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Submitted by Lionheart377 1112d ago | opinion piece

The PlayStation Network is one big step ahead of Xbox Live

StickSkills said, "Brick-and-mortar stores won’t disappear overnight. I still love adding a new, clean box to my personal shelf of games. But like CDs and DVDs, physical copies of games will go out of style. Luckily for Sony, it already has a rock-solid service that caters to the needs of a download-dependant world." (Industry, PS3, Sony, Tag Invalid)

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JoGam  +   1112d ago | Well said
I didnt see it at first just put faith in it day one however Playstation Plus is my hero. I saved so much money with all those games free and when they gave me Music Unlimited for $12 that alone blew my mind. Cant wait to see next gen Playstation Plus.
Lionheart377  +   1112d ago
The strides Plus has made since it first appeared are truly impressive. It'll be fun to watch what it does next.
b163o1  +   1112d ago
I started out with the 3month sub, and after 2weeks I went ahead and got the year sub. It offers so much that I actually am running out of HD space. Now they have this 13 for $13 sale, which is giving games away for pennies on the dollar. Sony your the BEST!

PS Plus + NextGenPS= :DDDDD
blackbeld  +   1112d ago

The reason I bought PS3 is free online and a lot AAA exclusive games. With Plus you got even Free games.

Mortal Kombat 9
Mass Effect 2
LBP 1 & 2
Infamous 2
Warhammer 40000
and a lot more..
and a lot more is coming...
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MikeMyers  +   1112d ago
If Sony can continue to fine-tune its service while keeping the core element free they will definitely have the upper hand. If Microsoft continues to gel the ability to play online with all the other services to force gamers to pay then they will continue to face an uphill battle. With the Steambox coming out and Nintendo improving its situation and Sony making online a priority Microsoft will look like the odd man out. It's not like 2002 anymore where the competition was severely lacking in this area.
HappyGaming  +   1112d ago
Stop saying its free.
I love PS+ its amazing and sooo worth the money.
But it makes all those games extremely cheap but not free. You are still paying 50 quid a year for those games and OR a small charge for seriously discounted games.

My only fear is that I hope the PS + continues to offer such great value for money into the PS4 stage and that this isn't just a transition to turn PSN into Xbox live.

Of course online gaming is going to be free but I hope they don't limit features on the PS4 for people with no subscription and just keep PS+ as a free game and discount service!

That way we continue winning (Y)

Edit: I forgot to mention the lovely thing is that when you buy the discounted games for dirty cheap and your PS + runs out you can still play them. Love that feature :P
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Temporary  +   1111d ago
I signed up for PS+ this summer, and I'll never turn if off for as long as I own a playstation device.

All the free games, and yes they're free, compared to what you get with LIVE this is a dream come true.

Haters will continue to hate ... yeah if you quit paying your 50 per year, you lose some of the games. Well Im a gamer and I finish games that I play, I dont just let them sit there for a year and then get upset that i cant play it anymore if i decide to cancel PS+.

There's nothing bad anyone can say about the service, the negativity is biased and unustified.
pixelsword  +   1111d ago
Double post, Double post, boil and trouble post,

Clone like post turn into rubble!
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pixelsword  +   1111d ago
Although I don't dislike either XBL or Plus, I'm a huge net-neutrality supporter in that I don't think things should be charged for when they are normally free; also when they ram ads down your throat like how XBL charges to play on the internet you're already paying for, plus you get ads. That's like cable because of the concept of cable giving commercials on top of a paid service; you should be getting at least no commercials, if not a permanent live stream of every show and broadcast on television

I haven't got Plus yet, and I probably won't this gen, but I must admit that Plus is a very tempting offer in that for the service you GET games instead of nothing. That's not breaking any net-neutral concepts in that you don't normally get games for free. Heck, even Steam gives games for free cone to think about it.

So Plus/Steam is like a game rental service in that you don't get to keep the games, but you can play the crud out of them.

