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Submitted by Pozzle 1108d ago | opinion piece

Devil May Cry Outcry

Well now the armada of disgruntled Devil May Cry fans has taken to ridiculous new extremes in voicing their disgust over what they see as the death of their favorite series. In the last few days, a new petition by “R.J.” of Franklin, VT has surfaced on the official White House website, which begs for President Barack Obama’s help in banning DmC from being sold to gamers. Yeah, you can believe it. The petition, titled “Get Ninja Theory’s DmC: Devil May Cry pulled off the shelves,” addresses DmC’s many changes from its predecessors and mentions an offending in-game insult towards fans and consumers who went out and bought the game. Here is part of the argument (with spelling errors intact):

Umm… Yeah, okay. Even if this person was completely serious in their quest to protect the gaming world from a new envisioning of Dante, has the reimagining of a video game character really become a matter of national precedence these days? I think the President has a few more pressing things on... (DmC: Devil May Cry, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

parkerpeters  +   1108d ago
Well, I don't think a petition is in order, but if the fans choose not to buy it, good thing! I am not a Devil May Cry fan, but I can see how DmC is an insult to anyone that is, and to a larger extent, and insult to all gamers. It is a juvenile and out right moronic reboot of a classic franchise. I hope it sinks, and yes, I have stake in this, because games like this are bad for the industry. Shovel-ware.
aiBreeze  +   1108d ago
Lol, that's definitely a little over the top but hey, any negative press surrounding the new direction DMC took and the arrogance shown by Ninja Theory is good press. I really hope this game flops as it would show that many of us more devoted gamers really can have an influence on how well a game does and hopefully make companies think twice before they give us the middle finger in favour of reaching a broader audience.
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Tony-Red-Grave  +   1108d ago
"opefully make companies think twice before they give us the middle finger in favour of reaching a broader audience." you do realize what you said correct?
rocky047586  +   1108d ago
LOL! So he wants the game to just stay within the fanbase and a big FUCK YOU to anyone else that may want to play but thinks the originals were WAY too hard or just new to the series I guess? That's a real good way of looking at things, just stay closed minded about everything and keep on making the exact same game to appease to a niche audience until you lose enough money to not make the series stand any longer. Got it! Thank goodness he's not running a video game company.
aiBreeze  +   1108d ago

Way to twist what I said to the extreme and completely miss the point.

"appease a niche audience" Are you trying to tell me that the DMC series fans are a niche audience? You make it sound like the whole series has sold less than 100,000 copies or something.

When you reboot an established successful franchise, it makes perfect sense to first off get your established fans on board, Capcom and more specifically Ninja Theory went the exact opposite way to this and tell me, how is that currently working out for them?
N4Flamers  +   1108d ago
We fans can't win. If the new DMC does terrible capcom could just scrap the series entirely, if it does good then we don't get the original series back.

I don't believe forcing censorship is the way to go with this issue. They could have called it the bring Dante back petition but they missed that opportunity. Who wrote that junk ninja theory? While I would never sign this we should make a change mass effect 3's ending petition. Obama pls.
The_Devil_Hunter  +   1108d ago
Thats what I have been saying for the past months now. But.... Devil May Cry has been one of Capcoms top game franchises. Not only that it has made them quiet some money, I think it would be stupid if they simply put it aside. Its like if Street Fighter was rebooted and failed, Street Fighter has CAPCOM written all over it. Due to this, I really hope it doesnt go away. Look at Lost Planet it hasnt been well received among critics and fans has it? Yet they are pulling out another one some time soon.

I just want to see my old 60FPS stylish Dante. Fingers Crossed.
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1108d ago
The thing is Square Enix and 343 didn't make comments about their previous games being outdated and lauging at fan backlash. Also journalists and bloggers didn't write tons of articles condemning old fans for disliking the new direction. They let the game speak for themselves without trying to cash in on the controversy.
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kevinsheeks  +   1108d ago
should i blame the troll who started the petition or the fool who wrote this article to spread news of the troll
r21  +   1108d ago
Why not both?
parkerpeters  +   1108d ago
Another thing Sqeenix and 343 never did- Claim all negative reviews to be trolls.

NT is in maximum damage control mode as of now.
Tony-Red-Grave  +   1108d ago
where are these claims from NT?

if they're talking about metacritic then they're right. Gut where are these troll review claims coming from?
Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1108d ago

Can you name another developer that warns of "fake" reviews just before release?
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VileAndVicious  +   1108d ago
They didn't claim all negative reviews were troll reviews. They said any online review released before the embargo which was the 14th btw was a "fake" review because they hadn't received an actual copy of the game yet.


Can you name a more controversial game than DmC that's been released in the past 3 years?lol
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Kyosuke_Sanada  +   1108d ago
I agree that it did have a lot of controversy at launch but the problem is both developers and publishers propagating the problem then caving in before launch due to their plan backfiring in the PR. I am never going to say that DMC is a terrible game because it is wrong for anyone to do bag it for doing so. However, I stay adamant in my decision not buying this game because I will not support any company who advertises through dividing the community.
Tony-Red-Grave  +   1108d ago
hmmm i see how that could be misinterpreted. There are user reviews, like i mentioned, that give the game 0 but people haven't played the game. What tameem said is that some people weren't given review codes and have reviwed a game they haven't tried. You can call it damage control but it happens
RazMaTaz0121  +   1108d ago
So, lets do the maths here. 28 members signed the "petition". Potential 2,000,000 sales of the game (a mix of fans new and old and people who were curiously optimistic about the game), that doesnt even equate to 0.01% of a crowd, yet, you got people making articles of this rubbish? Not even that, the fact this petition got 28 signitures means it requires an article about it? Every level of pointlessness. If this is the best DmC fanboys can do, then lets point out that:

1) The game sold significantly less on 1 first week sales in USA, UK and Japan then DMC4

2) The game reaks of less content and expecting people to download additional DLC such as bloody palace and Vergils downfall (not free here in UK)

3) NT and Capcoms promises have failed dramatically compared to what they promised in 2010 i.e. there are certain moves you could do in previous DMCs but were only exclusive to cutscenes, NT and Capcom wanted to change that

4) No Lock on

5) Gimped PS3 version of the game while DMC4 on both platforms were consistant (MT Framework FTW!)

6) A rather flat ending

7) Inafune thinking this will be tailored to fans

Honestly, everything totals up. DmC is not a bad game on any stretch but will be overshadowed greatly by God Of War and MGR in the next coming months. Theres enough damage control on this game, but even with that said, this isnt a bad game, but its no devil may cry game.
nofallouthero  +   1108d ago
troll article
ziggurcat  +   1108d ago

and the complainers wonder why they get so much flack when they "voice their concern" about a video game...

people seriously need to get over their first world problems.
Enigma_2099  +   1108d ago
You guys are sick of this.. and yet you keep talking about it.

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