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The Escapist: Ni no Kuni Wrath of the White Witch review

What Ni no Kuni lacks in finesse it more than makes up for in quantity and packaging - there's tons to do and every single moment in the game is a visual delight. It can be extremely frustrating and makes some choices that don't quite work, but offers enough charm to ultimately win you over. (Ni No Kuni: Wrath of the White Witch, PS3) 3.5/5

Ranma1  +   951d ago
These are the type of reviewers who were responsible for the decline of the JRPG genre in the first place.

They are anti jrpg reviewers who make stupid suggestions on how to improve the genre which stupid companies like Square Enix listened to.

Many of these stupid reviewers hated that FF was turnbased so SE changed FF, and now FF has turned to sh*t and most FF games now play themselves.

JRPG dev's MUST NEVER again listen to these silly reviewers
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Julie  +   951d ago
The reviewer is the typical hysterical and inmature girl with ego issues, i bet she had a lot of trouble when she was a child (and she still have issues i dunno maybe she is real life socially rejected), she wrote this:

"Oliver, a brainless gorp of a child who lacks the deductive reasoning skill of your average sandwich bag."

And her tweets:

You be the judge.

EDIT: i am fine with low scores because everyone thinks different, but i dislike the mindless offensive, egomaniatic and mediocre bashing like this one.
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Riderz1337  +   951d ago

roadkillers  +   951d ago
All reviews are always pointless. You could be in a s*** mood and review a game based off that. If someone really wants to know if they would like a game watch a gameplay video.

PS: I like Oliver, he has traits that Zelda has. Whenever asked to do something he goes and gets the job done.
dafegamer  +   950d ago
that quote is just sad, coming from a professional critic
SilentNegotiator  +   950d ago
I think it's more "inmature" to invent psychological trauma over a video game review. jRPG fanboys sure are dramatic.

You clearly know nothing about the Escapist if you're that offended by a statement like that.
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rdgneoz3  +   950d ago
God, looked at her tweets, sad...

"Susan Arendt @Kuomon I only played XIII-2, and found the combat far more enjoyable than in NNK. That's a matter of taste, though. Reply"

Way to prove Ranma1's point...
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   950d ago
These guys gave Dragon Age 2 a perfect 5/5 so I don't think you should take their RPG reviews seriously, Japanese or otherwise.
MmaFan-Qc  +   951d ago
oh look, sensationalism for hits.
Rush  +   951d ago
While I don't think this score is reflective of the games quality based of other reviews I have looked at. (haven't played it yet not out in the UK)

I don't really think the escapist magazine is in any need of hits, the site already has a massive fan base. I go there weekly for Zero Punctuation videos.

I would say the site is more popular and well known than N4G, so I don't understand the logic of them coming here to beg for hits. Like IGN wouldn't either it simply doesn't make sense.
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DOMination-  +   951d ago
I agree. And the review is actually largely positive
Nate-Dog  +   951d ago
If this was sensationalism I'm pretty sure they could have given it a much lower score than 3.5 out of 5. It shows the pitiful state of the gaming review system when people think 3.5 is so unbelievably low a score is that it is accused of being sensationalism. There are people that just, ya know, dislike this or that game (whether it's for good or bad reasons or "valid" reasons or not is besides the point), it doesn't have to be an attempt to attract attention.
Julie  +   951d ago
The score i don't care if they give it a 1 or a 10, indeed i am fine with the other 6.5/10 and 7/10, but this:

"Oliver, a brainless gorp of a child who lacks the deductive reasoning skill of your average sandwich bag." (and that goes on and only gets worse)

You actually agree with that? that is not sensationalism? ... well maybe you are right it sounds more like inmaturity/stupidity than sensationalism.
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Irishguy95  +   951d ago
It's....the escapist Julie....joking about while being semi serious is what they do. She's saying, Oliver has a low level of intelligence, with some attempt at humor behind it. If you take it personally then that's your own problem, i'm surprised people here don't get what the escapist is about. Zero punctuation is quite well known for example. It's basically taking the mick while having a serious opinion in there too.

This author was basically a little frustrated by Olivers stupidity, that gets me sometimes too in Video games/movie etc and she's making her frustration into a joke
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Army_of_Darkness  +   950d ago
They should have totally replaced oliver with a genius kid!! WTF were the developers thinking??! the nerve, psttt.. putting a kind hearted average thinking kid in this game....
This is why we have an average sandwich bag instead of an aluminum spiderman lunch box container!! Dammit!