If I ever break my net-neutrality, self-imposed word; I'll break it on Plus first, Steam second, and, if my friends won't let me play my or their games on the 360, XBL last.
Dwalls1171  +   1112d ago
In my opinion playstation network has always been superior 2 Xbox Live... their is no competing with somthing that is free... and once playstation plus came in to existence it just added fuel to the fire
UnholyLight  +   1111d ago
Id say this article is a little late to the ball. I will admit PS+ is a great alternative to XBL (I am an XBL subscriber). Better get these articles out of the way because it's all going to mean nothing soon haha.

Both Microsoft and Sony I expect to see a HUGE revamping of services. Personally I can see Microsoft especially making a huge restructuring due to the fact that standard PSN is at parity with XBL for the most part. No doubts in my mind that all the money I have spent plus the millions of other people who paid for XBL contributed to some HUGE changes come next gen. That's what makes me feel alright about paying.
audigo15   1112d ago | Spam
showtimefolks  +   1111d ago
i signed up after e3 last year and has been worth ir more than anything else gaming wise. i just used my plus membership to get some games from 13/13 dead and saved in process $20 bucks

i believe xblive should be free service and there should be benefits for paying like sony has with plus

when psn gets cross game chat with ps4 than what does xblive has that psn doesn't?

atleast for me its a big turnoff when it comes to xbox brand that i have to pay to play on top of sometimes paying $10 for online passes too
miDnIghtEr20C_SfF  +   1111d ago
LMAO, how can the games be free if you have to keep paying to keep them? So if you stop paying for PSN+, you keep your games?

No. You are RENTING games for a monthly fee.

It's incredible how the die hard Sony fanboys don't see it. Ya, sure, PSN+ is fine and dandy, but jesus, how can people keep pretending to themselves that they are getting free games when they are paying a monthly fee?

It's kooky. It's like me saying I'm playing online my games for free, but I pay a monthly fee for Live. I get rid of paying for Live, I don't game online anymore. I get rid of my PSN+ subscription, and I don't have those "free" games to play anymore.

Temporary  +   1111d ago
lol midnight, youre an idiot...

360, you pay to use online portion of your games, you get no kickbacks at all.

PS+ You automatically add over 24 games to your collection, yeah you're "renting" some of them, but for 50 a year who the fuck cares. Ive saved over 400 dollars if you tally up all the free games i've beaten from PS+. And I just downloaded Street Fighter 4 and Bioshock 2...2 more games I can play unlimitedly for as long as im paying my 50 dollars a year.

That's VALUE for the dollar, not like with LIVE where youre FORCED to pay just to play online.

Get out of here with that nonsense...PS+ is the shit...and it kills you inside. lol

Edit: If I pay 50 dollars a year for 3 meals a day, everyday of the year. When I make the payment Jan 1st, the rest of that year I'll be saying "I eat for free", cause you dont have to worry about food anymore. With PS+ I dont have to worry about games.
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5eriously  +   1111d ago
@miDnIghtEr20C_SfF: ... What a stupid way to reason? Lets do a calc. Minus (-) what I payed for PS+, plus (+) the value I downloaded for free from PSN then add a value to all the other benefits I got like online multiplayer for free, betas in advance, trials, demo's, discounts and just too much to mention, then memorize that figure,(Tip: it's realy a positive (+) (plus) value in $$$ just in case you maybe made a small but obviously deliberate calculation error), then do the same calculation for eXBox + Live then lets see who are in the $$$'s saving and who are in the naughts 000's. Problem is that fans like you love enriching M$ for what? A console that should have been much cheaper than it's been through it's generation due to its bloated and inflated true value. M$ conned you all and you paid much more for the console and the live service than what's it's really worth. Proof of that is the many times M$ could drop the price of their console in a failed attempt to stunt the Sony PS3's growth (take note M$ failed), yet whilst M$ still maintaining a healthy profit margin without altering anything in the hardware manufacturing to save costs. That means it was really overpriced before the actual price drop. Mostly Sony had a price drop because they reduced manufacturing costs by introducing changes.
eXBox fans just cannot manage to fathom that or think straight with a small little bit of logic added. Fathom that if you can.
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Quiescent  +   1111d ago
Look at your one bubble. You only get one.
shutUpAndTakeMyMoney  +   1111d ago
PlayStation support is one big step ahead of Xbox support. Ps3 only console with new AAA games coming and xbox has gears 4.
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Chaostar  +   1112d ago
Both services have their strengths and weaknesses but as PSN evolves into something spectacular I find myself wondering how Microsoft are going to justify a cost for their service next gen. Cross-game chat will come to PS4, of this I'm 99.999% sure, where then will the XBL zealots turn to in an argument in favour of paying for their service?

