The Sad Final Days of a CompUSA

It's always sad when a store you used to frequent goes out of business, but how about when that store used to mark up its prices like mad? Things become slightly less sad. Nevertheless, this desolate scene at a Portland CompUSA definitely brings a slight tear to our eye. Reader Russ went in for some "last gasp" deals, but there's pretty much nothing left, aisles and displays having been long torn down.

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TriggerHappy3915d ago

Totally unexpected. How did this happen ?

v1c1ous3915d ago

somewhere between the overinflated prices, low customer rates, and overall bad business decisions.

i mean, i went to compUSA around my house after i heard it was closing down, and the "clearance" sale prices, even after having as much as 40% off, STILL were somewhat pricey compared to stores like Brandsmart or TigerDirect

actas1233915d ago

I totally agree with you. Their clearance sale was a big joke. You know at the same time they were closing some stores they were still releasing weekly ads. Their weekly ad prices were cheaper than their clearance price!!! But more expensive than other stores.
Also their customer service sucked big time.

decapitator3915d ago

yeah I saw this coming. Recently their stores have not been doing as well as the competition. Hope everything goes well after this.

RecSpec3915d ago

It was a pretty good store, but since a couple years back I've been using newegg for all my PC stuff.

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Horny3915d ago

nobody buys their crap because they overprice everything

v1c1ous3915d ago

they have the gall to charge $20 for a 1 gig USB flash drive

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