Logitech to Stop Console Accessory Production

Logitech is winding down their console peripheral production.

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SactoGamer1978d ago

Does this include gaming headsets?

Pandamobile1978d ago

Console headsets, probably. PC headsets, no.

joab7771978d ago

Maybe they should wait til next gen consoles release.
It may make a difference. Ppl get excited.

badz1491978d ago

but why can't they price them more competitively? G25 and G27 cost a fortune and their gamepads like F510 and F710 are expensive too! I can buy 3 or even 4 decent wireless gamepads from other unknown makers for the price of 1 "wired" F510 here in my area! there are lots of alternatives out there and most people aren't willing to spend a fortune just for peripherals! if only Logitech can reduce their profit margin a bit and lower their prices, many more people will buy their products instead of just slightly cheaper others!

kingPoS1978d ago

G27's are going be notoriously hard to find soon enough.

i_da_pappy1978d ago

pretty sure those won't stop being produced.

kingPoS1978d ago (Edited 1978d ago )

I guess that's bad news for those who want a Driving Force GT but can't afford the high end G27.
I was lucky enough to grab my DF-GT at cheap price long before GT5 (not prologue) came out.

I don't think I've ever seen it average for less than $130 at retail. Hoarders are likely to bump the current price by $20-40 of more. >_>

orakle441978d ago

G27's are mainly used in the sim racing area, that are on pc's. As long as the new consoles have USB's we'll still be able to use a decent wheel/pedals combo. So yea, they wont stop making them.

Seraphim1978d ago

not really surprising. Controllers are pretty much exclusive to Console manufacturer. Same as headsets.... Logitech just really doesn't have a market anymore. This isn't the PS2 days where they have the best wireless controller on the market. still, they make some good peripherals. Not that I'd imagine they're big sellers but w/o Logitech who's going to make us quality Racing Wheels? Sad day....

Ofai1978d ago

Fanatec make a nice selection of racing wheels for the consoles. I use a CSR for my xbox 360 / ps3 /pc and works brilliant

rodiabloalmeida1978d ago

Yeah, but Fanatec support is terrible.

strigoi8141978d ago

Good. Now whats next for you logitech?? Keyboard and mouse

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