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Sony Explains Why The Last of Us Post-Pandemic Edition is GameStop and USA Exclusive

Yesterday we broke the story about The Last of Us Survival Edition being available when the game launches on May 7th, then shortly after that, a Post-Pandemic Edition was also announced for $160, exclusively at GameStop USA. Ouch.
-PSLS (PS3, The Last Of Us)

doctorstrange  +   697d ago
Because they're meanies.
Root  +   697d ago
Pretty much...however

"“it’s actually up to each territory (country) to decide which editions they will carry.”"

Bull crap

I got a reponse from someone who works at ND on the PS europe blog

"Many factors come into play when making these editions. There might be opportunities for everyone to get the contents of the editions in other countries via promos and contests in the future."

What factors though, see how they don't actually answer the question. ND are saying it's not up to them, while SCEE says it's up to ND aswell because ND have to approve it.

I'm going to keep moaning and I hope other people do aswell. I'm a fan of ND and a fan of the Last of Us, I want that Post-Pandemic Edition

Bring it to Europe Sony, I'm sick of us being treat like crap

I love how he said though

"promos and contests in the future"

Oh yes because waiting until after release and counting on luck to win our self one is such a good idea.....morons. Thats a slap to the face in my opinion. I want to pre order one now for launch
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calis  +   697d ago
Keyword in your paranoid blabbering is "might".

There MIGHT be opportunities
pixelsword  +   697d ago
Sony puts the special edition exclusively in the store that gamers generally hate and in the region where the XboX is kicking it's butt.

Way to have your finger on the pulse of gaming, Sony; I see why you have to fire your marketing staff every few years.
dboyc310  +   697d ago
So basically the 160$ is for the statue and the multiplayer perks? Then the rest is the same as the survival edition?
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Basically lol, There's no Art book in the post-pandemic edition either. The Statue according to Sony is $200 alone. So this edition is a steal at $160. I'm proud to say i pre-ordered my edition already :D
majiebeast  +   697d ago
I wanted this edition in europe figurines are a must for me when i buy a CE,LE.
rrquinta  +   697d ago
Gamestop often gets exclusive items and CE's, so this isn't really such a big surprise. And it isn't uncommon for Europe to get different CE's than the US, either.
Root  +   697d ago
" And it isn't uncommon for Europe to get different CE's than the US, either."

The real problem is though that most of the time we get worse, dumbed down editions.

Once in a blue moon we get a better edition

I mean it's the last of us, one of the most anticipated games this year. Why not have this available to everyone


Oh I didn't say you did, I was just saying


"brokered deal with Gamestop, and as part of it they got exclusivity, which meant limiting it to NA."

If thats the case then Gamestop UK would of had it
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rrquinta  +   697d ago
I didn't say better/worse, just different.

