New Details on 360 Failure Rates Report

A few weeks ago 1UP reported that warranty service SquareTrade had compiled its console system warranties to arrive at a 16.4% failure rate for Xbox 360 systems. Today, 1UP got more details on the statistical breakdown. Put on your pocket protectors, kids: it's time for some math.

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Silellak3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

So, in other words, this was a really awful survey that told us absolutely nothing for a couple of reasons:

1) It only counted 360's returned through a certain warranty company - not one sent directly to Microsoft
2) It only tracks up to 10 months after the warranty purchase. Many consoles will fail AFTER this period of time

I always thought that the 16.4% failure rate sounded incredibly low, and now I know why. Most people who get a RRoD are going to contact Microsoft directly due to their 3-year warranty on the issue. This theory is furthered by the article mentioning that only "60%" of the failures were the RRoD, and the rest were "disc read errors, video card failures, hard drive freezes, power issues, and disc tray malfunctions." Clearly, overall, more than 60% of the 360 failures are RRoD related. This means that if all, or even most, people with this warranty who got the RRoD were going through the company (instead of through Microsoft) then the percentage would be far higher than 60%.

I'm not sure if anyone could follow that little mini-rant, but the bottom line is that the survey is next-to worthless, and that the failure rate is almost certainly closer to the original 33% estimate at a MINIMUM. My guess is that it's much higher - there's one or more designs flaw that *will* cause a RRoD in all 360's, given enough time.

Say what you will about the PS2 RDE days, but it's nothing compared to this. Nothing. A billion dollar company with the size and resources of Microsoft should never, ever release a product this faulty - and that's the bottom line.

It's a huge, ugly stain on what would otherwise be a very solid console. You should never have to tell a friend "Well, I'd recommend this game console, but, uh, it will probably die before you have it for a year. I mean, they'll fix it for free, but still..."

Such a shame.

gamesR4fun3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

this is only a small percent of the actual number and ya its a great console just wish they had built it to last...
that and free online for the love of god.... ;) and a standard hd i mean after the original had one wth?!!!

Douchebaggery3941d ago

Funny thing is if I was to make a survey out of the people I know it would be 17 out of 17 (including myself), so 100% failure rate.

Silellak3941d ago

Yeah, as I've said before and stand by, the two big mistakes MS made with the 360 were the RRoD and the lack of a standardized HD in all models.

They took one of the few things the original XBox did right and "corrected" it. It's a shame, because they really did fix most of their other mistakes from their first attempt at joining the console world.

Silellak3941d ago

It's sad, but entirely believable. Most of my friends aren't into gaming, but of the few I know who own 360's, all of theirs have died, my own included. I think I know one person online whose hasn't yet.

Actually, now that I think about it, there are two friends of mine whose 360 hasn't died, but he just got them in November and December, so that doesn't really count.

MikeGdaGod3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

i'm a big sony supporter, i've had to replace 2 360s, but enough is enough!

everyone knows the 360 is the most unreliable system ever built. we know that, everyone knows that. we all know MS lied about the failure rates, what do you expect them to say?

why do we have to keep reading the same thing over and over? if people are foolish enough to keep buying and putting money into a faulty system, let them.

i'm tired of reading about how everyones 360 breaks down. MS doesn't care and neither do i. i want to hear about games, not the % of broken 360s. i already know how many........alot.

sorry for the rant

Deadlyhifi3941d ago

I agree, it is a shame. Mine has died once, my friends has died twice and another friends has died once. However it's only a couple of weeks without it until it comes back fixed again.

I don't think the RROD is adding to sales figures though as people speculate. I can't see that many people just buying another without getting Microsoft to do something about it first?? Maybe I'm wrong...

Anego Montoya FTMFW3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

i disagree.

lots of people aren`t aware of the seriousness of these problems.

the more the better, this problem need to STOP someway,somehow.

and this kinda of MEDIA attention is the only way, since MSFT won`t write it on the box.

2nd thought.

MSFT should be FORCED to write something on the box about it, at this point.

TheTwelve3941d ago

Such a post is worthy of bubbles. Here you go.


MikeGdaGod3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

i know, but i've put the 360 behind me. i enjoyed a few games, and enjoyed the features i offers. but i refuse to put up with this bs. i won't get another until this is completely resolved, and maybe never.

i don't think anything short of the government or better business bureau mandating a 360 recall will make MS move their feet on this issue.

they're already planning for the 720 or whatever. its a done deal and i plan on doing most of my gaming on PS3 and PSP for the next few years.

rawg3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

The methodology used for the survey makes the results useless. I'm sure if they'd published these facts with the original 16% number no one would have taken them seriously.


wil4hire3941d ago

Agreed. + bubbles.

But, MS has nothing to gain from releasing RROD#'s. There is no big problem because most of the gaming community knows.

However MS is trying to package their 360 as a Living room media center that can easily make C++ games. They are only going to bite themselves harder in the ass for this. No one in their right mind is going to keep a 360 on All Day and night to watch tv/movies/games/design own games. Once MS really pushes its side-non-gaming projects, we are going to see results from the massive number of RROD's from people outside of the die-hard gaming community.

Its the 900 pound gorilla in the room that Microsoft should have fixed at the end of 07. I hate that as an American, MS is the biggest contender for gaming, and its embarrassing that we cant overcome the low quality stigma of American products.

TwissT3941d ago

It is such a shame that will all the money Microsoft has the basically the only thing they did was extend the warranty, it is such a shame indeed.

mikeslemonade3941d ago

Looks like a very ambitious project and if done right this will be the PS3's more exciting version of Fable 2 and Alan Wake. And no wonder this game has been under wraps for a long time and this would be a nice surprise for late 2008.

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Douchebaggery3941d ago

The fact is only MS knows the real numbers and it's in their best interest to keep people in the dark.

OC Shock Value3941d ago

Absolutely True..

I have ONE friend whose 360 didnt break yet.. He calls himself "The Soul Survivor" I think that shyts pretty damn funny.. But he will soon meet his awaiting Doom.. plus he got it used

Tru_Blu3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

I went through 3, then sold it to my bro for 150. Mallard5000 for those who doubt. Got all the achivements from Oblivion and had some from NHL 07 and COD3. I rented COD2 also so should have some from that. Although that made me buy that POS COD3, so I'm not proud of those.

Never again MS, Never again

eagle213941d ago

I know it's 2008 for Sony and

heyheyhey3941d ago

man when that 3-year warranty ends people are screwed

i refuse to buy a 360 until the failure rate is at 3% MAXIMUM

sort it out M$- your losing customers thick and fast like this

Anego Montoya FTMFW3941d ago

can get 360s for $100 thats the only way i`d get one in the near future.

i`ve given MSFT my $$$, i won`t happen again at retail.

EZCheez3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

That mine did break within four days of puchase. That way I never really got my hopes up, and it saved me the time of trying to send it in for repair.

LJWooly3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

I don't think people are actually relising how ridiculous the failure rate is. Seriously, how the hell are Microsoft getting away with this? The PS3 and Wii both have failure rates well within 1%, but the 360? Oh, man. I thought consumers would have learned enough by now to not buy second-rate hardware, but obviously not. Well, more fool them. I no longer own a 360, so I no longer have to worry about my console crapping out on me whenever I play it.

EDIT: I just realised I called myself a fool, since I bought a 360. Ah, nevermind.