Mario Kart Wii Features Text Chat

Nintendo fans still hoping that the arrival of Mario Kart Wii will herald the beginning of voice chat support on the company's home console will have to put those hopes on hold for a while. The publisher's European subsidiary confirmed in an official Mario Kart Wii posting that players will only be able to communicate with each other via text chat, and not during matches.

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Darkiewonder3615d ago

where it says "Good job", "Nice Try", "You lose", "Let's play again", etc.

KeenanTheSavage3615d ago

yeah, I guess you have a point.

ChickeyCantor3615d ago

if that were the case i think they would say : pre-fixed text chat....

...But you could be right though....we shouldnt rule that one out.

wiizy3615d ago

nintendo needs to release something for voice chat.

KeenanTheSavage3614d ago

I heard a rumor that they will, but that's just a rumor, but I'd be surprised if they didn't. lol

KeiZka3615d ago

Better than nothing, at least...

Ashira3615d ago

Yes, at least it's a step in the right direction!