SEGA purchases Relic Entertainment

Well, it has happened, SEGA has now officially bought Relic Entertainment and the rights to the Company of Heroes franchise. A Relic employee has just confirmed it. What does this mean for Relic and everyone’s favorite WWII RTS? Probably not a whole lot at the moment. Most likely this will simply result in a quick, painless re-branding of the studio, allowing them to continue work on Company Of Heroes 2 right off the bat.

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majiebeast1647d ago (Edited 1647d ago )

I hoped this would happen say what you want about sega, but the rts they publish are really good, just look at the total war series. Lets hope the other thq studio's found a good new home. R.I.P THQ. Who knows they might revive 40k Dark millenium the mmo is was looking forward to because of the IP.

NYC_Gamer1647d ago

Sega is the perfect choice for Relic

EddieNX 1646d ago

Dawn of War is my favorite PC game. In paticular DOW Dark crusade , I still play that game today. I don't like the Soul storm Expansion I deleted that cus it just shits the game up.

Dark crusade is My favorite RTS. DOW 2 is good but needs base building man....

nukeitall1646d ago


My favorite PC game is StarCraft after C&C took a dump, but Dawn of War is freaken awesome!

banjadude1646d ago

They also publish the fantastic Total War (another RTS juggernaut) series!

RuperttheBear1647d ago

Yeah Sega is a great home for Relic. The Company of Heroes franchise is safe, which was one of the games I was worried about when THQ went down the tubes.

ML_Paladin8881646d ago

dark millenium wasnt a relic title, it was vigil's project.

Reborn1647d ago

In terms of Relic.. Sega makes a perfect place for them to be.

Good luck.

Quadraxis1647d ago

The entire situation with THQ is a shame, but on the bright side, Sega was perhaps the best publisher available for Relic.

FarCryLover1821647d ago

SEGA just got one great deal.

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The story is too old to be commented.