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The PS4 will launch this year with a AAA line-up

GC writes, "We think that the PS4 will be announced and launched this year with a good range of first party launch titles, it’s not a matter of what’s being said but rather what isn’t. Sony’s next move seems a bit too secretive and this makes us suspicious." (Guerilla Games, Industry, Naughty Dog, Next-Gen, polyphony digital, PS3, Sony, Sucker Punch)

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Majin-vegeta  +   986d ago
At this point i just want Sony to release LEGEND OF DRAGOON 2 or at least give us a HD remake of the first one with PS3 graphics.SPOILER All thought watching Lavitz die in HD will be hard.
Timesplitter14  +   986d ago
Legend of Dragoon 2, Timesplitters 4. The Last Guardian, MGS5

I'd bust a nut if that was the actual first-year lineup
blackbeld  +   986d ago
" If Polyphony, Naughty Dog, Sucker Punch and Guerilla Games all have launch PS4 titles, then it could be one epic PS4 launch."

Indeed it could be Epic PS4 launch. This is only we could dream of.

Hope this dream come true.
DOMination-  +   985d ago
It would actually be stupid imo to have all those games at launch. Have one or two then stagger the others over the next few months.
Ryto  +   985d ago
day 1 purchase if they have timespliiters 4! (aslong as its not f2p with micro transactions :/!)
brich233  +   985d ago
Its possible that sony will release ps3 games that also work on ps4 on the same disc.
rainslacker  +   985d ago
I think it would be wise for them to also release a new IP. Generally new IP's get more attention at the launch of a system...Say Zombie U on Wii U for instance. This could help those IP's sell better in the future and put another notch in Sony's portfolio.

However they should stagger releases a bit. Give us a good number of games to look forward to over the whole year so we don't see a software drought like so many console releases have.
Tr10wn  +   985d ago
I doubt MGS5 will be Sony Exclusive since Kojima already confirm hes interested in multi platform including the PC but it might as well be a launch title for next gen console who knows.
Timesplitter14  +   985d ago
Yeah, at this point I don't really care about exclusivity like I used to. Wherever these games go, I'll go too
MaxXAttaxX  +   985d ago
Legend of Dragoon, Rogue Galaxy, Wild Arms, Jak and Daxter, Gran Turismo, Syphon Filter... OHMAHGAWD!!!

Don't want to get too excited though. Expect the worst and hope for the best!
IAMERROR  +   986d ago
I can't believe they cancelled Legend of Dragoon 2 a while back :/
Let's see Dark Cloud 3 or Rogue Galaxy 2
corrus  +   986d ago
IAMERROR  +   986d ago
Oh and if Valkyria Chronicles 4 is a launch title... DAY 1!!
SAE  +   986d ago
grailly  +   986d ago
legend of dragoon 2 and dark cloud 3 would be great! I didn't like rogue galaxy that much though...
madpuppy  +   985d ago
I Would love if they brought Eight Days back from the dead and released it as a Next gen title.
DOMination-  +   985d ago
Would like to see all of the above. Always thought the getaway was terrible but 8 days had an ambitious concept. And i would like a resurgence of JRPGs next gen please!
bryam1982  +   986d ago
Dammit i just read the whole thing on the go put spcace between the word spoiler and the information next time i'm beating this game rite now for the first time, playing on my vita it looks so good
CatXFlash  +   986d ago
LOD2?.... RIP my WIIU.
Tapewurm  +   985d ago
The Last Guardian, Gran Turismo 6, A new Socom (would be a phenomenal surprise if they just stick to old school mechanics and new school graphics)... I would love to see a new Cool Boarders title...that played like the old PS1 Cool Boarders 2, but with next gen graphics... I can dream.....That would make me happy lol
imdaboss1  +   985d ago
I cant wait for all Sony first party games..PS4 will have so many exclusive games that will be AAA
Gamer1982  +   985d ago
A AAA launch line up could really hurt MS lineup and put Sony so far ahead it could affect the new nex-gen race for a long time. I doubt we will see a Halo at launch for MS we may see a Forza so what else has MS got really? I cannot think of much.. Sony has a massive opportunity here while MS is working hard on there exclusives which will no doubt be out next year to blow people away. But this is Sony and it wouldn't be the first time they botched a console launch. (remember lack of consoles with PS3 thanks to lack of blu-ray diodes?)
MoB21  +   985d ago
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TAURUS-555  +   985d ago
a new socom would be sweet. with 64 players online, big maps, etc...fingers crossed.
Npugz7  +   986d ago
Were not gonna see Any next gen game reveals until the darn PS4 and Nextbox announce there consoles so hurry up already!!
I think so will go extra hard next gen. They will want to out do 2006. Sony should bring more jrpgs. And make exclusive rpg's.
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Campy da Camper  +   986d ago
My ideal lauch would be...Infamous 3, Fallout 4, uncharted 4, Killzone4, LBP 3, and Dark Souls 2. I have 143 hours of vacation stockpiled and can take 2 weeks off this year. As soon as i get a firm release date i am taking it!
kupomogli  +   985d ago
@Campy da Camper

