Wii U Strikes Back: Nintendo finally reveals its ambitious secrets - and they are amazing


That’s really the only word that comes to mind after watching Nintendo’s new ‘Direct’ broadcast. In just over 30 minutes, the game publishing giant not only made a better case for the future of Wii U than in the previous 12 months, it managed to surpass the hype it generated at its past two E3 outings - combined. For months, even years, Nintendo has simply placed a tablet-driven product in front of us and asked us to imagine the possibilities. But our imaginations have limits, particularly in the face of games that exist in the here and now - games that aren’t on Nintendo’s systems. We need to see the future, not just believe it’s coming."

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WildStyles1946d ago

Outside of a couple of games, nothing was surprising at all. We already knew Nintendo would be making a new Mario Kart, Zelda, etc. Not to mention, none of these games seem like they're coming anytime soon.

Nintendo is going to have to step it up if they want to steal some shine away from the new console reveals.

Venox20081946d ago

interesting what third parties will announce, I bet there should be some great games.. please announce them faster!!! maybe in another ninty direct, oh they said next one will probably about 3ds, which is good too :)

AsimLeonheart1946d ago

Man... I just cannot understand Nintendo fans. I too used to play Nintendo games... when I was 10. I grew out of them when I reached teenage and bought my PS1. Why do Nintendo fans get excited for the same Zeldas and Marios over and over again? They are 30 year old franchises for God's sake. Finally, these announcements are nothing more than means to silence media criticism and consolation for gaming starved Nintendo fans because there are no release dates or schedules in sight. You guys will be waiting for years or at least several months before any of the announced games actually get released. Believe me, I am not trolling, I truly want to know what Nintendo fans like so much about Marios/Zeldas even after 30 years. I am baffled by their devotion to Nintendo and their stale/rehashed franchises.

tehpees31946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

@ AsimLeonheart

Yes because they totally didn't just show Monolith's new game?

SMH at you haters seriously everybody is guilty of milking their franchises. They are doing well at keeping a diverse library with their IPs.

Yoshi is not Mario.
Smash Bros is not 30 years old and isn't even close to being milked yet. Compare Smash Bros to Halo.
And then compare 1 HD remake from Gamecube to the massive list of HD remakes Sony have released.
And don't even pretend like Pikmin is milking. Its had less games then uncharted.

See. Throwing blind hate at Nintendo when everybody else is guilty of it just shows incredible bias.

Saying "why do Nintendo fans get excited for Mario and Zelda?" is like saying "why do Microsoft fans get excited for Halo or Forza?" or "why do Sony fans get excited for Uncharted or God of War?" Its simple. Its what their fanbase want. Otherwise they would stop selling.

On Nintendo I play Mario and Zelda.
On Playstation I play Uncharted and God of War.
If I had an Xbox I would probably play Halo and Fable.

Venox20081946d ago

@asim ..well, I dont know how to explain.. I grew with NES, SEGA genesis, SNES, PS1, PS2, Xbox and so on.. Nintendo wasnt too much special for me, it just had good games, I've skipped Gamecube. After PS2 when I got Xbox, games started to bore me plus many shooters started appearing, I really wanted to give up gaming, but after some time I saw a cheap Gamecube to buy, after that I started to love Ninty so much, I saw so many games with quality that I've missed or didnt check on other platforms.. (like GC&PS2 game Viewtiful joe, maybe if not GC I still wouldnt play it), Luigis mansion, Pikmin series, Chibi-robo.. hell, I even started to love Zelda (yea my first Zelda is Twilight princess), Metroid, I started to love 3D mario games (I didnt like Mario 64 on N64, I didnt check it properly), REmake, RE:zero.. I started loving gaming again, Ninty games didnt bore me, like many are for me, especially those shooters, arrrgh! (some are good like Bioshock), then I bought a Wii, I saw many great games there too, especially hidden gems that many people didnt see or even didnt bpther to see.. so, I don't know, I just love Ninty.. I bought Wii U 2 days ago, loving it.. I hope I've answered your short, many of their games may look same, may be old characters, but I dont know, they offer something different, if not.. then something interesting that mankes you keep going.. :)

morkendo231946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )


I am baffled by their devotion to nintendo and their stale/rehashed franchises.

