The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD screenshots

Nintendo Insider writes:

Nintendo have shared the first screenshots for The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker HD, announced earlier today during the Wii U Direct.

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EddieNX 1734d ago

Good lord , that's one of the best looking games ever , period. Just look at it!!!

DOMination-1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

The game was good. Im sure it still will be but really? The graphics are imo really not that great. I would compare it to Blue Dragon. The art style/direction in Zelda WW is much superior though.

bigbearsack1734d ago

I think what made this game stand out was Link's facial animations, which brought life to his character. How can you compare this to Blue Dragon?

Ezz20131734d ago

dude you gonna hurt your self with your hyperball
calm down

KrystofKage1734d ago

Looked, not even close. Sorry, it's a beautiful upgrade to the original, but hardly a contender for best looking game ever. Maybe if it was an ipad port, even then I've seen better.

hkgamer1734d ago

the hd side of it is great, just a shame that the art style has changed due to the added effects.
the cel shaded cartoon look is just not there anymore.

linkenski1734d ago

I think there's time for improvement, because currently the new engine has made the characters look a bit too much like dolls. They could do something to make the visuals feel more real, but of course we haven't seen it in action yet. I can't wait.

ayabrea931734d ago

I'm looking forward to it too but god you need to calm down lol your like a cat on heat today

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BullyMangler1734d ago (Edited 1734d ago )

I love this game, therefore, i passed it like 3 times as a kid, even got the color picture camera, even took pics of every boss just to have its figurine . . I dont know if h.d. will be enough for me to re-play this adventure . . .

Starwars rogue squadron on the other hand, on my game pad? . Yess please! And it dsnt have to be in HD

But wait, i just saw those screen shots! . Whaaatasabanahh! . Daiiinng!

Neonridr1734d ago

well as long as the Gamecube comes to the VC, I am sure we will see either Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader or Rogue Squadron 3: Rebel Strike appear.

As for the Wind Waker Wii U version, I think it is going to feel like a new adventure, since the art assets basically have to be redesigned from scratch since not only are the resolutions increased, but the complexity of each model/asset have also grown, and to top it off they seem to have blended a Wind Waker / Skyward Sword art style together, so it looks completely fresh and new.

I think the screenshots look stunning and will definitely give this game a go, as I mistakenly traded in my Gamecube version after I had completed it, and was kicking myself lately that I did.

The fact that you can play the game on the gamepad is a great bonus feature as well.

BullyMangler1734d ago

I know i know i just saw it!

AWBrawler1734d ago

It was already my favorite Zelda Game, now they've revamped the graphics. I hope they added more content. maybe more use of that Tingle communicator, since the gamepad already has a screen on it.

Jadedz1734d ago

Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicoles!

AWBrawler1734d ago

yeeeeeessssss. I was thinking that too. I just ordered a "Full set" so me and my crew can play through it, they never played it before.

A7XEric1734d ago

Would be the best MP game of this gen if they did a new one.

All the really need for that franchise is an open world and an actual story. Only 2 problems I had in the original game.

Number-Nine1734d ago

I didnt like Wind Waker when I first played it but I dont think I gave it a fair shot. I will def pick it up.

camel_toad1734d ago

Awesome awesome awesome. Loved Wind Waker and it looks beautiful remastered. Can't wait.

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