Identifying A Gaming Fanboy

WC: Fanboys are individuals who believe that there isn’t a single iota wrong with their cherished franchise and will defend their favourite game to the death, hopefully. Now, there isn’t anything wrong with liking a game, or even classing it as your favourite. The issue is when you try to convince yourself that all the problems are nothing more than ‘artistic choices’ on the developer’s part and it is a perfect experience. I have no idea why people feel admitting faults in their favourite titles means the game as a whole is rubbish, because there’s no such thing as a perfect game. But I guess if you start pointing out problems you won’t be invited to the weekly Mass Effect role play night.

Each Fanboy from each main form of gaming: console and PC gaming are very different creatures, and must be treated as such. So here is: Tom’s Survival Guide to Identifying a Fanboy.

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IAMERROR1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

It's pretty easy to spot Sony fanboys on this site. Just saying, aint that right?

iamnsuperman1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

It is easy to call people out too but we shouldn't do it. Not a nice thing to do

Like capjacksparrow said it is easy to spot them

IAMERROR1821d ago

eh, I guess you're right.

j-blaze1821d ago

come here on n4g and you will learn a lot about them...

i got my bubbles lost and 55 ignores just because i dislike ND and that's me, my opinion! whenever i voice my opinion about certain thing or criticize something i dislike "specifically ps3 related" ppl call me troll and my comments get flagged

but if you praise the ps3, make a list of how many awards ND won or make stupid jokes about Kinect or Nintendo you'll get a well said, even the mods here are biased sometimes

DeadSpaced1821d ago

Well, I like ND. That's my opinion and you won't get hatred from me because of your opinion.

Kyosuke_Sanada1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

I'd have to disagree about the jokes against Nintendo. Remember LX_General_Kaos aka Nintendo PR, he/she got 8 bubbles just for praising the Wii and Wii U every time an article mentions them. But I have to admit they were amusing and he or she never insulted anyone even though tons of people did to him/her.

DigitalRaptor1821d ago (Edited 1821d ago )

Your hate for Naughty Dog goes past hating them for "being arrogant" to you hating their games for irregular and inconsistent reasons.

It goes beyond simply being an opinion when you spout false statements about a game based on your shallow and non-existent knowledge on it, and then even when proven wrong (e.g. here you continue your hate campaign on the Naughty Dog or [insert PS3 exclusive here] game with more unfounded and, dare I say it, fanboyish reasoning. Let's not forget the double standards you hold.

There's a reason for your loss of bubbles & ignores & disagrees, and although it's very easy to point the finger and say that there are a lot of PS3 fans on N4G, you are the one bringing it on yourself by a combination of trolling and spreading unfounded lies about games you've never played.