The THQ Fallout: Where the Studios Went, Why, and What Remains for Future Assets

The auction of ill-fated publisher THQ's assets was held a short time ago and Holygrenade has details along with analysis of each purchase.

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Cajun Chicken1826d ago

I'm wondering what specifically happened to the Red Faction and Destroy All Humans IPs.

Eldyraen1826d ago

I wonder if the Red Faction IP might had been lumped into the Volition sale, as they made the games. It doesn't necessarily mean anything but it gives me hope and would keep it 'in house' so to speak at the same time.

I have no clue with Destroy all Humans though as its developer is dead (Pandemic) and there was no mention of it all. Hopefully it didn't just die off as it was fun, its own weird way.

Crazyglues1826d ago (Edited 1826d ago )

here it is in video format in-case you didn't feel like reading all of that -

Hope Homefront 2 turns out to be good.. the first one was not that bad, had some fun on the multi-player.. (So it will be interesting to see if Crytek can make it good enough to run with Black Ops 2 and Battlefield 3)


LordHiggens1826d ago

Where. Is. My. Darksiders?!?!?!

MeatAbstract1826d ago

No one bought it! Poor guys....

LordHiggens1826d ago

This saddens me deeply, such an under rated was really really good. Here's hoping it can still be salvaged...

jjb19811826d ago

I got the last good wrestling...

LordHiggens1826d ago

Farewell THQ, you made good games and brought a lot of smiles to gamers everywhere, you will be missed. Here's hoping those who lost their jobs get back on their feet hopefully back into the gaming industry where they can utilize their talents further.

Agent_00_Revan1826d ago

THQ + Wrestling games on the N64 were the Best! Wrestlemania 2000 was and will always be my favorite. Yea most people preferred No Mercy, but 2000 had the better Create-A-Character mode which was my favorite thing to do. I'd spend hours recreating classic wrestlers like the Road Warriors.

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