The PS4 will launch this year with a AAA line-up

GC writes, "We think that the PS4 will be announced and launched this year with a good range of first party launch titles, it’s not a matter of what’s being said but rather what isn’t. Sony’s next move seems a bit too secretive and this makes us suspicious."

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Majin-vegeta1669d ago

At this point i just want Sony to release LEGEND OF DRAGOON 2 or at least give us a HD remake of the first one with PS3 graphics.SPOILER All thought watching Lavitz die in HD will be hard.

Timesplitter141669d ago

Legend of Dragoon 2, Timesplitters 4. The Last Guardian, MGS5

I'd bust a nut if that was the actual first-year lineup

blackbeld1669d ago

" If Polyphony, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Guerilla Games all have launch PS4 titles, then it could be one epic PS4 launch."

Indeed it could be Epic PS4 launch. This is only we could dream of.

Hope this dream come true.

DOMination-1669d ago

It would actually be stupid imo to have all those games at launch. Have one or two then stagger the others over the next few months.

Ryto1669d ago

day 1 purchase if they have timespliiters 4! (aslong as its not f2p with micro transactions :/!)

brich2331669d ago

Its possible that sony will release ps3 games that also work on ps4 on the same disc.

rainslacker1669d ago

I think it would be wise for them to also release a new IP. Generally new IP's get more attention at the launch of a system...Say Zombie U on Wii U for instance. This could help those IP's sell better in the future and put another notch in Sony's portfolio.

However they should stagger releases a bit. Give us a good number of games to look forward to over the whole year so we don't see a software drought like so many console releases have.

Tr10wn1669d ago

I doubt MGS5 will be Sony Exclusive since Kojima already confirm hes interested in multi platform including the PC but it might as well be a launch title for next gen console who knows.

Timesplitter141669d ago

Yeah, at this point I don't really care about exclusivity like I used to. Wherever these games go, I'll go too

MaxXAttaxX1669d ago

Legend of Dragoon, Rogue Galaxy, Wild Arms, Jak and Daxter, Gran Turismo, Syphon Filter... OHMAHGAWD!!!

Don't want to get too excited though. Expect the worst and hope for the best!

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IAMERROR1669d ago

I can't believe they cancelled Legend of Dragoon 2 a while back :/
Let's see Dark Cloud 3 or Rogue Galaxy 2

IAMERROR1669d ago

Oh and if Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a launch title... DAY 1!!

grailly1669d ago

legend of dragoon 2 and dark cloud 3 would be great! I didn't like rogue galaxy that much though...

madpuppy1669d ago

I Would love if they brought Eight Days back from the dead and released it as a Next gen title.

DOMination-1669d ago

Would like to see all of the above. Always thought the getaway was terrible but 8 days had an ambitious concept. And i would like a resurgence of JRPGs next gen please!

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bryam19821669d ago

Dammit i just read the whole thing on the go put spcace between the word spoiler and the information next time i'm beating this game rite now for the first time, playing on my vita it looks so good

Tapewurm1669d ago

The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo 6, A new Socom (would be a phenomenal surprise if they just stick to old school mechanics and new school graphics)... I would love to see a new Cool Boarders title...that played like the old PS1 Cool Boarders 2, but with next gen graphics... I can dream.....That would make me happy lol

imdaboss11669d ago

I cant wait for all Sony first party games..PS4 will have so many exclusive games that will be AAA

Gamer19821669d ago

A AAA launch line up could really hurt MS lineup and put Sony so far ahead it could affect the new nex-gen race for a long time. I doubt we will see a Halo at launch for MS we may see a Forza so what else has MS got really? I cannot think of much.. Sony has a massive opportunity here while MS is working hard on there exclusives which will no doubt be out next year to blow people away. But this is Sony and it wouldn't be the first time they botched a console launch. (remember lack of consoles with PS3 thanks to lack of blu-ray diodes?)

MoB211668d ago (Edited 1668d ago )


TAURUS-5551668d ago

a new socom would be sweet. with 64 players online, big maps, etc...fingers crossed.

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Npugz71669d ago

Were not gonna see Any next gen game reveals until the darn PS4 and Nextbox announce there consoles so hurry up already!!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

I think so will go extra hard next gen. They will want to out do 2006. Sony should bring more jrpgs. And make exclusive rpg's.

Campy da Camper1669d ago

My ideal lauch would be...Infamous 3, Fallout 4, uncharted 4, Killzone4, LBP 3, and Dark Souls 2. I have 143 hours of vacation stockpiled and can take 2 weeks off this year. As soon as i get a firm release date i am taking it!

kupomogli1669d ago

@Campy da Camper

That's a lot of time saved up. I'm not sure if your job allows you to do this, but I always took an extra day off a week. If you do two weeks in a row, that's it, but if you have three days off a week, that one extra day feels like you're off for awhile. Each week you're still gaining more vacation time so by the end of the 17 weeks that you have three days off, you have more vacation time.

Timesplitter141669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

"We think that the PS4 will be announced and launched this year with a good range of..."

"We think"

Cool video game journalism, man! But yeah, let's hope.

Studio-YaMi1669d ago (Edited 1669d ago )

Yeah seriously,what sad journalism ! the title says "it wil" and in the first paragraph of the article they say "We think" ...!?

Pissing me off -_- ..!

yeahokchief1669d ago

i dont think it will release this year, but I probably wouldn't buy one this year even if it did.

happy with my ps3.

Root1669d ago

PS4 - Uncharted 4 - Resistance 4 - Killzone 4 - Jak 4

Anything with "4" in it would be great marketing alongside the PS4

kneon1669d ago

I'm willing to put up with a 6 in the launch lineup, GT6

ajax171669d ago

Gran Turismo 6 Prologue...