DmC top in Japan, but sales under half what Devil May Cry 4 managed

DmC Devil May Cry has shot to the top of the Japanese video game chart, but as with the UK chart its position doesn't tell the whole story.

Media Create reports DmC sales of 110,429 on PS3 with the Xbox 360 version failing to chart in the Top 20. Famitsu's figures are slightly higher, putting the PS3 version at 115,438 and the Xbox edition at 5,857 copies.

However, sales of Devil May Cry 4, released in Japan on January 31, 2008 reached a combined 245,000 copies in its first week – that's more than double the total managed by Ninja Theory's so-called effort.

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bicfitness1668d ago

Food for thought, that's 250K for DMC4 BACK when the PS360 install bases were significantly smaller. If the US numbers follow the same trend, and it seems like they are, what we have here is a lesson in how to kill a brand.

LOGICWINS1668d ago

By this logic, the Killzone and LBP franchises are "dead" since KZ3 and LBP2 sold less than their predecessors during the same time period.

Yet SOMEHOW, we have Killzone Vita, LBP Vita and possibly Killzone 4.

The drama queens of N4G lol. As long as these games sell WELL, we'll keep getting them. I can guarantee we haven't seen the last of DMC.

bicfitness1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Did KZ and LBP sequels sell less than half their predecessors? Were they on three platforms or one? That's three times the marketing, distribution and development budgets. If you knew anything about business it would be safe to assume that Capcom expected the same or a greater return on investment with this reboot. I never said that we would never get another DMC again. I said that they had harmed/ killed the brand and the sales will prove that. You can expect that the next DMC will be a return to 1-4 type entries.

The problem with you, is that you rarely or consider your words before you post. Do us all a favour and try to abide by your name.

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NovusTerminus1668d ago

The entire point of the reboot was to get a bigger audience, sell more copies.

Right now things don't fare very well, unless the US makes up for a massive amount of sales.

bicfitness1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

" certainly live up to yours =)"

Your repartee doesn't make a lick of sense. I'm uncertain if you realize that or if it is just a side-effect of your need to post nonsense. I am fit, yes, other than that there's not much to infer or discern from my handle.

Moving on, its evident that you don't have anything of substance to counter with if all you have are half-baked, stumbling attempts at wit. Stick to the topic at hand or get flagged for doing otherwise ('off topic'). Here, I'll help you. The sales of DMC's reboot are under half what the previous entry was in Japan and trending about the same world wide. Does this indicate that the reboot was a success? Sensible minds would answer, "no".

zerocrossing1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

I don't honestly understand why you are constantly defending DmC.

It's not a bad game by any means but the originals were clearly better and the fanbase was enough to warrant an epic last hurrah for the 5th instalment, wouldn't it make sense to have the superior product succeed instead of the one produced solely to appeal to lowest common denominator?.

Darth Stewie1668d ago

LBP sold alot more than 2 because it was heavily bundled and came out just in time for the holidays versus LBP 2 came out in the beginning of the year, It still put up great numbers though

Information Minister1668d ago

@ logicwins:

Except the whole point of the reboot was to increase sales by opening the franchise to a new, wider audience. Even if that meant to alienate the existing fanbase.

But lets be honest here: who exactly was going to buy this game? Not the classic DMC fans, that's for sure. Hack and Slash fans have Metal Gear Rising and God of War Ascension coming soon. Action/adventure fans not bothered by the 30fps have Castlevania LoS2 to look forward to. And there's always Bayonetta 2 in the pipeline.

This game is flopping like I said it would. There's no way to spin it.

kreate1668d ago

The thing I don't understand is.. bicfitness made a comment on a general level, not siding w any console.

Yet logicwin has to bring up killzone vita, lbp vita, killzone 4, killzone 3 n lbp2 in his reply. It clearly shows him being a troll.

SilentNegotiator1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Once again, Logicwins uses no logic, and thus does not "win".

1) Neither LBP2 or KZ3 sold as much less from their predecessors than DmC.
2) As a reboot to broaden appeal, DmC has clearly failed.

Once again, I am reporting you for trolling, finding any excuse to attack ps3 games. @Kreate - debubble him. How he got to 6 bubbles with all of his 10 agree, 200 disagree troll comments is beyond me.