As for the "real" reason "why"? My guess is it was a brokered deal with Gamestop, and as part of it they got exclusivity, which meant limiting it to NA.
OptimisticPrime  +   697d ago
Europe get better ones sometimes. Right off the bat I think of dark souls. Europe got a SWEET CE that we didn't. It's back and forth.
TrendyGamers  +   697d ago
I'm happy with just the regular edition, the game is all I want.
iamnsuperman  +   697d ago
I agree. I never understood the dust collectors you get with these packs. There not really collector items as the sell quite a lot of them. I would understand if only a 100 were made
rainslacker  +   697d ago
Collector implies that it has collectable stuff to go along with it. What your referring to is "Limited" editions, which are often not that limited. Still kicking myself over not pre-ordering Ni No Kuni Limited edition, as it was actually limited.:(
dbjj12088  +   697d ago
I live in the US, but I know the feeling. Assassin's creed always has better Euro special editions.
N311V  +   697d ago
In Australia we get the Euro editions and I've noticed the same thing. Apart from Assassin's Creed (which USA usually gets the less exciting versions) the differences are minor. Such a shame, I would have really liked that statue.
Y_5150  +   697d ago
Australia had the best Uncharted 3 edition.
Enemy  +   697d ago
Come on, it's $160. I'm going with the Survival Edition, thanks.
DeletedAcc  +   697d ago
I'm fine with the eu joel edition lol
BlmThug  +   697d ago
I may pick up the £60 version :D If not, then it's a certainty that the regular edition will be pre-ordered. GOW: A may be pre-ordered too, after I buy the GOW Saga :D Great time to be a PS3 gamer
ajax17  +   697d ago
Great now some douche bag is going to buy 100 of them and try to sell them for like $500+ each on ebay... damn it.
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th3n00bg4m3r  +   697d ago
So, basically it's because Sony is ridiculously stupid and greedy and they don't give a F#CK about non-American fans and apparently most of their fans are non-Americans. Boy, I was really counting on this one, but I am really mad right after Sony's stupid decision. Just as I loved Sony before, I seriously hate them right now.
Elwenil  +   697d ago
That's probably the most immature thing I have ever read on N4G, and that's saying something.
th3n00bg4m3r  +   697d ago
And why is it?
Elwenil  +   697d ago
Mainly because you are lashing out like a 3 year old. You loved Sony but because they made an exclusive deal with a retailer you now hate them? Seriously? You do realize that this stuff happens all the time, don't you? Hell, look at Microsoft. Half of their games have some sort of exclusivity deal on them for one reason or another. Why? Because it's good business. Do you think Sony reached out to Gamestop and asked them if they would take an exclusive deal? More than likely Gamestop made the deal and Sony saw it as an opportunity.

But instead of it being good business to you, you see it as some sort of personal insult. Sony's campaign to slight the N4G poster known as "th3n00bg4m3r". That must be why they lost so much money before, they spent it all trying to make your life hell. SMH.

It's a marketing decision, get over it. There will be other exclusives, other offers. Almost every game release or PSN release we see there is someone in the US complaining that Europe got something they didn't or someone in Europe complaining that the US got something they didn't. It's all just a marketing ploy. And you buy it hook, line and sinker and kick and scream for more when you don't get your way. Grow up. It's a game. Buy it, play it, enjoy it. All the extra stuff is just going to sit around and collect dust anyway.
Enemy  +   697d ago
I'm pretty sure you could import this if you really wanted it.
th3n00bg4m3r  +   697d ago
Yes, I will import it, but it will cost me double the amount of what it would have costed me if it was released in Europe.
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Clover904  +   697d ago
The post Pandemic edition is so expensive! I'm sure the the quality of the statue will be amazing, which makes me feel that Sony KNOWS that they have one hell of a game on their hands. I can't wait. Ill be purchasing the Survival edition for the full size art book. It'll look great next to my Metal Gear art book :)
Alcohog  +   697d ago
Ebay.uk here I come!
Freddy_Millz1  +   697d ago
US didnt get the collectors edition of Far Cry 3 and i was pretty upset about that. Its all up to the developers on what country gets what. More often times then any, We are left out of the loop for lots of stuff.

Its not up to us, its the boys in the studios who get the final word.
DarkBlood  +   697d ago
so canada isnt getting this MOTHER #@#$@#$@#$ lol oh well survival edition it is
SpecialK  +   697d ago
Ive never bought a special edition game.

I know what would happen if i got one of those figurines ive tried friends before, I pay with then for 5 mins, realize id rather be playing the game and then I dont care.

I think theyd all end up in the bin with me, theres not really even any re sale value either...
ShaunCameron  +   697d ago
I'm Canadian and I say the Survival Edition suffices. LOL @ Mexico getting nada. Oops! I forgot that North America is really just Canada and the United States.
febreeze1  +   695d ago
In canada they call the survival edition, limited edition... idk why. I pre-ordered yesterday.
tommygunzII  +   697d ago
It's because they think American's will buy anything, take Xbox for example. :D
Campy da Camper  +   697d ago
I just want the damn game. Could care less about man dolls.
banjadude  +   697d ago
Dear Lord, the Post-Pandemic edition is already sold out on Gamestop. I can't import now! :(
Unknown_Soldier  +   697d ago
Does anyone think that is still enough time to pre order the post pandemic edition? I'm gonna try tomorrow.
black911  +   697d ago
Timed Exclusive????

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