That's a lot of time saved up. I'm not sure if your job allows you to do this, but I always took an extra day off a week. If you do two weeks in a row, that's it, but if you have three days off a week, that one extra day feels like you're off for awhile. Each week you're still gaining more vacation time so by the end of the 17 weeks that you have three days off, you have more vacation time.
Timesplitter14  +   986d ago
"We think that the PS4 will be announced and launched this year with a good range of..."

"We think"

Cool video game journalism, man! But yeah, let's hope.
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Studio-YaMi  +   985d ago
Yeah seriously,what sad journalism ! the title says "it wil" and in the first paragraph of the article they say "We think" ...!?

Pissing me off -_- ..!
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yeahokchief  +   985d ago
i dont think it will release this year, but I probably wouldn't buy one this year even if it did.

happy with my ps3.
Root  +   986d ago
PS4 - Uncharted 4 - Resistance 4 - Killzone 4 - Jak 4

Anything with "4" in it would be great marketing alongside the PS4
kneon  +   986d ago
I'm willing to put up with a 6 in the launch lineup, GT6
ajax17  +   985d ago
Gran Turismo 6 Prologue...
_-EDMIX-_  +   985d ago
Any GT fan knows GT6 will be for PS3.
Gamer1982  +   985d ago
If a fully fledged GT6 launches with PS4.. Well that will blow my mind but cannot see it personally as much as I would love it. Them games takes many years to make now because of the detail they put into them. There not a Forza where they put a shine on them and just make them look great. They add a lot of realism to GT each car is fully tested for the ultimate in realism. Saying that it doesn't bother most in Forza so I say upgrade GT5 cars to premium and just add a bunch more, track editor, decent mode and some sort of livery manager to match Forzas or close to it and it will be amazing. In fact I would love to design my liverys on a PC then import them onto my cars.
Munky  +   986d ago
But MS milks their games... gotta love the hypocrisy on this site.
Root  +   986d ago
What has MS got to do with anything on this article.

I was only suggesting these games because they were up to the 4th game....marketing reasons.

Besides if they use old franchises to see what the PS4 can do they can start new IPs with the things they've learnt while testing the tec out on old IPs so they new ones look even better.
Munky  +   986d ago
I was responding to your comment, and how some on this site like to harp on the idea that MS milks their games. Yet when it comes to Sony, that notion doesn't apply.

I don't care either way, a good game is a good game regardless of the title or number that follows it. I just find it humorous how some people think on this site.

FYI- Those disagrees were not from me. Peaz
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Oh_Yeah  +   986d ago
Yeah but Sony has more than 3 ips..much more variety. shooters, rpgs, action adventure, platformer, racing, fighting.. Every genre is covered.. I think they certainly get a pass. It gets kinda tiring when Microsoft decides to recycle 2 shooters and a racing game and that's all they have..
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Munky  +   986d ago
Who the F cares what games they have? The titles clearly sell, and so is the console. And does it really matter? It's f*ckin video games... Choose the console(s) you like, play the games you like and enjoy. It just annoying how every comment section becomes a pissing war over who's console of choice is better.
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-Falaut-  +   986d ago
Uhm, I see where you coming from, but I think this "sentiment" that you're refering to is that MS doesn't HAVE GAMES besides their 3 main franchises, not that they milk them.