N4GDgAPc1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

I would be suprised if an american made game would sell better than a japan game. Even if it was considered better. Japan can care less about USA games. They usually only care if it comes from japan.

And don't come to conclusions that UK did only 1/3 of dmc4 when they haven't released any numbers yet. If Capcom doesn't release records of it we can assume that it did worse^^

AsimLeonheart1667d ago

There is difference between the case of DmC and other franchises. DmC was reboot made to revitalize sales, not lose them. According to VGChartz, DMC4 was the lowest selling DMC despite being multi platform. DMC 3 was the highest selling if you combine the sales of both versions (Dante's Awakening and Special Edition). It is a real irony that a reboot made for the purpose of selling 5 million manages to sell less than the lowest selling title in the series. CRAPCOM, NT and DmC have failed to do what they set out to do and that is why the game is a flop. Further evidence of the game flopping is that we do not see CRAPCOM or NT thumping their chests about sales and success.

Tontus1667d ago

Well KZ3 has been tracking almost identically to KZ2, no significant decline there. LBP 2 only sold far less than the first game because it wasn't mass bundled at all unlike the first LBP which is up there with Resistance 1, Motorstorm, GT5 and the Uncharted series in terms of mass bundling.

I don't care if DmC isn't selling as well as DMC4, it's a far better game and that's all that matters.

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VileAndVicious1668d ago

Not really a surprise a western developed game didn't sell as much as its eastern counter part in Japan...but those aren't bad numbers considering.

I guess the big elephant in the room is how well did in NA and Europe? Actual numbers that is.

Godmars2901668d ago

If anything killed it, it was the misstep in the initial announcement.

Bit surprising that Western fans of the series weren't the only ones apparently put off.

The_Devil_Hunter1668d ago

What did Capcom expect? They basically pissed off more than 70% off their fans and saw that closer and closer towards the release they still didnt care. Yet something within them remained to keep this reboot. And by then I dont understand whg not cancell it. Did they actually think theh were going to sell more than DMC4!!!! No way in hell! And now they have destroyed everything about my favorite franchise with OG Dante. And at this point I feel like we're not going to see a proper DMC in a long long! Time. I have never seen a franchise gotback to original series after rebooting it.

poopsack1668d ago


Say! Murder isnt allowed in the comments section!

Kalowest1667d ago

LMFAO, It's sad to say, but it was cool witnessing LOGICWINS getting killed

miyamoto1668d ago

Now I know why Shinji Mikami, Hedeki Kamiya and Keiji Inafune left Capcom.

Its a mere shadow of its former self. (sorry for the the Resident Evil reference it just can't be helped)

This is what Inafune meant with "Japan is finished."
Its the westernization of Capcom etc.

Has Capcom lost its faith in Japan? And they settled for a bunch of cocky western developers to make their game?

They better go back to their roots.

NukeXtreme1665d ago

Amen to that. Though I doubt they'll go back. Pride goeth before a fall and boy have these guys fallen. This is probably gonna be the end of the franchise

Kyosuke_Sanada1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Don't mind Logicwins, he/she is just an ant-N4g troll that's only defending this game because it's the flavour of the month that's all. Soon as this dies in importance he or she will defend another opinion that the world disagrees with.......

sobekflakmonkey1667d ago (Edited 1667d ago )

DMC4 was packaged as a hardware bundle with ps3's, so it sold more units that way, this is not the case this time around, also, DMC4 was the first next gen DMC, sooo yeah, suck it, I just bought it on pc.

ALSO! really curious about it's sales on 360 and PC, one platform does not matter, it's total sales that really counts.

Kurylo3d1667d ago

food for thought.. thats also when there were no games of a similiar genre to compete with devil may cry.. Lots of people have had their fill with god of war, bayonetta, upcoming metal gear rising... etc etc..

joab7771667d ago

No...its a lesson in how hard it is to sell games right now. Most sales are down because competition is through the roof. I would have bought it and played it 1 year ago when i wasnt so backlogged. The video game market is over saturated right now and only certain games will stand out...and even their numbers are and will slip. Watch the numbers for dead space 3, crysis 3 and metal gear. They wont be what they once were. Also, each game finds ways to keep u playing so my average playtime for each game i buy is much higher. I think the critics have spoken and dmc is a good game. U could argue that it may have sold better if it was a rehash of 4 simply because many stuuborn ppl would have bought it that didnt even give dmc a chance. Anyway, it has the potential to keep selling but itll be hard. All games will fall to the wayside when Bioshock and GTA 5 release. Its sad really. I am so glad they made ni no kuni. If u love it support level 5 and capcom.

