Crysis 3 Will be Available on the PlayStation Network as a Day 1 Digital Title

PSLS: To continue our Crysis 3 news coverage, that started earlier today with the announcement that a multiplayer beta dates, PSLS can confirm that it will also be a Day 1 Digital title on the PlayStation Network, after we contacted EA.

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doctorstrange1461d ago

This is gonna be one hell of a large dl, I bet

TrendyGamers1461d ago

I'm expecting somewhere in the 10-15GB range.

doctorstrange1461d ago

Yeesh, and I thought my 750 would last me!

Foolsjoker1461d ago

Well Ni No Kuni was also pretty big, so I think this will be something to get used to as we move forward.

TrendyGamers1461d ago

Gotta upgrade the hard drive then!

T3mpr1x1461d ago

I'm still pretty surprised that this game is releasing on current-gen consoles...Then again with EA publishing I'm surprised it's not releasing on the PSP and Java-based phones!

nugnugs1461d ago

I bet it will be reasonably priced.
People must be out of their mind paying the prices charged on the PS store. Discounted. Fine.
50% mark up on a retail version. Mental.

doctorstrange1461d ago

I'm just glad that it's on there, because that eventually means PS+

ftwrthtx1461d ago

Too much to download IMO. I still prefer disc based storage.

knifefight1461d ago

Yeah I'm getting the physical version of this, I think.