TechPowerUp: Biostar GeForce 9600 GT Review

Biostar's new GeForce 9600 GT holds no surprises. It follows the NVIDIA reference design, resulting in a stable and powerful card. Over time TechPowerUp are sure Biostar will find ways to diversify their product from the competition. With all the hype around the "new" GeForce9 Series it makes sense to be able to ship the product as fast as possible without losing time by design changes.

Even though there are no major technical advancements in the G92 GPU, which powers the first member of the GeForce 9 Family, the card is a great milestone when compared to the GeForce 8600 GT/GTS. Performance is doubled, yet the card runs neither hot nor loud. Even though there is a bit of tweaking potential left in the fan control, nobody has to be afraid of getting a leaf blower card.

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