Where In The World Is: Final Fantasy Type-0?

In 2011, Square-Enix has released Final Fantasy Type-0. Many fans have waited excitedly to get to play it, but unfortunately the game has still not been localized. An article exploring the localization process of games, the status of Final Fantasy Type-0 localization and all the problems that are currently preventing it from coming over, and a future forecast on the issue.

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Snookies121822d ago

Where in the world? Japan.

MaideninBlack1822d ago

That's what I was going to say, lol.

TongkatAli1822d ago

FF type 0 is the new Carmen Sandiego.

Godmars2901822d ago

The real sign that S/E doesn't know what its doing.

That or they don't want to put it out on the PSP in the US.

ayabrea931822d ago

just localise it and put it on vita.

ScubaSteve11822d ago

square enix doesn't want any more money

majiebeast1822d ago

Square enix doesnt like money instead you get junk like final fantasy all the bravest.

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