As for digital download services, Sony's aquisition of Gaikai (did I spell it right?) does seem to give them a leg-up in that department, however, afaik, we haven't seen or heard anything from MS regarding streaming games (yet?).
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Ezz2013  +   1112d ago
i agree with every thing else you said

but what i love about psn+ is the games i get to download for "Free"

i would take that any day over paying for live to get voice chat

plus if i don't want to pay i still go online to pretty much every thing for free

while you still have to pay for that on live like it or not

sony give you the option while MS don't
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CommonSenseGamer  +   1112d ago
I purchase most of my games second hand as its more cost effective. However, since Sony introduced on-line passes its been cheaper for me to buy them for the 360. Pure and simple because a 12 month sub for gold is less expensive than buying 4 online passes (assuming I only buy 4 second hand multiplayer games over that same 12 months).

PS+ on the other hand is a fantastic subscription service and MS could def learn from this.
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Ezz2013  +   1112d ago

well, i don't share your opinion but i have to respect it
fucadastates  +   1112d ago
@CommonSenseGamer alot of my second hand games on xbox.... has.. onlinepass..
princeofthabay  +   1112d ago
@commonsensegamer what mulitplat game on ps3 has an online pass that 360 doesn't?
HorrorGod  +   1112d ago

The "online pass" was not created/introduced by Sony. Both PS3 and XBOX have it on select games. Now please change your N4G ID...
Hicken  +   1111d ago
Another failed comment by CommonSenseGamer.

Any game with an online pass on PS3 has one on 360. Your example is stupid, because you'd have to pay for the online passes for ALL those games AND 12 months of Live.
Neko_Mega  +   1112d ago
Sorry but I have to say you are kind of wrong, XBL is has more weakness then PS+.

Mostly do to you needing it to: Play online, use Netflix or anything like it and the cost.

The bad thing about PS+ is once it ends you lose the free stuff if you don't rejoin (Which kind of sucks, but it was smart on their part to do that).
AmkOwns  +   1112d ago
And the good thing about that is they dontt get deleted out of your hd so no need to re download and plus once you purchase a "free" game u keep it forever after a month later that free game expired or its not free anymore but its still in your hands as free to download that's why I purchased the free vita games incase I ever buy a vita :)

Ps+ <3
kma2k  +   1112d ago
I currently have both services & honestly i feel like at this point my live is a waste. The only problem I have currently is my netflix on ps3 never goes over medium hd when streaming ive had two ps3's now & they both due this, but i get better hd on my netflix streaming from xbox so it has to be a ps3 thing. Having said that though the free games you get from ps+ are the reason when it comes time to renew ill probably go with ps+
Conzul  +   1112d ago
I was watching BSG on my PS3 from Netflix and it was all in FHD. Gorgeous really. Wonder what's up on your end....
(comcast 25mbps)
kma2k  +   1112d ago
yea i dont know what it is, my conspiracy theory side of my brain says its some att thing but that wouldnt make since since im ok on the xbox side.

