1UP reviews Patapon - Tap your foot to a tactical wonder

Patapon poses a serious challenge over its 15 hours (some arcane objectives and explanations don't help); it's not very portable (no pausing, headphones required), and some players won't enjoy the backtracking necessary to buff up their army or the unforgiving economy of the collectibles (you'll often find yourself with far too many items and not enough ka-ching). But it atones for its faults with understated strategic depth, an astounding sense of reward (both literal and whimsical), and an inspired difficulty curve that sticks with you to the end. Along with a beat you'll take to your grave....

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decapitator3945d ago

Pata pata pata POnnn..

You guys who haven't tried this game outta try it, it delivers pure fun.

Grassroots3945d ago

Wow this game is as good as i thought it was.... all it is is fun. I hear the drums all the time because of how much i've been playing the demo.

brocool3945d ago

cool ill pick this up when i get that GOW bundle.. in June.. meanwhile my gamegear is still going strong

meepmoopmeep3945d ago

can't wait to pick this up tmrw. im hooked on the demo... it rocks

Rice3945d ago

The demo was awesome....

akaFullMetal3945d ago

this game, god of war, and crisis core, damn the psp is going to be on fire in the next couple of months

gungnir133945d ago

Definitely one of the more enjoyable games worth getting for the PSP. PATA PATA PATA PON.