ZombieKiller1664d ago (Edited 1664d ago )

Funny, after playing this game I felt the need to submit this article when I saw it. 4 years to develop "THAT"?! It's not even a SOLID 30FPS! Not to mention the ONLY thing good about it was the combat, and thats not even done right as they FORCE you to use certain weapons with certain enemies. Games like God of War, Devil May Cry, and even the new Metal Gear Rising ALL have wonderful combat systems DUE TO THE FREEDOM. Not DmC. THAT...took 4 years. No worries, I bought used only to return it.
Before you say it...yes...I AM a butthurt fanboy and no I do NOT care what the hell ANYONE over the internets think.

The reason I posted this article is the sheer joy of seeing this. I wanted to make sure to share this with everyone as the real reason they changed Dante and outsourced to NT, was because they were TRYING to gain more sales. By doing that, they definitely abandoned the fans. I am one of those fans. Getting a demo for the original DMC1 in RE: Code Veronica, I actually didn't even touch RE! I was literally HOOKED on the demo and the idea of a demon running around with a sword and 2 guns. The obsession did not stop there. Actually, it grew stronger when DMC3 SE released on PS2....but then DIED when I saw that first trailer for DmC. I'm sure some of you know what I mean. I thought the NT move was a rumor at first....then I ALMOST CRIED. lol. The sight of that first trailer tells you the series is dead....lets just hope old demons can resurrect from the depths of Limbo's mediocrity and rise above shitty development one day.
-I'm just happy to see this happen to Capcom, maybe now they will pull their head out their asses and give the game to Platinum Games or make it themselves. Nice article though....I added the "so-called" at the end there....glad nobody cared.

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pr0t0typeknuckles1668d ago

well damn, isnt the whole reason for the reboot to even exist because, as said by capcom themselves "we were not satisfied with the sales of DMC4"

lategamer1668d ago

Whats sad is the DMC4 actually sold quite well. On PS3 and 360, the total was over 2.5 million.

Since then, the install base of both consoles have significantly increased. With DMC5, they would've had an engine already, assets, gameplay, etc. so development cost and time would've been lowered compared to the DMC reboot.

It's a shame Capcom just didn't develop DMC5.

Tales RPG addict1667d ago

CAPCOM is on their Way to being a Dead in the Water Company. They are greedy Pigs and ASSHOLES who don't give a Fuck anymore about their fans. They have the worst reputation, and especially don't get me started with Street Fighter X Tekken's DLC fiasco.

CAPCOM is basically finished.
However NAMCO isn't finished as they actually overall GIVE A FUCK about Their fans. They see what CAPCOM has done, and steers clear away from what CAPCOM does.

zerocrossing1668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )

Well I'm calling it now. DmC will not make the return Capcom was hoping for, they angered too many original fans and not enough people defending DmC have bothered to purchase it, honestly it makes me wonder why they bothered rebooting the franchise if they are only to make less than DMC4, the 5th instalment for the original DMC cannon would probably have racked in a lot more with the proper marketing and the entire core fanbase backing it.

Just sit back and watch Capcom's PR try and talk their way out of this one, I expect we'll get the "original fans didn't give it chance" response.

Tales RPG addict1667d ago

Justice is sweet like Nectar.
Revenge is like a Rotten Egg it hurts you in the END.

Godmars2901668d ago

It has more to do with the original being fired or quitting and no left in Capcom directly to take over for him.

I'm also blaming lack of understanding the hardware itself. Likely why DMC4 turned out like it did.

zerocrossing1667d ago

The original creator was Hideki Kamiya If I remember right, he left Capcom and helped to form Platinum games, or at least I think he left I don't remember hearing about him getting fired.

But yeah DMC4 failed because they didn't have enough talent backing it Hideaki Itsuno did a good job but it was nothing compared to DMC3 IMO, I still really enjoyed DMC4 but it was obvious it could have been better.