Att uverse 15mbps average speed.
hennessey86  +   1112d ago
Oh dear
I'm sick to death of these articals, PSN is not as good as live. PS pus has nothing to do with the PSN vs Xbox live argument as its an additional service. PSN has improved ten fold but it is still no where near as stream lined as live, I can go straight to my friends list and join a multiplayer game from there, or join a party from my friends list. I can search for a film using bing and it will tell me if I have it as part of my love film or Netflix subscription. It's not just party chat that makes it better, Xbox live is so much faster than psn its laughable. Any way bring on the disagrees it doesn't bother me. I use both services daily and I no which one is better, I don't let brand loyalty blind me.
PirateThom  +   1112d ago
Xbox Live Gold is also an additional service....

So, if we remove the "additional services" bit, what are we left with?
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Ezz2013  +   1112d ago | Helpful
you pay for live and you pay for psn + ..
so how psn+ is just an additional service ?!!
it offer what live offer plus the free games
that alone justify why you would pay for psn+

the free psn is more of the additional service...because here sony give an option
while MS give you no option have to pay for it

but the funny thing is even the free psn offer most the services live offer ..but for free

live is just a ripoff IMO
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USEYOURFIST  +   1112d ago
A clear example of why you only have one bubble
scott182  +   1112d ago
using Bing as part of your argument made me laugh.
Mr Blings  +   1112d ago
An xbox live subscriber from day 1
The reason I jumped to broadband internet. Let my gold account die on 1/14/13. It is a different world from when live turned on 10 years ago. Personally I am at the point in my life where I am not hanging out with friends online all that much. All the apps are free elsewhere. Half of the content on HAlo4 and other titles is boarded off from me b/c I let gold expire. Sorry but that is some bullsh*t. The only real thing I can see people preaching live over psn or wii U is cross party chat. Fine add features like that and bundle into a pay scheme for those that truly need those features. Give multi-player, netflix access etc... for free like your competition.

Going into next gen I know I will not own all systems as I have this and past generations. With xbox live still charging for multi-player next gen all but seals the deal I will not buy the next xbox. multi-player is part of the game disc purchase, it is something that should be included not an extra charge. I am done buying xbox games period. will play my single player backlog of games then done with the xbox brand unless they change their live agenda.

P.S. purchased a psn+ subscription and loving it. Have easily 10 games for ps3 and vita I otherwise would not.
fourOeightshark  +   1112d ago
"I can go straight to my friends list and join a multiplayer game from there, or join a party from my friends list."

You obviously don't own a PS3 since you said that -_- I can search for any film or tv show on movie2k using the PS3 browser and watch it from there all for free.
DivineAssault  +   1112d ago
love ps plus.. Its a great investment & ill continue renewing my subscription EVERY year because i cant see myself w/o it.. $50/yr for all this?? No brainer & ill NEVER get XBLG again unless they step it up value wise.. MS needs more IPs too
rainslacker  +   1111d ago
What's nice is that if you pay attention sometimes you can find free month codes around the net or through special offers in games. I was due to renew next month, but somehow it got extended to July just because of games I brought or free offers I found.
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GusBricker  +   1112d ago
Yes, Sony has free online play...
...but, it is one of the major reasons it has financial troubles. MS charges for a reason, it takes a shitload of money to maintain it.

You get what you pay for.
PirateThom  +   1112d ago
Sony not charging for online play has nothing to do with their financial trouble. Their troubles aren't even really related to PS, it's all with their consumer electronics business.
GusBricker  +   1112d ago
I was talking more in general about Sony's business plan.

Look at their marketing department, for the most part, it sucks.

How many times has PSN gone down? It's unreliable and not only that, it's connection/download speeds suck. I'm sure this varies, but compared to my Live and PSN, PSN was a joke, it wasn't even close and both of my systems are wired.

As MasterCornholio said, you get what you pay for....

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PirateThom  +   1112d ago
PSN went down for the breach, but if it's down it's for planned maintainence that's hardly unreliable... this week, it just lasted longer than planned.