Im baffle why hardcore gamers dedicated to STALE/REHASHED franchise too such as GEARS, Halo,Call of duty,Gand theft auto,Battlefield company,Uncharted,Killzone list go on and on same rehashed sh't since 2006 so whats the problem?? both sides are REHASHING franchises.

kirbyu1946d ago

How does a series being 30 years old make it less fun? I actually not a big fan of new IPs being made. Video games just aren't the same when there's no characters you care about in it.

AsimLeonheart1946d ago

@tehpees3, Venox2008 and Morkendo23

Well, thanks for the neutral replies without flaming the hell out of me (except for tehpees2 maybe but I dont mind). Well I do not support rehashes and extensive sequels from any company. Personally I think no franchise should go beyond 3 entries. After that the franchise starts to lose its charm and appeal. Just look at any of the 4th sequels or prequels released. However, still none of the Sony or MS franchises are 3 decades old. In fact many were conceived this gen or last gen like Mass Effect, Uncharted, Infamous, Kingdom Hearts, Forza, Halo, Dead Space, Devil May Cry, Killzone, Resistance and many others. What new AAA IPs and franchises has Nintendo introduced since the Gamecube? Even if they have, they are few and far between (Xenoblade and Pandora's Tower come to mind). They always take Mario and then make tennis, sports, RPG, cart racing, party games, soccer and platformers featuring him and other characters. Then they release a new Zelda title once in a while or just re-release older Zelda titles to fill the gap. And then there are the Pokemon games which are the absolute definition of rehash. Similarly, they continue to abuse the Monster Hunter franchise. Nintendo hasnt created a single new AAA franchise in the past 6 to 7 years. If I am wrong then you are free to correct me.

SilentNegotiator1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

The sun rises in the east.
Water is wet.
And Nintendo fanboys call people "haters" for pointing out that Nintendo is doing the same games over and over*. Don't you people ever get tired with this dance? They say they don't play Nintendo games anymore, THEY say that some grindy jRPGs are majorly impressive....everyone walks away believing whatever they came in believing.

*and don't counter that with HD consoles third parties...Look at all the new franchises Naughty Dog, 2nd party Xbox devs, and the like have come up with every gen compared to Nintendo's first party

StraightPath1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )


thanks for the comment you just destoryed the butthurt fanboys. asimlionheart just looks dumb right now.

wii u is fireing up going to be amazing!

so that means uncharted is milked with a awful card game with a 67% metacritic.

JackSJunior1946d ago

@ Asim

I've lurked around here for awhile and have seen this question posed many, many times, but I'm usually disappointed with the ultra-defensive answers/rants that are offered in response on N4G in general. Your question is a legitimate one for sure, and deserves a level response, so I'll take a stab at it... if you're willing to hear me out for a minute. This will be a bit long, but I promise it will answer your question.

The short answer: I play Nintendo games because they are consistently fun and exceedingly well-crafted. I am not saying that 1st party IPs and exclusives on other consoles are not; every console has it's own excellent properties. But for my personal taste, Nintendo does it better.

I can certainly understand that, especially for people who didn't grow up alongside the franchises, new Mario/Zelda/Metroid games must just look like boring rehashes, but, with occasional exceptions (I could admittedly do without another "NEW" Super Mario Bros. game) these games DO innovate and deviate from their old formulas. Look, for example, at the Metroid Prime Trilogy, which completely reinvigorated a previously 2D side-scroller and set a gold standard for first-person adventure games. More recently, look at the Mario Galaxy games, which found creative ways to manipulate gravity and utilize motion control to provide hundreds of puzzles and challenges that we never would have imagined before. All five of those games are massive, immensely satisfying and universally lauded, not because they are parts of established finances, but rather IN SPITE of that fact. Their long history doesn't grant them a pass, it sets a high bar. Nintendo almost always clears that bar in spectacular fashion.

