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1.0.616.4 update now available for Rise of the Tomb Raider on Steam

4m ago - Crystal Dynamics has announced that the second PC patch for Rise of the Tomb Raider is now ready... | PC

Phil Spencer Just Bitch Slapped Those Gamers That Have A Serious Case Of The Wah Wah Wahs

6m ago - "What is it about Xbox One gamers? For some reason they just love to whine – and I should know, I... | Xbox 360

Guess N4G Game of the Year Winners, win a $300 Amazon Gift Card

Now - Also enter for a chance to win a gift card for writing a user blog, writing a user review, or being a top contributor for the month. | Promoted post

Team 17´s “The Escapists” celebrates it´s first birthday with a free map

26m ago - Team 17 and Mouldy Toof Studios celebrates "The Escapists" first birthday with a brand-new map c... | PC

With modern day shooters fading away, was I.S Defense inevitable?

28m ago - Joe from GamersFTW writes : "So it’s come to this, has it? After all of this years, this is what... | PC

Heavy Rain PS4 will cost £7.99 if you've already bought Beyond: Two Souls

37m ago - PlayStation users who have already bought the PS4 version of Beyond: Two Souls will be able to do... | PS4