Microsoft do the same and you pay for it.... all online services get offline maintainence.... not sure how this makes it unreliable.

As for speeds, I never really noticed a measureable difference, the installing is a bigger issue, but that's a system issue not PSN.
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MasterCornholio  +   1112d ago
Im a plus user and i do get what i pay for and thats a monthly catalog of games to choose from plus automatic updates (this should be free though), discounts, beta, an ad free experience on PSN and cloud saves.

If i didnt get plus i would be stuck with online multiplayer which is something that i dont even use that often due to my horrible internet connection.

You get what you pay for with plus from my experience.
madpuppy  +   1112d ago
"You get what you pay for."

especially when you have no choice but to pay...blah
DigitalSmoke  +   1112d ago
On PSN you can play online without paying, son.
madpuppy  +   1111d ago
I was talking about XBL, the quote was from "gusbricker" at the top of the thread.

I haven't owned an Xbox 360 since my 4th RROD and I replaced it with a second PS3.

MS would have to gift me an xbox and 3 years of gold before I even considered owning one again.
garos82  +   1112d ago
You get what you pay for?
So by your logic the ps3 is miles better as a whole cause it's more expensive.oh wait that is true
GusBricker  +   1112d ago
No, that was more of Sony's stupidity. 600 bucks for a console? lol I remember Kenny K saying get 2 jobs to pay for it, it would be worth it. SO out of touch, they were/are.
solidjun5  +   1111d ago
Stupidity? At the time, it cost a boatload to make! I don't think anyone would hire you gusbricker to run a company. And you believe Kenny K? So out of touch are we.
violents  +   1111d ago
Actually when it came out it was relitively cheap for what it was. Other bluray players were about a thousand dollars at the time. Ps3 could do blu ray and play next gen games for significantly less. Unfortunatly for sony blu ray came down in price quickly however still had to sell existing launch models for the origonal cost so as not to lose out too bad on them.
Denethor_II  +   1111d ago
"You get what you pay for."

Is that Microsoft's new slogan or something? I see it a lot lately.
stage88  +   1111d ago
Seems like it.
It's also,

"PS. We'll nickel and dime you for everything else. Enjoy"
lodossrage  +   1111d ago
for someone that "looked" into Sony's business matters, you should know better than what you do. The Playstation part of their business is making profit. The reason Sony is in the financial troubles they're in has more to do with some of their hardware, such as the high priced television sets.

And yes, MS does charge you for a reason, the reason is because they can. Playing online wasn't always part of the Gold package of Live. But once they got enough people roped into it combined with their marketing, they knew they could get people to do something they shouldn't, aka paying to play online.

Looking at your second comment, it's easy to see you don't know what you're talking about. It only "went down" once. And that's when they TOOK it offline because of the breach. Don't confuse planned maintenance for the hacking incident.
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RevXM  +   1111d ago
Yes you better pay up for maintainance on those p2p services and games./s

Also price is only a tiny factor. Cheap or even free products and services outclass expensive ones all the time.

Linux for example completely free, and for a lot of people and a lot of purposes Linux is the best thing over OSX and also Windows. You know Ms might be running Linux on their servers, not that I know, but that isnt too unlikely and would be hilarious lol.
MizTv  +   1112d ago
Live is one giant ripoff to get your money
AngelicIceDiamond  +   1112d ago
In terms of consumer value I agree its way better. The only thing XBL is missing is more value for its consumers, that' pretty much it.
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GribbleGrunger  +   1112d ago
For me it comes down to one very simple question: Do I want cross game chat or do I want 44 free games a year for my Ps4 or/and 30+ games a year for my Vita (for a slightly cheaper price)?

Another aspect of PS+ that no one seems to mention is 'traffic'. Because PS+ is updated weekly, Sony can offer bargains and price cuts, comfortable in the knowledge that ALL PS+ members are likely to see them. Sony have a way of bringing customers into the store on a weekly basis. Live doesn't offer that for MS. Once you've paid for the service you don't really have to bother with the store ever again. Of course some will, but it's not guaranteed.