And besides, this is probably brought up by 5-10 regular trolls. Use the ignore function, its awesome.
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Munky  +   986d ago

Nyeah, no worries man. I usually don't pay attention to it. I just find the g@yness ramping up with all the articles about PS4 and Xbox720 coming out lately.
Oh_Yeah  +   986d ago
Well think about it real quick... Say you have a pc for multiplats... Then you buy a 360 around launch thinking they're going to have more exclusives then they did.. But nope you wasted 300+ bucks to play 3 games... Come on now..That doesn't really seem worth it even if you do really like those games.
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Alcohog  +   986d ago
I think it has to do with how MS has their one franchise the pimp endlessly instead of creating new IP's, a la Sony.
Army_of_Darkness  +   985d ago
@Mulky, The Milking difference is...
MS: Halo, gears, fable, forza and Repeat.

Nintendo: Mario, zelda, metroid, super mario, pokemon, mario something else and repeat...

Sony: GOW, uncharted, infamous, resistance, LBP, Metal gear solid, ratchet and clank, new IP, new IP, new IP, new IP and more new IP's in between and.... repeat.

So ummm...yeah, I totally see Hypocrisy bro....
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Plagasx  +   985d ago
Yea but MS only has like 2 games to Milk....
younghavok  +   985d ago

Sony does get quite a few new ips on its console but so does Nintendo. Xenoblade, Last Story, Pandoras Tower, Disaster Day Of Crisis, Zangeki no Reginliev, No More Heroes, Arc Rise Fantasia.

And then there's the Fatal Frame franchise it picked up along with Bayonetta and Wonderful 101 and Sin and Punishment. Sony does indeed take alot of chances, but Nintendo is no slouch either and has a far more diverse catalog than Sony does. Hell the Uncharted Franchise was born this gen and it already has what, 5 games? Thats milking if ive ever seen it.
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Hicken  +   985d ago
I don't think you get it.

When people speak of milking, they usually mean a handful of franchises that see MANY releases.

Nintendo has a lot of franchises, but they tend to milk Mario; the other big titles see one, MAYBE two releases a generation, but Mario gets MANY games per generation.

Sony has a LOT of games that are up to their third and fourth iterations... but there are SO MANY of them. And not ALL of them are FROM this gen. Uncharted and Resistance are it. Meanwhile, there are lots of other franchises that have continued from previous gens, like God of War and Gran Turismo.

And Microsoft... well, that's been established.
JAMurida  +   985d ago
I have to agree with Munky on this one. Regardless of how many exclusive you have or not, milking is milking. There are a lot of 4s I've seen while viewing the comments. Despite the fact that Sony is making new IPs (which I give a plus on), Having a 4+ is no different than making another Gears/Halo aka milking.

Either way, I would still want a MAG 2 for PS4.
Munky  +   985d ago
Nonsense... The statement that Sony has so many games to choose from would be a valid argument, if the games sold. The fact is that with all the amazing games listed, none of the games sell well apart from a very few. To be honest it's quite sad that the PS3 user base doesn't take advantage of the great lineup it does have, so yes the list is large and varied but the fact is that nobody plays them.

Here are a couple links to further back up what im saying. It's a list of all the titles that have sold at least 1 million games for the PS3 and 360 from only 1st party devs:



But again, I personally don't buy into the notion of anybody "milking" anything as long as in the end the product is solid and holds true to the series. As I said earlier, a good game is a good game regardless of the title or number that follows it.

One last point... Uncharted: Fight For Fortune, just sayin...
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Crazyglues  +   986d ago
OMG! if these are launch titles this is going to be the best launch ever...