But gawddamn, this game is great! a beefed up old school jrpg! whoaaaa! finally! even the game manual is freakin' old school! LOL!
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Nate-Dog  +   950d ago
@Julie: Where did I say I agreed or disagreed with anything in the review? Are reviewers not allowed to have opinions any more? Should every review be the same and score every game exceptionally high and say "YAY everything is wonderful"? Just because you or I don't agree with the review or what it says doesn't mean that it's sensationalism, or even that it's wrong. Honestly the shit gamers say these days.
joel_c17  +   951d ago
Hit seeker article incoming
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Treian  +   951d ago
voted for awful story and bad website :)
MelonSaurus  +   951d ago
Look at all the angry people.
dragonopt1  +   951d ago
"If you're ok with extraneous grinding, slow pacing, and shockingly stupid heroes, then you'll come to love Ni no Kuni"

If she thinks this game has a lot of grinding she obviously didn't grow up playing a lot of rpgs lol. I've just followed the story so far and haven't had to grind for levels at all...
Clarence  +   951d ago
Sounds like she has never played a jrpg in her life.
Whith these type of games it's all about grinding. That's what makes it fun.

Idiot reviewer.
KShinigami  +   950d ago
Why are people complaining? The review imo wasn't biased and she gave good reasons for the score.
ElementX  +   950d ago
I've never really been a fan of JRPGs but every once in a while I buy one. Does this have random battles? Menus to sort through when you want to attack/defend/use item/etc?
GribbleGrunger  +   950d ago
Ok, I'm finding this rather odd. I know that not every reviewer is going to see the game in the same way, and I'm not saying there's any conspiracy here, but I've seen at least ten perfect scores for this game. And yet, when I look at Metacritic, who have 41 reviews up so far, not a single one of those perfect scores are represented on that site ... but oddly enough, the three lowest scores are.

How is that in any way a true reflection of the average? A true reflection of the average would HAVE to include the perfect scores too, surely. It would be one HUGE coincidence if not one of the sites that gave this game a perfect score never appear on Metacritic?! Surely at least one or two of them would? This is definitely very odd.

kevnb  +   950d ago
ya, the sad thing is metacritic scores dont even matter... until publishers give out bonuses based on them.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   950d ago
Yeah I have been checking the metacritic from time to time for the game and I saw at least 3 9/10 reviews added yet the score remained 87 and then we have had a few 7/10 and it's gone down to 86.
GribbleGrunger  +   950d ago
But where are the perfect scores? I've seen many of them but not a single one of them have appeared on Metacritic. Think about it: the three sites that have low scores just happen to be represented on Metacritic and yet ALL the sites that gave it a perfect score just happen not to be represented on Metacritic. There is definitely a chance that this could happen, but by Christ it's a big outside chance. Odd.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   950d ago
I don't know how they do it to be honest.
Just wait for the quarter to three.com review from Tom Chick though, you can sure as hell count on him being put on the site with his troll 1/5 score.
I suppose only the sales matter though and the fans of the game. I think it's going to do really well to be honest. Still got to wait till febuary though to get my copy >_<
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trouble_bubble  +   950d ago
metacritic's math is biased. they have a hate on for this game for some reason. why? The law of averages is universal. Add up every score and divide by the number of scores. THAT'S what makes an average. Grade school math.

In this case, last time i checked today, NiNoKuni worked out to 88.5...yet the meta avg sits 2.5 points LOWER at 86, where it remains. And its NOT slow to update, because as soon as the 7/10 reviews hit it lowered...but it doesn't go up.

It SHOULD BE AN 88 AVERAGE, basic grade school math here, but the morons there have it at 86%. Total shenanigans.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   950d ago
Are the missing perfect scores from review sites with profiles on metacritic?

It isn't up to metacritic to go out and look for reviews by the way, that responsibility lies with the site itself to submit the review. So take it up with those folks.
Good_Guy_Jamal  +   950d ago
I took it upon myself to investigate and tallied up all the perfect scores and these are the sites that gave them and their metacritic profile statuses:
GodisaGeek - no MC profile
TechDigest - no MC profile
Laserlemming - No MC
Stuff.tv - No MC profile
Dailyecho - no mc profile
Thegamershub - nope
Digitallydownloaded - no
Empireonline - nope
Revision3.com - HOLD THE PHONE!! They actually have one, but nothing has ever been posted on it. Ever! http://www.metacritic.com/c...
Nextgengamingblog- no
Dailyjoypad - nope
I know it seems incredible that all those perfect scores come from sites without a profile on metacritic but I can assure you nothing sinister is at hand here.
Aside from GodisaGeek.com, none of these sites are known to me so their lack of mc profiles isn't a suprise.
You are welcome to verify my findings, I must admit i'm half asleep.
So there you go, no conspiracy after all and indeed a big coincidence.
dafegamer  +   950d ago
Why hasnt metacritic put playstationlifestyles review
on the list already? I thought that their reviews are accepted on Metacritic?
kevnb  +   950d ago
Every reviewer in the world could give it 0, wont change what I think of the game.

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