From a customer perspective, PS+ offers better value and from a company perspective PS+ offers better exposure. This MUST be one of the reasons many devs are supporting it with 3rd party games. For instance, since I've joined I've bought six PSN games and five DLC packs for various games ... how many had I bought previously? NONE.

Sony could further improve the amount of traffic on PS+ by offering an instant movie collection, which would run on a different day and offer 2 or 3 new movies every month. An instant music collection for Singstar is also something they could do. If Sony can get people logging in two or three times a week then buying habits would improve, as would support from 3rd parties.
#9 (Edited 1112d ago ) | Agree(23) | Disagree(5) | Report | Reply
maniacmayhem  +   1112d ago
"Sony have a way of bringing customers into the store on a weekly basis. Live doesn't offer that for MS. Once you've paid for the service you don't really have to bother with the store ever again."

I don't understand this statement right here. The main complaint some people have here is that MS bombards you with ads what those people fail to realize are those ads are for actual deals, events, games that are actually featured in/on the Xbox store.

That is one of the reasons I prefer Live, because it reminds me of games that have come out that I might of missed before. The marketplace and all it has to offer is right there on start up. The UI on PS3 it seems it is an after thought.
GribbleGrunger  +   1112d ago | Well said
First off, adverts on LIVE are just that, 'adverts'. Yes they may encourage some people to have a look but they are JUST adverts to promote a visit to the store. PS+ IS actually going into the store. That's what the service requires. People are in the store for the free games and the bargains. They're not enticed, they're committed to what they've paid for.

Secondly, 99% of all LIVE users say that they don't mind the adverts on LIVE because they just ignore them. Now we can argue this all day. It could be that they're lying or it could be that they're telling the truth. Either way, the fact that they even say that shows the 'intent' of PS+ does not exist with adverts on LIVE.

People see LIVE as an online service, while PSN is a store. There is a world of difference between these two definitions. The former creates a user, the latter creates a consumer.
#9.1.1 (Edited 1112d ago ) | Agree(21) | Disagree(4) | Report
MikeMyers  +   1111d ago
GribbleGrunger, you are marginalizing the whole point of advertising due to one key point, you support Sony much more than Microsoft. What that means if your whole outlook is biased to begin with. Both services have the ability to buy things. So what you need to do is provide charts of each service and split the revenue which includes memberships and things bought through each store. Both services create consumers because at the end of the day each one has a unified account that links the user with the ability to buy things.

So whether you are paying for Xbox Live Gold or PS+ or just a Xbox Live Silver member and not a PS+ member you are still a potential consumer. All have access to buy DLC, movies, music and other things to buy. Since many XBLA games sell well that just proves that not every Live member is there just to play online. They, much like those who use PS, are consumers as well.
Oh_Yeah  +   1111d ago
Sony does have an instant movie collection... Crackle. You don't even have to be a member of plus to get that app... On 360 you have to have gold though to access it lol. MS are some swindlers straight up.
Bathyj  +   1112d ago
The reason I dont have PS+ is because I always have all those free games already so theyre really useless to me. If I was starting from scratch then I would probably get it.
shinrock  +   1111d ago
psn+ would be the bomb FOR ME if you could pick any game from the ps4 libary,not just the ones they put up.
StrongMan  +   1112d ago
Very true. PSN is miles ahead of XBL. Never understood how people pay for Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.
Belking  +   1112d ago
XBL is definitely the true entertainment package. PSN is great in that you get free games but I still prefer live functionality overall. It's more unified,faster, and the layout is just better.
ArronC07  +   1112d ago
This such crap, DVD/Blu-Ray and CD albums still dwarf digital equivalents by a wide margin over 12 years since MP3 first came on the scene. Thankfully physical isn't going anywhere.
FunAndGun  +   1112d ago
I definitely agree with you that physical media is not going anywhere soon, but in 2011, digital music sales out performed physical sales for the first time ever by a very small margin. That margin also has increased for 2012.
ArronC07  +   1112d ago
Recheck album sales.
FunAndGun  +   1111d ago
well yeah, but you MUST buy a whole album while you can buy individual digital songs.

