EarthBound launching on Japanese Wii U Virtual Console in March

Polygon writes:

"EarthBound, the celebrated SNES RPG known as Mother 2 in Japan, will be available on the Wii U Virtual Console in Japan this March, Nintendo announced today during a Japanese Nintendo Direct presentation, as translated by a NeoGAF user."

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IAMERROR1919d ago

sigh, we'll probably not get this...

3-4-51918d ago

One step close to it coming here though.

IAMERROR1918d ago

Yeah I guess. Earthbound is my favorite game of all time, I'd love to see it come here along with Mother 1/3 especially since I haven't played Mother 1. I would buy a Wii U/3ds for that.

Infernostew1918d ago

How do you figure? It was released on the Japanese wii virtual console and never in NA/EU. They'd have to make numerous edits to the game for it to be rereleased outside of Japan which will most likely never happen. I'd love for it to get a rerelease on virtual console but it's extremely doubtful.

Murad1918d ago

I don't understand this article. We are living in America, and most people speak English, however, this article only talks about Japan and how they get great titles like Earth Bound, or more formally known as Mother. What's the point of reporting something like this?

BIGTAMR1918d ago

Probably missed the point that this is out in March which is when we'll likely see the first Wii U update to help the OS, so this makes it relevant to all of us with a Wii U.

animegamingnerd1918d ago

nintendo please release this for us

ScubaSteve11918d ago

lets start a petition to nintendo and call it Operation Release Earthbound or something like that

animegamingnerd1918d ago

well reggie did they say due to the success of xneoblade and last story we will get more games localized on the wii u

ScubaSteve11918d ago

Then maybe they will give us earth bound