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Submitted by RamsesNum1 1111d ago | opinion piece

The Peacekeeper, an overpowered SMG and assault rifle hybrid.

The Peacekeeper, the SMG and assault rifle hybrid will dominate you. Prepare to be horribly abused come Monday. It just might be a little slice of what we went through during launch before all the patches,here is why. (Call of Duty: Black Ops 2, PC, PS3, Wii U, Xbox 360)

wsoutlaw87  +   1111d ago
i knew it would be. Make people pay to have the best gun. COD wants more money
3-4-5  +   1111d ago
Your not paying for the gun....

Your paying for the maps...just like every other time.

Except this time they are giving us a FREE gun.

Nice try though you troll.

Your bridge needs guarding.
wsoutlaw87  +   1111d ago
lol yes you are paying for the entire dlc. You seem to be real defensive about this. It is not a free gun. Do the players who didn't pay for overpriced maps get this "free" gun, no. There for any one who doesn't want to get beat by everyone with the overpowered weapon would be forced to get the gun, understand? If you have to pay for something then it is not free genius. Now quit acting like a child calling people a troll just because you are oversensitive about an average game, and come up with a new line other than that bridge thing.
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Riderz1337  +   1111d ago
Your paying to receive the gun from the DLC. If the gun was FREE then everyone would get it for FREE but since it's a package deal it's not FREE.
aiBreeze  +   1111d ago
I always scoffed at people/companies who offer "free" bonuses only when you buy something and actually didn't think anybody out there past a certain age would be stupid enough to actually believe it's free.. I'd thank you for proving me wrong but there is a spot on my face waiting for the inevitable facepalm
RamsesNum1  +   1111d ago
yeah you make a point there
3-4-5  +   1111d ago
I'm not defensive..I'm 100% correct.

It's frustrating when others are wrong but don't know it.

* Maps packs are $15

None have ever included a $15 is standard price.

* This New Map Pack is.....$15 but also includes a free gun.

So once again...How are they charging you for a gun?

That is like saying you had to pay for the Free Air Car Freshener that came with your new car.

No it just game free with the car.


Go back to school please.

And also....Using the best gun doesn't mean you will do the best....otherwise 5 year olds could beat pro's because of the gun they are using.

They can't....therefore your "logic" fails...

Seriously think harder about this..
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ItsTrue  +   1110d ago
To 3-4-5:

"I'm not defensive..I'm 100% correct. "

I don't think this a fact but rather an opinion depending on how you think of the idea. It can be taken in two ways:

1) You have to initially pay something in order to get something free which will mean it's not actually free.

2) You already planned on getting it before knowing and they threw it in later as an extra thus making it a freebie.

Not saying you're incorrect, both are equally correct. I just think it's more opinionated rather than factual.
supersonicjerry  +   1111d ago
If the people are good they will adapt and over come the situation with the peacekeeper coming out. After a week nobody will notice it and continue with the MSMC and the select fire FAL which everybody has. Every game that has something OP always has a weakness just have to adapt and overcome.
Information Minister  +   1111d ago
What the hell?! Wasn't COD unbalanced and broken enough already? This is exactly why I stoped playing COD after MW3. I'm not even sure why I endured the franchise for so long. Maybe it was nostalgia from those awesome moments playing COD4 (the series sure took a nose dive after that one).
PhoenixRising37  +   1111d ago
overpowered SMG in CoD? huh... never heard of that before.
Revolver_X_  +   1111d ago
Bubble to you. Besides the stupid lag in BO2, I gave up playing once I realised SMGs make ARs irrelevant. SMGs have the ARs range plus more power. COD hasnt been good since BO1.
3GenGames  +   1111d ago
COD hasn't been good since COD4. BO1 was terrible, MW2 was terrible overpowered weapon online with drawn out story mode, WAW trash, MW3 trash multiplayer. COD4 though...masterpiece. Balanced online that wasn't about better connection (usually), great not drawn out story, great...although script kitties screwed the online so it's hard to say it's still the game it was when released sadly.

Not only is it not as good, it looks worse each game too. I couldn't stand to even LOOK at Blacks Ops 1. The best thing you can relate it to to show people is this.

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Statix  +   1111d ago
I have a feeling that the Assault Rifles would be much more effective if the SMG rushing players didn't have a 1-2 second reaction time advantage due to the ill-conceived lag compensation problems that make the game incredibly random and unenjoyable for many people. How do you kill someone if you don't even have time to react?

Exhibit A:

Of course, the claustrophobic, maze-like maps focused entirely on close-combat don't help the gun balance either.
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PhoenixRising37  +   1111d ago
my first problem with black ops 2 is the weapon balance, obviously. my second problem is the lag compensation. in my opinion it is the worst it has ever been in the series, it's ridiculous. my third problem are the map structures. every room has 5 entrances and you can't get a good streak going unless you have the reflexes of a god. it does a decent job of preventing campers but it still happens.
3-4-5  +   1111d ago
I go positive all the time...Nothing great but around 16-8.....18-12 for matches....

* I used AR 99% of the time.

AR's outlcass SMG's in Power & Range.

^ Those are both more important than bullet speed and how fast you can run with a gun.

learn something.
Reborn  +   1111d ago
When you buy it, I'm sure they'll nerf it eventually. Either way, COD has far more pressing issues than this.
Statix  +   1111d ago
The guns can be as balanced and fair as humanly possible. None of it matters if lag compensation completely facks up any semblance of an enjoyable competitive online shooter.

Exhibit A:

I laugh when they think I'm actually going to give them more money to play a broken, near-unplayable game that I probably will never play anymore. Oh Treyarch... silly you.
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isyourhouseonfire  +   1111d ago
This is by far the most anticipated map pack possibly in the history of gaming. And its only a few days away!!!
palaeomerus  +   1111d ago
An assault rifle (5.56mm) the size of an SMG is just called a carbine these days. They are commonly used. Think of an M-4 with the stock shortened and the barrel clipped a little. There are even M-16 style firearms the size of a large pistol like the RRA PDS pistol that were bought to guard supply convoys in Iraq against ambushers with body armor that would make the 9mm SMG's ineffective. Convoy security also used the FNP-90 (5.7mm x28) and the H&K MP7 (4.6mm x40) which both use an unusual smg/pistol ammo that penetrates body armor better than 9mm does.

So this smg/assault rifle idea is hardly a new one. It's just a shortened assault rifle good for tankers, and convoy security who tend to engage enemy contact at loser range from inside vehicles.
MickTim  +   1110d ago
Sub-Machine guns already are hybrid guns. They have the firepower of an AR plus the ROF of a SMG. From medium distance it takes the PDW 5 shots, while it takes the AN 4 shots and the Scar 3 shots. Coupled with there high ROF and low recoil they're the best guns in this COD. I see people running in the middle of the map with SMGs and taking down guys with ARs. It shouldn't be like that, a person with an SMG should have to flank and come up behind the enemy. When I play a match, I know that there is going to be at least 4 enemies running around with a SMG. I don't remember COD4, MW2, or BO being like this, sure that had one or two SMGs they were op, but not every single one. I find it extremely sad when players can't use tactics to get a person camping so they complain to the devs. And the devs op the hell out of a class of gun.

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