It is not surprising physical albums are holding their own against digital albums. Most people don't buy full digital albums, they just buy the songs they like because they have that option.

Again, I agree with you. Physical will be around for awhile. You can't deny however that digital IS the future as much as I don't like it.
#13.2 (Edited 1111d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ArronC07  +   1111d ago
Its A future, not the only future and thats a massive difference.
M2-  +   1112d ago
dubt72  +   1112d ago
I couldn't understand the main point of this story. Can you tell me over cross-game chat?
BitbyDeath  +   1112d ago
So you got a Vita?
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lodossrage  +   1111d ago
Nice one lol.
saint_seya  +   1112d ago
for 50$ per year i could explain u.. i know ull pay for it =)
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1112d ago
Just felt the need to post this again. I will continue to post this in every time I see one of these made for hits articles. :(

I got rid of Live Gold about five years ago. Since then I have played completely online with my PS3 because I feel playing online should be free; no ifs, ands or buts.

With that said, I feel Live Gold ran better. I was never disconnected from it, while I have lost count of the number of times I have been disconnected from PSN to this day. The updates are also a pain on PSN.

Since becoming a PS+ member midway last year, I could not be happier with the amount of content I get access to for subscribing to the service. I know some will say it is not free. To that I ask, what does MS give to Gold members, access to features that should be free like Netflix? I'll wait.

Bottom line for me:
Xbox 360 and Live Gold = Better Service for multiplayer on consoles.
PS3 and PS+ = Best overall value in consoles.
grayfoxx881  +   1112d ago
Were you using wifi for your PS3 connection? I have a fat boy 60 gig, and I was being dropped consistently from Killzone 3 multiplayer when using the system's wifi. I switched to a wired connection and have not had any problems since.
TheRealHeisenberg  +   1111d ago
I use both wired and WiFi. My fat PS3 is wired straight to my router and my PS3 Slim connects via WiFi. My 360s also are connected via WiFi.
DigitalRaptor  +   1112d ago
There is no doubt that Xbox Live Gold is a better service than PS3's basic PSN in terms of reliability, cohesion and a couple of much requested features. Where the article holds true for me is the difference in strategies of the two companies. One charges you, no scratch that... forces you to pay if you want to play your games how the developer intended. The other offers a huge value service as an option in PS+ and let's you jump online for free - and that is where the difference begins to expand in favour of PSN, especially going into the next generation.

And again, what Microsoft does by forcing basic online play into a premium package is try and sell you things that other platforms provide and rightly so (for free). I've not even mentioned Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Netflix, but you know the deal with that.

Remember guys, basic online play is provided by P2P connectivity. It costs Microsoft nothing for that, yet they charge you to gain access to half the games you own that use this P2P technology. Why? Because they know that most people only pay because they want to be able to play their purchased games online, not because they recognize a superior service. Steam is a superior service and is free. Wake up or at least acknowledge this, and Microsoft will be closer to giving you guys any sort of choice.
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phantomexe  +   1112d ago
Ataris online is way better........
Max-Zorin  +   1112d ago
Do we really have to discuss the obvious again?
sdplisken  +   1112d ago
sony getting gaikai is gonna make ps plus frickin insane next gen!!!!

have fun paying for ads xbox fans!!!!!
Karpetburnz  +   1112d ago
XBL gamers always say "You get what you pay for" But what do you get exactly that is worth the money apart from Cross game chat?

I would rather get for 44 free games a year than have cross game chat.

