Could Monolith's new Wii U Game Xenoblade 2?

Adnan from Curioo analyses if the Monolith Soft new Wii U game is a sequel to Xenoblade

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BlakeA1878d ago

I'm actually pretty excited about this.

Theyellowflash301878d ago

Yes, this is Xenoblade 2 or a game in the Xenoblade Universe. Check out this article here.

RuperttheBear1878d ago

Just look at the size of the monsters, wow. Whatever it is, it's going to be special.

stuntman_mike1878d ago

sadly I never got to play Xenoblade chronicles (not for the want of trying, people are charging way to much for it.) this looks amazing tho, maybe they will release the first xenoblade in HD along with it?

vallencer1878d ago

Search around at gamestops. It's still only 50 bucks and it's completely worth it.

stuntman_mike1878d ago

I'm in the UK they don't have any gamestops where I live only GAME. But luckily I found it for £20 used at blockbuster today, result!.

PygmelionHunter1878d ago (Edited 1878d ago )

Well, those spiky hills growing up to the right at the beginning of the trailer do look like the ones on the Bionis' Leg. That guy near the end of the trailer is IDENTICAL to Shulk and I'm not gonna spoil it but, yeah the mech explanation in the article makes sense to me because I thought the same after watching the trailer.

Adnan_rules1878d ago

exactly made sense to me too

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The story is too old to be commented.