odyssey Review

As an interactive game, though, Lost Odyssey is a worthy and polished Xbox 360 RPG, and if you're a fan of RPGs in general, it's a must buy. Lost Odyssey also proves that Mistwalker is more than up to the task of creating good RPGs. If you want to know where the RPGs are for Xbox 360, they are here at Mistwalker. Ignore them at your peril.

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kewlkat0073947d ago

Level 32 - 3rd disc - Ice Gorge

Great Fn game...get it now.

Sexius Maximus3947d ago

but I just started disc 2, and I'm 16 hrs into it. GREAT GAME!!!

gogators3947d ago

it's still in the wrapper awaiting vacation to come this May. I am not starting it until I can commit to finishing it. I am not repeating my Blue Dragon ordeal.

FCOLitsjustagame3947d ago

Yeah I take my time too. I am 20 or so hours in and not that far into disk 2.

This is a great game so far. Sure the graphics arent the greatest but the style and ideas are fantastic. Also, the story and the dreams are interesting (dare I say emotional) and the sound is excellent. Plus level design is great and there are lots of character options and lots of enemies to try to match you character skills up with. Turn based combat is what it is, but I am even enjoying that more then I expected, due to the above customization.

Great game.