Uncharted 4.. / GT6 / Killzone 4 / Infamous 3 / Motorstorm 4.. Ok stop -

You had me at Uncharted 4 & GT6.. LOL

That is enough for me to Pick up my PS4 Day-one... and Over Dose on Gaming For the next few months..- LoL

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Conzul  +   986d ago
I know it isn't very popular, but I'd love a Resistance 4. I believe that the original Resistance was the PS3's first major game - PS4 should continue the tradition.
kayoss  +   985d ago
You forgot God of War 4
tigertron  +   986d ago
The title is misleading. It's only what the authors think.
MikeMyers  +   986d ago
The_Infected  +   986d ago
Yea now their getting what they want "hits" just because the misleading title.
Gamer1982  +   985d ago
It is misleading but wouldn't we like it?
SolidStoner  +   986d ago
I would like it to see tomorrow, But I really doubt we will ever hear news from Sony like "PS4 will be out after 3 months... or similar" they always show trailers from games, new consoles specs, gimmicks and hardware information, AAA titles, and then a year with month.... never sooner than a year... so I predict 2014 is the closest possible.... and we will have so many good titles on ps3 this year, I remember when sony say'd that they are making money from games not from consoles... considering games are sold much much more, it is jut insane to release that much games and new console at the same time... meanwhile new x box could come out anytime soon.... they already kind a forgot about xbox360...
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ziggurcat  +   986d ago
it will not be launching this year.

FFS, stop reporting this crap as fact.
CatXFlash  +   986d ago
And your comment is what?... a fact? lol
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MGregory666  +   986d ago
I think we can all see an Unchartered 4 launch release with the PS4.
SolidStoner  +   986d ago
+ Gran turismo 6 and many more... I just can feel that many games which could be announced on ps3, are deadly silent... I think they are preparing many great titles at the same time with ps4 release combined... that could be a bomb!
MGregory666  +   986d ago
I hope your right man, after giving Microsoft a head start with the last generation they can't afford to lose out again.
Campy da Camper  +   986d ago
I concur. Uncharted 4 is a launch must have. ND knowz Sony tech in n out so no real learning curve. I have very high expectations for the game.
patriotZero  +   986d ago
Killzone 4
GT6 in 2014
Mathew9R   986d ago | Spam
kma2k  +   986d ago
The PS4 will launch this year with a AAA line-up
user4693217   986d ago | Spam
tehpees3  +   986d ago
I think PS4 will blow some minds. But thats what I think.
Seraphemz  +   986d ago
The PS4 will have a flux capacitor, you have to get to 60fps and it will transport you back in time to play PS2 games....i think.
EverydayGuy  +   986d ago
Naughty Dog prob will release a new ip not Uncharted 4. With each gen they always made a new ip.
HarryMasonHerpderp  +   986d ago
I think they will announce a new IP first too.
Although I think they will eventually announce an Uncharted 4 a year or two after the PS4 is released.
Adolph Fitler  +   986d ago
I "hope" it's launched in September with a new Motorstorm, a new Burnout, new COD, possibly the new BF, The Last Guardian & hopefully a new Guerilla FPS IP (or Killzone), & maybe a new Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed (with way better & more tracks than the last one & more nods to Sega's past, like maybe a tracks where your racing around a Dreamcast or something really cleverly implemented to enhance an already excellent cart racer).
I mean, jut the 1st in MS, COD & Sonic, are realistic options. Sadly, I would LOVE a new Resistance made by none other than Insomniac using an engine made by Guerilla. I love ALL 3 Resistance games (esp. 1 & 3), & it pain me that R3 suffered such poor sales, considering how great the game is. I may never get another go at shooting more invading Chimera...which makes me a real sad panda.

