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Submitted by gulevski 1110d ago | opinion piece

Square-Enix: Why They Have Faltered

"The creators of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest (and many other titles) have been having a rough time as of late. Many fans and critics have been clamoring for Square-Enix (SE) to return to their former glory. " (FFXIV, Final Fantasy XIII, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, PC, PS Vita, PS3, PSP, Square Enix, Xbox 360)

NYC_Gamer  +   1110d ago
SE is now more involved with publishing now days
miyamoto  +   1110d ago

M and $
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j-blaze  +   1110d ago
why? did 360 change the FFXIII's gameplay? story? characters? wasn't the ps3 version the superior version, and was almost 40GB in size? or are you blaming MS for the mythical cut content? even if there were cut contents, would that make FFXIII a better game than it was?

if you don't like FFXIII series blame Toriyama and the writers for it

@ forever3000

at least MS did something, they payed to provide decent JRPGs for the fans, while Sony was wasting money to develop killzone a freaking fps, hell, they didn't even bother to publish Ni no Kuni thanks to Namco Bandai you now can play that game

as for FFXIII, as i said, the problem is in its direction and story not Wada or MS, i really like the game tho, XIII-2 was good too not as previous ones of course
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forevercloud3000  +   1110d ago
The cut content is not mythical, its as real as anything. There were design and concept art that was originally released with FFXIII. Later we found that that stuff was never in the game, yet the cities and so forth were later used in FFXIII-2. SE quickly pulled that artwork from the internet. SE's greed and MS's moneyhatting destroyed SE's franchises this gen.

-Star Ocean debuted as a 360 exclusive this gen, sold terribly. Later released on PS3 past the point where no one cared for it anymore.

-FFXIII delayed indefinitely as SE negotiated with MS on bringin it to 360. As well as the massive loss of viable content to make sure it could fit on DVD9.

-Not one exclusive release for the console that brought them the largest fanbase from the past 2 gens, yet 360 had 3 if I am not mistaken, all did terribly.

Their half ass attempts to capture Western audience as if they didn't already have them caused them to lose all respect from their existing fanbase. And the sales of all their stuff have suffered for it.
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adorie  +   1110d ago
Wada and maybe Microsoft, seeing as Wada is the CEO and is a decision maker, he is more to blame than anything.

As an echo of sentiments, they do need to return to their roots and embrace the fanbase who propelled them to glory.
DigitalRaptor  +   1110d ago
Yet again... j-blaze demonstrating his double standards for all to see. Hate on Sony for things that Microsoft actually does, meanwhile praising MS for those things.

I remember all the times you critisized Sony for not being supportive of Japanese games when in fact they are very supportive of them, but just lean towards western games because they make more money - that is fact.

Microsoft, on the other hand have shown no particular favoured interest in Japanese games anymore. They did that at the start of this gen to try and claim a base in Japan, but after seeing how those games didn't sell that well - which is fact - they dropped support of them. When was the last time Microsoft had an exclusive JRPG or even funded one? And where are your sources to say that Microsoft "payed to provide decent JRPGs"??????

Plus, where Sony has Killzone, Microsoft has Halo, which is also a [...] FPS, which sees a monumental budget from them. A budget many times larger than any support they show for JRPGs or Japanese games at all. Hypocrite, and double standards. You are far too easy to expose.

And why should Sony "bother" to publish a game that Namco Bandai deserve to publish? If a third party studio sees developing exclusively for PS3 as beneficial, that should speak for itself. Demon's Souls, Ni no Kuni, Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea, Tales, White Knight Chronicles, Atelier - and the upcoming Versus XIII, the game that's delay you blame Sony for and that every fault the game has lays on them, even though Square Enix are their own company with their own developers who can handle their own projects and need no input from Sony. Like I've said before, why should Sony have to pick up the pieces of the gross mismanagement of a game that Nomura chose to make exclusive to PS3?
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Horseymart  +   1110d ago
get back to there roots and re-release Final Fantasy 7 HD remake on PS3
PhoenixRising37  +   1110d ago
here's some concepts:

listen to what the fans want. that'll get you some sales for sure!
NeXXXuS  +   1110d ago
I see you like Scar Symmetry 8)
PhoenixRising37  +   1110d ago
scar symmetry makes the world go 'round if i do say so myself. glad to see a fellow alvestam fan!
NastyLeftHook0  +   1110d ago
you lost your roots.
elda  +   1110d ago
In the SNES,PS1 & PS2 days Square used to release alot of games & majority of them were enjoyable experiences,I know technology has evolve & now games are in hd so I guess development takes time & that's to be accepted.This article states some good points about Square's wrong doings,because the person or persons running Square are not making good business decisions at all this generation as far as their main development team developing & putting out games.
MrAnderson  +   1110d ago
They've sucked since they became Square Enix instead of Squaresoft, they make bad games, that's why they've faltered. pretty simple.
DEATHxTHExKIDx  +   1110d ago
SE need to get there act together next gen. Dont try and make another MMORPG next gen, localize type-0 and bravely default, finish up VersusXIII start on KH3. I wouldnt even have a problem waiting for VersusXIII is they would show a trailer or something.

As for the XIII series im fine with it really.Its a good game on its own just not FF standard quality. SE already said FFXIII:LR would be the last entry and, its coming in fall so no worries about it continuing.
CatXFlash  +   1110d ago
I am pretty sure Versus is 100% done if they are working on anything its DLC that wont fit in the 360's disc... yeah I said it its going multiplat compare the 09 trailer to the 2011 trailer.

They can always have 360 users download a huge chunk of the game since everyone on 360 is online anyway they pay for Live.

They are just using up the material they cut from the very first XIII before they cut the towns out so they can get money for all does man hours 5 years worth. XIII LR will be the last Lightning Game yes but... how long will we have to wait for Versus and will LR's ending hint to Versus... Etro has allot to do with both games after all.
N4GDgAPc  +   1110d ago
I really hope it ends like that. A new world created that starts FFvs13. Then I could see why most of the people were pulled off of vs13. To get this done for the new beginning of a newer world. Final Fantasy VS 13
Son_Lee  +   1110d ago
Listening to Western feedback and Yoichi Wada.
gk07  +   1110d ago
yeah i miss the old snes days square : )
NeXXXuS  +   1110d ago
Don't forget PS1. ):
kalkano  +   1110d ago
Don't forget PS2.
Except 10-2...*shudders*

I wish I could forget 10-2...
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ayabrea93  +   1110d ago
the writing is truly dreadful at square Enix now especially with the person who wrote the ff xiii series and the 3rd birthday. it's all just too melodramatic and confusing compared to the characters and stories they used to create. all of this excludes the world ends with you which was phenomenal.

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