Earn Money in Fable 2 Before It Releases - No Prostitution Required

In an attempt to get you more excited about Fable 2's release, Peter Molyneux and the studly geniuses at Lionhead are giving you an early taste in the form of an Xbox Live Arcade game.

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FirstknighT3917d ago

"Keystone will let you gamble and win gold that you can then transfer into your Fable 2 saved game. You can be a rich bi*ch before you even enter the world of Albion!"

Oh Yeeeeeeeah! Great Idea!

Twizlex3917d ago

I totally agree. Why isn't this game out yet!!!

wageslave3916d ago

Now, if they get this running for my Zune 8 or wife's 80, I'll be a happy happy man.

Twizlex3917d ago

Does anyone ever post anything in the open zone, or have most fanboys just stopped commenting as much?

InYourMom3917d ago

I really believe most Xbox 360 people have left this site. They got sick of the fighting and the bias. If I didn't have a PS3 as well as 360 I would of left a while ago. Just look at the articles for 360 and how little comments their are on either side.

But something like a PS3 vs 360 article will bring people out of the woodwork.

power of Green 3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

PS3 fanboys will get 360 fans blocked from the gamer zone by reporting them at the same time getting themselfs blocked by doing so with rabid methods.

PS3 fans also get 360 fans blocked from the 360 section by trolling the 360 section and reporting 360 fans.

360 fans have left this site for the most part.

On topic: I hope theres some sort of cap or balance with the cash making XBLA game so you're not entering the game with powerful weapons becuase of being rich.

Leveling up should take care of the balancing having everything in the game due to being rich from the get go.

Wonder what #5 is talking about in the gamer zone.

InYourMom3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

I have been banned twice on this site. Once for saying that I hope WB chokes on the celebration cake because they went BR exclusive. Which is stupid because how many times are MS called Nazi's on this site or are wished negative things upon. WB is a faceless corporation but several people(all PS3 fanboys) said it was offensive and had me banned.
Second time I used the word "shill" in the gaming zone and now am banned. I will not post on that side anymore banned or not because it makes you an easy target. The Open Zone seems to be where the fun is at anyway.

zonetrooper53917d ago

Will this XBLA game be free though?

Thats the question, I think its a great idea but if it costs then nah. Just earn all the money in Fable 2 the reall way! =D

Adamalicious3916d ago

I'm pretty sure they wouldn't have bothered if they were just going to give it away, but who knows - they haven't said.

It's moderately annoying that they are essentially releasing an expansion before the actual game - possibly trying to jack up the cost of entry to Fable 2 by a few, albeit optional, bucks.

cow moolester3917d ago

I'm a multi-console owner and have visit the site but don't comment anymore....the ps3 fanboyism has gotten out of control... I mean, if you were a person who knew nothing about consoles (or at least very little) and came on this site and read some of the comments, you'd the the playstation 3 was the best console ever made and doesn't have a single flaw but the 360 blows up the minute you touch it.... Its just sad really...that people care so much for a piece of silicon and plastic that they'll place their face firmly up a multi-national corporation's ass even though that corporation doesn't give a crap about them but rather what is in their pockets..

Exhaust3917d ago

Truer words have never been spoken.

I'm also multi-console owner. I still come here to check the news but seeing all the totally negative comments is pretty frustrating.

Fanboys from all sides are bad. But at least on this site the PS3 fanboys are the worst because their so fanatical and outnumber anyone trying to speak reason.

I'll probably get disagreed to h3ll for even saying that. haha

Jeromejones3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

to that man. I unfortunatly hav to confess im a cog in this brutal cyber war machine that is driving humanity away from any remote peace and unity in this world. I became so spiteful that i just supported the console that ppl around me hated just so that i could piss them off, whilst i realised that the only true loser is us, and the winners are the companies we blindly support. I must lay down my arms from Sony and offer a truce.

Play B3yond3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

We talk so much now because were mad from when every1 talked so much trash about the PS3 around a year ago when it first came out and now that theres nothing much bad to say about it that leaves nothing for xbox fanboys to say so now the only people talkin trash are us,every once in a while when you see an anti PS3 article youll see MANY xbots on their just hoping that it will be a big problem but in the end its nothing and the xbots crawl back into their hole waiting for another anti PS3 article.

Grown Folks Talk3916d ago

Sony fans haven't been bashing the Xbox brand about any & everything since day 1. The majority of crap they bashed the 360 for was the same crap they've been happily & willingly doing for years. Add-ons & extras. Memory cards, multi-tap, network adapter, hard drive that was barely used, ect. Somebody new came along, people were willing to try it & caught all kinds of grief. 80% or more of the people playing Playstations are probably doing so because of Atari, Colecovision, or Nintendo.

Exhaust3916d ago (Edited 3916d ago )

Don't try and pull that poor us routine. The only reason Sony fanboys are so hardcore is because they were picked on first. Come on.

Both sides of hardcore fanboys are stupid. I tell it like it is.

I love both the 360 and PS3 but they both have problems. Major problems. Hardcore fanboys spin around any problem and try and put down any good game on the other side. You'll never see that in my comments.

Paying for XBL and RROD sucks on 360.
Not having in game chat, standby downloading and controller charging sucks on PS3. But you won't hear a fanboy admit it. You'll see people on here say theres no need for in game chat let alone the other small but REALLY nice features PS3 lacks. No excuse for not having in game chat by now... I've been patient its taking way too long.

Both have great games so I bought them and deal with the issues. Couldn't imagine trying to make excuses for either or put down the great games coming.

Grown Folks Talk3916d ago

Read my post again & comprehend. I wasn't agreeing with him. I was pointing out that his statement was BS. Everything man made has flaws. Look at my profile & then tell me how much of a Sony fanboy I am.

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mintaro3917d ago

woot! ill be rich just in time for the game!

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