Wii U vs PS3 vs Xbox 360 Screenshot Showdown

GotGame: We’ve been wondering for quite some time how Wii U’s graphics compare to current gen consoles. With Nintendo’s new Nintendo Direct we have a look at new games developed from the ground up for the Wii U. Now seems like a good time to check back in and see how the Wii U’s original efforts compare to other consoles. We even threw in some Wii screenshots for good measure.

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chadboban1912d ago

What the hell?!

This article just seems made to start flame wars between raging fanboys. I ain't gonna stick around while you folks continue to bash each other over the heads with the pieces of plastic that you pledged your undying allegiance to. Peace, I'm out!

guitarded771911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Okay, glad I'm not alone... I clicked and was likr WTF is this?!?! If you're gonna do a comparison, make it the same multi-platform game across consoles. I really don't care which is better, but I like to look for the differences. It's like a Where's Waldo book.

This is like comparing Battlefield on PC to Gran Turismo 5 on PS3 to Halo 4 on XBOX to Super Mario U on Wii U... why the hell would anyone do that?

iamnsuperman1911d ago

I agree. What is this. Why is the other console included in this article. I could understand Wii version to Wii U version but this is just ridiculous

Picnic1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

Those pieces of plastic will still be around and played with with fondness in years to come. Which is more than can be said for many people!

Old McGroin1911d ago

Yup. There's a few things wrong with this flamebait article. For instance, why the hell would anyone compare the graphical style of Uncharted, Xenoblades and Halo? There's absolutely no connection.

Also, the screens taken from Wii U games are from early, incomplete builds, what's the point in comparing them to games that have been available at retail for months already?

Down voted the site.

Mounce1911d ago

I just say everyone who thinks this article is fucking stupid and flame-war bullshit. Rate the site down and blacklist it.

MaxXAttaxX1911d ago

Some people still don't know how to rate and downvote a site:

Reverent1911d ago

@Nathan, and I would be one of those people lol.. Thank you for pointing out how to do it though.

BullyMangler1911d ago (Edited 1911d ago )

. .that yoshi sure does look DAMN CRAZY though . . .
but when it comes to graphics, we all know whose always had the best support .. . (:

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BlackWolf1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

Obviously a flamebait article. I checked the images, and for me at least, it's not a worthwhile comparison. The visaul styles do not match to make these kind of articles. These kind of things are better when we're talking about multiplat games.

miyamoto1912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

nope, Dr. Doogie Howser

They just wanna show us how LBP "inspired" Kirby's and Yoshi's Epic Yawn and that Wii U JRPG protagonist looks awfully familiar like FF Versus XIII's Noctis....

just saying.

Whymii1911d ago

Ahh.. Yoshi Island on the N64 in 1997. I suggest people look it up before they start talking about LBP being the inspiration for anything.

I am a big fan of LBP and regularly play it with the kids, but Yoshi got there 11 years earlier. Graphic style speaking, that is. The game was a bit of let down.

ShinMaster1911d ago

I wouldn't say Kirby and Yoshi were inspired by LBP's look.
But I would say that NewSMBs 4 player co-op may have. Except they made it more frustrating.

IAMERROR1911d ago

these games have competely different styles, I can understand multiplats of the same game but really?

360ICE1911d ago

I hope it is. I think this is the most ridicolous text I've seen so far on N4G, and that's really saying something. How did this get approved again?

Lior1911d ago

Pc is the winner and if you disagree you have something wrong in your head. I know its not in the showdown as well.

Reverent1911d ago

You just had to be the black sheep, eh?

miyamoto1911d ago

oh I remember a better graphics comparison...

speaking of Noctis

showtimefolks1911d ago

Useless article made by a useless tie

Axecution1910d ago

My favorite part is the 2D Cutscene from Ni No Kuni as a screenshot comparison for Skyward Sword LOL

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Neonridr1912d ago

This article is useless, because the games that are being compared aren't even the same genre, so how you can say they share the same artistic style is ridiculous.

Ezz20131912d ago (Edited 1912d ago )

non of those games share any thing in commen
not the same genre,or art style,nor gfx

it's like making an article about Mario vs The last of us
and asking which one look better