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If I were to sum up in one word what Undead Labs is trying to be with their upcoming State of Decay, it would have to be ambitious. What other game can describe itself as an open-world-sandbox-survival-ho rror-stealth-RPG-tower-defense- zombie-simulator? Phew, I need a breath.

Slated for an early 2013 release on Xbox Live Arcade and PC, State of Decay is aiming to be that niche zombie game that nothing else has been able to yet. You aren’t just killing wave after of wave of the undead while running from Point A to Point B, nor are you just pushing forward threw a linear story (though there is one). In Undead Labs’ take, you’re living the zombie apocalypse. If you were disappointed that all of the end of the world predictions were off and want to find out for yourself if you could handle attacking corpses day after day – this may be right up your alley.

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IAMERROR1881d ago

I've been waiting for this game FOREVER! Hurry up Undead labs! I got MSP waiting for you.

IronFistChinMi1880d ago

This game really has the potential to be something special, especially with the sequel planned to be an MMO.

jetlian1880d ago

hope it comes out in feb. march is pretty packed maybe april?

WetN00dle691880d ago

The wait is killing me!!!! I want this in my Xbox 360 HDD NAAAOOOO!!!

JScotty281879d ago

I would think it'll be a Summer of Arcade title.