THQ auction rumours: Relic to Sega, Volition/Saints Row to Koch, South Park to Ubisoft

Sega is apparently the high bidder for developer Relic Entertainment and its games in the THQ asset auction.

The high bidder for Saints Row developer Volition is apparently Koch Media, parent company of Deep Silver (Dead Island). And the high bidder for Obsidian's South Park RPG is said to be David Dickinson, er, I mean Ubisoft.

This is not official yet. The auction is off-limits to most people. The scraps of evidence come from those apparently close enough to know what's going on.

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Dark_Overlord1764d ago

Only a few hours left till we should hear who buys what :)

Lucreto1764d ago

I know it will be interesting. I hope Activison don't get Darksiders. If any it should be EA buy that is the last person on the list though.

Sony or Ubi would be my choice.

Ezz20131764d ago

agreed i hope sony take darksiders

adorie1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Sony should snatch Darksiders. I'd love to see what their top end first parties do with such a promising franchise. I'd also like them to port it to PC, if possible. Expand your business model, Sony!

ML_Paladin8881764d ago

both darksiders are already on PC. you can find them on steam.

adorie1764d ago

I have the 2nd one on PC, but what I mean is, if they got the IP, they could still make it available on Steam, or something like that. (GoG, etc?)

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IAMERROR1764d ago

idk why but I'm excited to see what happens lol

Gothdom1764d ago

I'd say it's because we all love one or 2 of their games. I personally love Darksiders and can't wait to know what happens to Vigil.

I haven't had time to try any saints row yet and only hear good things about it. I'm curious as to know who gets Saints row.

Finally, I know it's to early to know, but I hope some of the buyers make statements as to the future of those franchises.

RickHiggity1764d ago

Because some damn good IPs might get bought by some damn good publishers.

Root1764d ago

Just a few hours....good


Koch....Saints Row....Come on

NYC_Gamer1764d ago

Sega is the perfect fit Relic in my opinion

Dark_Overlord1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Especially now they have the Warhammer license too :)

EDIT - Although I never realised SEGA had so much disposable cash

RuleofOne343 1764d ago

Don't think your the only one to find out Sega had cash like that, I thought they were broke.

NYC_Gamer1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Sega profit comes from

2)Total War games
3)Football Manager

Root1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )

Wern't they in trouble not many months ago....

So let me get this straight they can buy Relic BUT they don't want to publish Bayonetta 2



Yeah because they had money troubles as well at the time, they could of published it and took a chance but they didn't.

Now they are buying a STUDIO...not a game a full studio for a ton of money....yeah that makes sense.

Fact is they could of took the chance with B2 if your seeing them now buying a bloody studio

NYC_Gamer1764d ago (Edited 1764d ago )


Sega didn't wanna publish Bayonetta 2 because the first one made them no real profit in return....

Edit:Sega is buying Relic because they know how popular the Company of Heroes Franchise is..Sega could also be in the hunt for the whole Warhammer license..

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matrixman921764d ago

DDinvesting said on twitter that the hearing restarts at 3PM not sure if that means the info will be released then, or they will just continue with proceedings. The hearings first started yesterday at 3 PM

jagstatboy1764d ago

I think 2K should get Darksiders....or Sony.

matrixman921764d ago

if sony, microsoft, or nintendo get any of these will be the franchises doom. We dont need another Bayonetta 2 fiasco

1764d ago
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