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Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - Suit Overview Trailer

Utilize Blade Mode to strategically cut through enemies, deflect bullets using Ninja Run and get the drop on your enemies by using your Enhanced AR (Augmented Reality).

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Wrong source You should know have submitted here enough.
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Kennesu1489d ago

I played the demo and i didnt like it maybe its because im drunk...gonna give it another try tomorrow.

Clover9041489d ago


The game is great! Ill admit, I liked it more the second go 'round. The more you get used to the controls, the better the game is. I was pulling off a lot of parries and slow mo sword kills the second time.

jeremyj29131489d ago

Pre order paid off! I'm waiting...sigh

DEEBO1489d ago

THIS GAME IS SO HARD BUT I LOVE IT!it moves so fast,they really made raiden character just like son likes the action approach more then stealth but raiden can do both.maybe they can make snake into a cybernetic soldier? just a thought.

arivera30001489d ago

This game sucks. I've played the demo drunk and sober it doesn't matter. I has alot of potential but fails horribly.