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'Halo 4' competitive skill rank not coming until April

XMNR: Competitive "Halo 4" gamers have been waiting for a skill ranking system for the shooter since it launched on the Xbox 360 last November. The launch of the Competitive Skill Rank system is getting closer but there is still a wait of a couple of months according to a Wednesday update from 343 Industries. (Halo 4, Xbox 360)

ThatGuy2  +   918d ago
Good game but come on...its is obviously they where not prepared to launch this game.I mean,no theater for single player or spartan ops?And at launch the servers kept on crashing and the first dlc was accidentlly launched for free.Amazing game but needs to be polished.
IAMERROR  +   917d ago
wow... just wow... April?? -___-
I love this game but this is ridiculous, not to mention the painfully slow updates, we're just now getting a griftball playlist and Fileshare...

Please 343i, don't rush Halo 5. Make sure fileshare is available at LAUNCH and have a bevy of playlists with classic and new gametypes. Do forge justice! CA don't know what they're doing lol
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inf3cted1  +   917d ago
Too late, stopped playing it.
JANF  +   917d ago
About time. This update is much needed if they want to keep this baby alive. Great news BTW!
FarCryLover182  +   917d ago
They said January, the first time at least.
aviator189  +   917d ago
I'm especially excited about having team doubles and grifball as regular playlists. And the new skill rank system sounds really great. I'm almost to sr 130 and I'll probably get there just in time when the new rank system rolls out.

Now, if only we can have snipers as a regular playlist again.
iNathan  +   917d ago
No TU1 yet for this game ?
WTH are you doing 343?
TXIDarkAvenger  +   917d ago
Wow, I feel like they waited a long time to do this. I honestly preferred leveling up by playing ranked games like in Halo 3.
ThichQuangDuck  +   917d ago
This launch was not handled well in my opinion. Spartan ops was great but forge playlist and file share taking a while is disappointing. I don't know bungie seemed to be much more in communication with their fanbase but I trust 343i will learn from Halo 4 strengths and weaknesses. I have stopped playing as much due to gameplay.

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