Oddworld: SW HD Vita will be 25% off on PS+, Free PS Vita Game Likely Coming on Tuesday

Though it managed to finish in 2nd place during the December 2012 PSN sales charts, there’s likely quite a few of you who haven’t bought Just Add Water’s PlayStation Vita port of Oddworld: Stranger’s Wrath HD. Luckily, PlayStation Plus members will be getting a 25% discount very soon.

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TrendyGamers1789d ago

Very tempting to get Oddworld at 25% off!

dbjj120881789d ago

I don't want to buy it again. Already have it on ps3. I wish they'd just let us download to Vita for free.

ScubaSteve11789d ago

wait you have to buy it again just to play it on the vita?

TrendyGamers1789d ago

Yeah, it isn't a Cross Buy title.

MasterCornholio1789d ago

It should have been a cross buy title. Hopefully with New and Tasty it will be a cross buy title.

Ult iMate1789d ago

I think it will eventually be free for PS+ members.
I have this game on PS3, but bought it for Vita (just loved the game).

ScubaSteve11789d ago

@ trendygamers
-_- thats a low blow right there

E2S1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )

what will the free game be? I'm gonna guess MK or Marvel vs Capcom.

8bitHero1789d ago

I'm also guessing MK as well(which i already own), but knowing the US ps+ itll most likely be some random psn title.

cpayne931789d ago

We need a good free Vita game, there hasn't been any good additions since ps+ on Vita started.

Clover9041789d ago

To be fair Sony went all out for the vita PS+ launch.

FragGen1789d ago (Edited 1789d ago )


And, also to be even more fair, the Vita library being much smaller than the PS3's probably makes it much more difficult to add/select more AAA titles. Sony wouldn't want to give away a substantial proportion of them or some owners might just hold off on buying new software releases hoping for free versions or deep discounts which could create a bad dynamic in the already tenuous Vita software market...

Personally, I think it'd be cool if they hit an old premium PSP title or two like GoW, MGS:PW or GTA (all of which I own on UMD but not downloads). PSP games play well on Vita.

Or one of the top tier PS1 classics like Castlevania or FF7 would be cool.

Then the old school PSP holdout folks could share some collateral PS+ love, too as an added bonus.

cpayne931789d ago

That's true, the launch was awesome and completely worth getting a Vita for. Still though we're due for a new worthwile addition for Vita's ps+.

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