90% of all features on XBL Gold should be available on XBL Silver (free version), but No! Microsoft is ripping people off, Why should you have to pay for Online gaming and all social networking apps including Facebook, Twitter and Youtube on XBL? You get all that with the FREE version of PSN.

PSN(FREE)> XBL Silver.

PS+ > XBL Gold.
kingPoS  +   1112d ago
I use my ps3 as media device. At any given time I'll play a game on disc or from the hard drive, watch a video via disc, internet, HDD or USB. Sometimes I even use the browser for extended periods and download mp3's the occasional pic or a few dozen youtubes videos.

Did I forget to mention that I'm an early psn+ member.
Or that I've been spoiled from it's continuing services.
Can you believe I used to think 320gb was enough back in 2009.
I can only hope that a 1tb hold me over for few more years.
I almost forgot about music unlimited, It's another service I've been spoiled to. Phone
ps3 pc vita it doesn't matter where I'm at, I'll always have some music to listen to.
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TheObserver  +   1111d ago
Of course PSN+ and PSN Free is better. I am mainly a Steam person, but the answer is obvious. By Xbros logic, XBL is also better than Steam, since Steam is a free service and you get what you pay for. Steam also give you Free 2 Play stuff all the time. I logged hundred of hours into mods, free updates, free DLCs. I also got Portal #1 for FREE, just a few examples of a crappy FREE service that is Steam. Also, recently I discovered that Steam have in effect given me L4D #1 for free since L4D2 and #1 have been combined. Steam sales is also a huge bargain. Anyone with a brain should have seen the glaring problem with being FORCED to pay to play multi-player 10 years ago.
DiRtY  +   1111d ago
Sony failed to monetize PSN. That is the true story behind it.

And where is the big advantage PSN has these days? Getting old games for a yearly fee of $50 I could buy from ebay for $5... Awesome... really awesome.

Wasn't PSN down last weekend? Unexpectedly?

People praise Sony for buying Gaikai for 380 million USD, while the much bigger and advanced Service onlive was sold for 8 million. And it has way more patents of course.

I think XBL will continue to be one of the best selling points next generation. Their streaming offerings is by far the best in this industry, dozens of Apps, Live TV, Smartglass, Voice Control for your TV way better game selection for XBLA, indie games, more DLC etc.

And MS makes 1 billion USD just with the fees. This money can and will be used for reducing the price tag early on. This is money Sony does not have and might give them a pretty big disadvantage. Once Xbox conquered one market, it is more likely to keep this userbase, because of XBL. Something Sony failed to do with the PS2 to PS3 jump.

I bet Sony will sell less PS4s in NA than they did with the PS3.
o-Sunny-o   1111d ago | Trolling | show
TurkishKIng  +   1111d ago
I think it's great for us users to have a choice, agreed!

As an easy to use and fast service with community support at the core I appreciate Xbox-Live more than anything else outthere, owned twice Ps3, tried psn and sold them after a couple of weeks. Psn still is way behind Live imo.

It's mostly about how you want to play. I am an online player for the most part thats why I choose Live. I don't have the need to play 10s or 100's of games even if they are cheap, got more than 500+ demos on Live which I don't even have the time to try it out.

One solid game with great online support is more than enough to keep me and all my friends happy for hunderets of hours.

But as I said, it's good to have choices.
FrigidDARKNESS  +   1111d ago
This article is laughable...i pwn both consoles and psn is definitely inferior to xbl.
chobit_A5HL3Y  +   1111d ago
false. it's subjective. depends on what an individual is looking for in each service :]
TechOne  +   1111d ago
I'm still waiting for party chat on my ps3...
dazzrazz  +   1111d ago
Good luck waiting ! Sony already sad it won't happen due to lack of main memory
sitharrefus  +   1111d ago
It is great but lacks features, Party Chat? i want to chat with friends while playing different games!
Qrphe  +   1111d ago
We're never getting this. Unlike the Vita and 360, there is not extra allocated ram in the PS3 that can be used for something like this while running a game blackboxed from it.
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