PSA - God of War: Ascension Early Single Player Demo Challenge Is Almost Up, Sign-up Before It Ends

Premier Gaming Network - The God of War: Ascension Rise of The Warrior challenge started only yesterday and already both Spartan and Trojans are reaching the milestone for the team challenge. Like last time, a reward for first to get there will be offered to the winning team, this time being a Single-player demo.

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Nitrowolf21826d ago

So prepared for this, I've been playing the demo from Recall and it's mad addictive. I hope this new one has more surprises.

Outsider-G1826d ago

Looks like Spartans are taking this one. Hyped to try out this new demo.

Ezz20131825d ago (Edited 1825d ago )

no go torjan ..i'm with those XD

League_of_Draven1826d ago

Just keep registering until you get on both teams and it's a win-win. Although the losing team will still get the demo early too, just not before the winning team.

Agheil1826d ago


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