I would cream my jeans if PS Orbis launched in September or October, with:
1. New Motorstorm
2. New Twisted Metal
3. New Syphon Filter
4. New Medievil
5. New Wipeout
6. New COD
7. Crysis 3
8. New MGS
9. Bayonetta 2: Sigma
10.LBP 3D (Yes, Sackboy in 3D would kick ass)
11.EarthHawk: Starhawk: Warhawk (Get Lightbox off ph games)
12.The Darkness 3
13.New Starbreeze shooter (sequel to Syndicate please Gods)
14.Killzone 4
15.New Ratchet & Clank (just concentrae on what made the series so awesome early in it's PS2 life)
16.Fight Night: Round 6
17.Need 4 Speed: Hot Pursuit 2
17.New Socom made by Bend Studios
18.Heavenly Sword 2
19.Aliens: Colonial Marines (perfected from PS3/360 vsn)
20.8 Days (Oh, wouldn't it be nice if secretly...oooh)
21.The Getaway 3
22.New Driver
23.Watch Dogs (pretty realistic one)
24.GTA5 (Obviously enhanced to more pc like visual level)
25.EA's UFC
26.Unreal Tournament 4
27.Quake 5
28.Madden '14
29.Doom 4
30.Splashdown 3 (I loved 1st on PS2, & imagine water fx)
31.God Of War 4 (Nearly forgot this awesome beast)
32.Tekken 7
33.DOA 6
34.FULL B/C with PS3 games PLEEEEEEEEASE Sony.
God, this would be EASILY the best launch lineup for a console EVER, & I would be F%$ked & selling myself to pleasue rich old women, as to be able to afford every game on that list.
#16 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(7) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
CatXFlash  +   986d ago
Dang you don't want new IPs?... FFS people ..
Septic  +   986d ago
Kind of hard to list a new IP seeing as its you know....new. You surely can't expect him to make up titles from thin air?
Conzul  +   986d ago
More of a good thing is always...
...a good thing -_-
FrigidDARKNESS  +   986d ago
Kaz said it wont launch this year but when it does i expect killzone uncharted and grand turismo to be launch titles day one.
-Falaut-  +   986d ago
Here is a suggestion to everyone clenching in hopes for a 2013 release for this bad boy. Stop it, relax, and get into the mindset that its coming next year.

This does two things:
1. Will make this E3 exciting because you won't be going into it expecting magic. Go into it with a "meh" attitude, and it will rock. This is akin to lowering one's standards! :)

2. IF it does indeed drop this year, even in the form of an announcement at E3, people will be wailin out, and it'll be stellar.

DivineAssault  +   986d ago
i know its going to be epic.. Some great AAA 1st & 3rd party titles, PSN titles, (possibly BC w PS3 tho doubtful), & a bunch of new settings & features to play with.. Yup, ill be buying it day 1
#19 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
josephayal  +   986d ago
Can't wait for the PS4, too bad I can't afford it :(
GalacticEmpire  +   986d ago
Please do tell the rest of us exactly how much it is.
Septic  +   986d ago
Maybe he can't afford it because he's going to be low on cash this year and he reasonably doubts that the console will cost $100?

His statement doesn't necessarily mean that he's implying that the PS4 will be really expensive.
#20.1.1 (Edited 986d ago ) | Agree(11) | Disagree(1) | Report
IAmTheBest35  +   985d ago
599 usd
WeskerChildReborned  +   986d ago
It would be awesome if true.
SignifiedSix  +   986d ago
Shouldn't this be a rumor??
MultiConsoleGamer  +   985d ago
No, it won't

(Speaking only about the launch date.)
Max-Zorin  +   985d ago
I hope they bring back Syphon Filter while they're at it.
Magnus  +   985d ago
I hope Sony revives some old franchises like Medi Evil and Blasto I even want to see a few Wild Arms games on the PS4.
rainslacker  +   985d ago
Wild Arms would be awesome. I always forget about that series. Particularly if they also release a HD remake of the old ones.:)
Pillsbury1  +   985d ago
Sony is going the smart route and bringing what gamers want: GAMES.
sdplisken  +   985d ago
Demon's Souls 2 on PS4


LAST GUARDIAN, MGS5 as well!!!!

#27 (Edited 985d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
Tales RPG addict  +   985d ago
I get the feeling that the PS4 will launch with a MAJOR Fucking Vengeance selling like the PS2. A feat that makes me cry Manly tears of Happiness.

SONY fuck sell The Last of US 2 on PS3/PS4. I'll buy it.
Demon's Souls 2 on PS4. Heck I get the gut feeling that "Kingdom Hearts III" will be on PS4, and the biggest KH game yet.

Rogue Galaxy 2 is a must as well as Dark Cloud 3.
Relientk77  +   985d ago
Bring on whatever Naughty Dog is working on, potentially Uncharted 4

and lets see a new Syphon Filter, Legend of Dragoon 2, lets bring back those amazing PS1 franchises and RPGs
#29 (Edited 985d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
dkgshiz  +   985d ago
Next gen I want to see a more diverse line up of games. That's really all I want. If it just turns into another generic military shooter romp I think I'll pass on the next gen consoles all together.
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