Why EA Will Prevail and Acquire Take-Two

by James Brightman:

"Why EA Will Win:
In its SEC filing on February 15, Take-Two's board adopted an amended by law that provides that nominations for the Take-Two board of directors must be submitted by February 25. We believe that EA will keep its options open, and will nominate a slate of directors to be approved by shareholders at Take-Two's annual meeting, expected some time before June 30. In our view, EA has likely purchased some Take-Two stock on the open market, and we believe that EA management is speaking with Take-Two investors this week to convince them that the EA offer is a fair one".

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DeckUKold3920d ago

GTA will be SH!T if EA buys T2.

Tempist3920d ago

I completely don't like this article. All it pretty much goes over is money, money, money. They entirely ignore the end product, ie the games, and say that EA wants to save money, Monopolise the gaming industry to an extent and Take Two should just lie down and roll over at EA's call.

I can't take the writer seriously, or those who are offering up their advise. The article only helps to set the idea that 'should you not be able to compete, buy the competition and not make progression'.