Deadliest Catch Game Coming to Xbox 360, PC

DailyGame reports that the Discovery Channel's crabbing show is getting its own Xbox 360 and PC game this April. The game will let players captain a boat, recruit and manage their crew and try to break the real-world crabbing records of The Northwestern.

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Lucreto3946d ago

I want to play as Sig Hansen of the Northwestern. He is the best Captain from the show. Pity it is not on the PS3.

What's next Mythbusters?

jiinn3946d ago

Yes! Survivor man.

Make it a like the Cabals hunting games - that would be sweet.

AppleSlime3946d ago

Survivorman might actually make a really interesting game, even if only a downloadable one.

On topic, though: I wonder how this game is going to play. An RTS might be interesting, but anything else seems like a bit of a stretch. In any case, I look forward to seeing how this whole thing comes out in the end.

InYourMom3946d ago

more shovelware for the 360. This one should really move some consoles! I knew MS needed to appeal to the crabbing fisherman/boat dwelling types.. This might actually move the 360 ahead of the Wii!

Console war over!

games4fun3946d ago (Edited 3946d ago )

another exclusive lost i'm selling my ps3 there is no way ill be able to live without this AAA gameranking score of 110% game, when will it ever end? this must be the game everyone was talking about the extra game up msofts sleeve how will i survive!!

JK it might actually be a good game i hope you guys like it

@inyourmom that was actually pretty funny bubs

EZCheez3946d ago

What's next? Dirty Jobs? How It's Made?

By the way, I love those shows. I just hope they never make it to videogame status.

Actually, Dirty Jobs might work!

Armyless3946d ago

Anyone remember the assembly line game on the old Apple II's?

EZCheez3946d ago

Word Muncher was my favorite though. I was a youngin then.

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