Halo 4 CSR Ranking System Detailed by 343 Industries

GR - "343 Industries explains how the CSR system will work once its implemented in Halo 4."

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LAWSON721816d ago

The weight time for this rank system is a bit to long

Mainsqueeze1816d ago

Its not even in game either...its over halo waypoint.

StreetsofRage1816d ago

Weak. They should implement Waypoint stats into the game where everybody can just click your name and check your stats, double kills, laser kills, etc...

LAWSON721816d ago

What? It what done in halo 3. That is just bull crap now i do not care about this now at all.

Sovereign591816d ago

I'd really prefer they work on adding theater mode to Spartan Ops and Campaign prior to this but... oh well.

Allsystemgamer1816d ago

Yea I miss theater in campaign. I mean I HA some awesome legendary battles

GearSkiN1816d ago

yea i really wanted that but chances are low

pompombrum1816d ago

APRIL??? Please tell me that's a joke? It takes them over four months just to release their first balancing patch and now it's going to take them even longer just to add something like ranks which aren't even going to be ingame? Wow.. poor show 343 very poor show indeed.