Could The Vita Be The PS4 Controller?

What if the controller for the PlayStation 4 is the Vita?

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iamnsuperman1822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

I wont be as it is missing big analogue sticks and no R3/L3 and L2/R2 triggers. It still will be an important thing (with Gaikai) but not the controller.

If I was Sony I would bundle it with the PS4 and introduce a subscription service for this pack. 3-5 year contract at X amount (nothing really substantial £10-£25) per month with a starting fee of around £50 while offering a standalone PS4 and Vita. It works very well for mobiles and it could be very attractive to a big proportion of the market who cannot afford a PS4 out right. It could mean mean PS Vita's in peoples hands making developing for it a better option and developing features that both systems can use

DaThreats1822d ago

Back touch screen can be used for L2 and R2

cpayne931822d ago (Edited 1822d ago )

Still doesn't work as well so that's irrelevant. They won't be doing this.

LOGICWINS1822d ago

Thats not a bad idea. Maybe people who have PS Plus subs could get a discount on contract fees. Either way, Sony has proven that they understand value so they'll find a way to make the PS4 affordable to the masses.

Conzul1822d ago

"Never been first, never been cheapest."
Xbox is for the masses.

tehpees31822d ago

They could potentially do a redesign when PS4 surfaces or some kind of add on like 3DS has.

I think there is a lot of potential for dual screen controllers. If you enjoyed DS you will know what I mean.

Peppino71822d ago

I wouldn't mind some form of it but still keeping the main form of DS3. Better triggers though.

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Magnagamer2221822d ago

It should have been done along time ago. You have some games that you can use the PSP for to play video games. They should make it a standard for sports games where you have to pick plays. Would be great for Madden.

ziggurcat1822d ago


no. the vita is the vita, it is not the next playstation controller.

Conzul1822d ago

Some integration is to be expected, however.

DivineAssault 1822d ago

its not but might b able 2 be used as 1

Mr_cheese1822d ago

The vita will not be the PS4 control, that just wouldn't happen. I believe that you will be able to use it as a control though and it will serve a more integrated purpose in the next gen.

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The story is too old to be commented.