Nintendo Silences Wii U Critics…For Now

Nintendo President Satoru Iwata said that today’s episode of Nintendo Direct was going to be monumental, and that he had some major announcements to share with the Nintendo gaming community. By Mario’s mustache did Iwata deliver on his promise, and then some.

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Merrill1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Release dates for any of these, other than Windwaker HD?? No. Game play footage? No. The wait for games will continue for Wii U owners.

Windwaker HD will be pushed into 2014.

Nintendo takes its (blindly)dedicated fanbase for granted and they really deserve to have it bite them in their rears.

Nintendo is making sure they will become a software only company by releasing underwhelming hardware with next to no software support; I don't understand their approach.

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Fierce Musashi1913d ago

Bite them in their rears? Umm, what?

If all that happened today was considered "rear biting", chomp away Nintendo. ;)

Fel081913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

You mad bro?

MattyG1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

Next to no software support? There's 60 retail and 20 downloadable games released or confirmed for it at the moment. The system has been out for all of two months, give it a bit. The 3DS had "next to no software support" and look at it now.

And what basis do you have for saying that Windwaker will be pushed to 2014? None, just a false assumption to futher you asinine point. Jesus, gamers need to stop being so cynical and give consoles more than two months to prove itself.

FriedGoat1913d ago

The 3DS still has nothing I want to play on it, The quality of the 3DS nintendo titles are poor, 3D Land was short and boring and the WORST 3D mario game I have played, Mario Kart didn't even surpass the older DS version in fun. It seems the wiiU is going to take the same route as the 3DS, rush a bunch on popular names out to drive sales.

That being said, I do want Windwaker HD and Bayonetta 2. Its funny really as I sold all 15 of my 3DS games and kept only ocarina of time, It reminds me of what Nintendo used to be like. The good days if you will.

MikeMyers1913d ago

"Jesus, gamers need to stop being so cynical and give consoles more than two months to prove itself."

Well as you can see it all depends on which team you're on. We have seen doom articles on Vita and it's not even been a year yet, I say give it a chance. Same with the Wii U. What is interesting though is how people will advocate for the Vita to be successful but won't for the Wii U or vice-versa.

You will always have your armchair critics. No matter what Sony shows at E3 people will focus on the weak spots. Same with Microsoft and Nintendo. We are already seeing people align themselves before any concrete information of those new systems. We are also seeing people here who are very pessimistic no matter what Nintendo does. As long as people enjoy the systems they have it shouldn't matter what the media or the doubters say.

I thought it was good on Nintendo to be more pro-active in building relationships with fans and potential fans. Having these updates keeps the dialogue and interest going.

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truechainz1913d ago

luckily there are two other systems and current wii U titles that I can play until then. I mean Jesus the man said games need time to improve quality. Taking advantage of their fanbase would come in the form of releasing all those titles unfinished so that they can just get the money. If you don't like it don't buy it.

kirbyu1913d ago


Why are you only discussing old 3DS games? You say they "still have little to no good hardware" and you talk about old games? FAIL!

What about the old days? What did Nintendo do then, they're not doing now?

And, if you think about it, constantly making sequels is a smart move. Because there are people who like sequels and people who are new to the series. So, those games are easier to come up with, and appeal to more people.

DivineAssault 1913d ago

Im not really going to care about any of this right now.. Im too busy with the games that are here & im afraid that Orbis launch will make these games look like childs play.. They already do with the exception of X.. That looks awesome but damn, only one game that looks somewhat mature? smh i guess fans will enjoy paying $60 for windwaker again.. & a yarn yoshi game

kirbyu1913d ago

I have a feeling Yarn Yoshi will be a game for little kids. And, Wind Waker HD, what Zelda fan hasn't asked for that?

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LOL_WUT1913d ago

Maybe for now but by E3 it's going to be a whole different story. Judging with what Nintendo showed off today it looks like they'll be pretty prepared. ;)

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wiiulee1913d ago

i dont know if i would call hater critics...these people hate towards nintendo and wiiu is senseless but nintendo is showing that a real gaming company cant lose

specsmatter1913d ago

Nintendo promoting rehash over rehash is senseless with no software innovation is senseless to the critics. Im just saying.

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thaimasker1913d ago (Edited 1913d ago )

They will never be pleased no matter what Nintendo does

Benjaminkno1913d ago

they do please, that's what drives them crazy...

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