Tatsuya Minami: “I Want to Show the World the Strength of What it Means to be Made in Japan”

Joel Taveras writes, "At a time when other notable Japanese developers are succumbing to the taste buds of western audiences, Minami-San’s take on the matter certainly lends hope to the idea that Japanese game development, as we know it, is still a priority for some."

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zerocrossing1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Finally! developers are realising that Japanese games produced with their unique sense of style is exactly what made them great from the start, and helped differentiate them from Western produced games.

Goodbye Westernisation and hello to a return to form, I hope.

Godmars2901913d ago

If this were Capcom or Square saying such, especially the latter along with partly abandoning "cinematic gaming", it might mean something. But a dev like Platinum have only had their toe in Western waters.

zerocrossing1913d ago

Yeah I agree with you there but Capcom and Square are as they stand now, just too stupid and ignorant to realise where they're going wrong.

At the very least this news is a good indication we don't have to worry about Platinum going the Western route on us any time soon.

sdozzo1913d ago

Triangle Shirt Factory.

sdozzo1913d ago

Haha my comment didn't even happen in Japan. But people liked it. Awful.

ShaunCameron1913d ago

I remember a time when "Made In Japan" stood for premium quality.

YoungPlex1913d ago

I like Platinum because they strive to achieve 60fps making gameplay super responsive without compromising graphics. Bayonetta still looks and plays stunning on the 360! Nintendo mainly focuses on keeping 60fps and gameplay a priority without compromising graphics as well. I feel like Platinum and Nintendo are a great fit because of this. The Wonderful 101 is shaping up good too, I just hope that MGS Revengeance turns out great because I've been reading some mixed previews of the game. I really haven't had a chance to check it out but I did download both the PS3 and 360 demo and will try it when I get a chance.

SnakeCQC1913d ago

i thought sony showed the world the strength of "made in japan"

Hicken1913d ago

They do, but it's nice to see a developer that DOESN'T field a console say so, as well.

Honestly, I'd like to hear Capcom follow suit. And, to a lesser extent(personally speaking), Square-Enix could do with such an affirmation.

SnakeCQC1912d ago

i want capcom to make more onimusha and less pointless dlc

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