In my time as a lurker here, I've noticed that many people view Nintendo's approach as lazy, and its fans as both casual and complacent. These people underestimate the passion that Nintendo fans have for video games, and fail to appreciate the extreme amount of effort and quality output required by the company to make supposedly "stale" franchises remain critically and commercially successful decades later.

We get as excited about new IPs as anyone, but that doesn't mean we can't continue to love old ones as long as they keep providing new experiences. These characters and franchises mean a LOT to us Nintendo fans, we WANT them to continue producing fantastic games, and if they ever DO go away, we will mourn them. But it's because they have earned our passion through excellence, not because of brand recognition or familiarity. I play video games to have fun, and nobody provides me more joy than Nintendo. Call me a fanboy all you want, but I own consoles from all three of the big guys and I would defend any of them, even though they've all had their rough patches here and there. I believe that most people that are rabidly anti-Nintendo (or Sony, or Microsoft) simply haven't given their games a chance. But opinions without a foundation in experience are utterly worthless, and I'd love to see them replaced by calm, reasonable discussions that acknowledge the fact that everyone's tastes are different, and that every console has something unique to offer. I owned all three consoles last gen, and while I had a couple less games for the Wii than I did the other two, a list of my top 10 games for the generation would be dominated by Nintendo.

Oh, and for the record, I prefer Nintendo's art style to ultra-realistic graphics an overwhelming majority of the time, and do not consider this a matter of maturity whatsoever. It baffles me when people call them "kiddie" games. There is a charm in their games that will consume you if you let it, and no person alive is too old to resist it if they're willing.

1946d ago
Legion1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )


Yes everyone is guilty of milking franchises. But the main issue with Nintendo is the type of games.

They have a very young themed game franchise. They are more family oriented and Disneyish.

When supporting Nintendo games it is almost like saying... OK I might be old enough to realize Santa Claus isn't real... BUT I still want to believe.

I am not saying Nintendo is only for kids... but come on. The titles are very immature in many ways.

There just comes a point where you put down the rubber ball and pick up the regulation Basketball and start playing real sports.

Game titles meant for your age range maybe?

N4Flamers1946d ago

Are you saying super Mario Galaxy plays the same as super Mario brothers? Twilight princess or skyward sword don't play like the original legend of Zelda either. What about metroid prime and regular metroid?


You think that throwing a coat of red paint on a game make it mature? Mature yes, but enjoyable is a different beast. Nintendo games are well made games with high production value and the games are enjoyable games with reverence to their past. They often contain enough not alienate their fans and give new fans something modern. To use your own analogy there's nothing that prevents you from playing with both balls except yourself. You can own god of war and Mario. That is an adult way of looking at it.

For anyone else concerned I would like to point out that with a lot of change you spit on the fans that built you up (dmc) I don't want kratos dressing up in space marine armor because its popular at the moment.

NewMonday1945d ago

the new X game is the real deal for me, but disappointed Zelda is just a re-make, still need a few more exclusives

AsimLeonheart1945d ago


Thanks for the reply. I havent played any of the Nintendo games since I bought a Sega Mega Drive so I dont know how they are these days. Personally I just feel that Nintendo "innovate" only within the range of their decades old existing franchises. Nintendo just does not creates new franchises that I get on other platforms. The thing that I find strange is that Nintendo fans are completely satisfied with it and do not demand new IPs. Oh well, to each his own. Games are for fun so if you have fun with Nintendo games then it is fine with me.

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iamnsuperman1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

I agree we knew a lot what was coming (standard, Nintendo franchise/genre releases) and I assume these are a long way off releasing. I just wish Nintendo moved away from this and try something new. I assume we will see these franchises in greater detail at E3 but they will need to do more if rumours are true and the two competitors are announcing their new devices

lilbroRx1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

You apparently didn't watch any of the feed.

3 of the games were new I.P.s.

You probably just read the title and few comments(if that much) then jumped to a conclusion like most of the commentators on here.

pixelsword1946d ago

"3 of the games were new I.P.s."

Contrast with

"I agree we knew a lot what was coming".

I don't know if he watched any of the thread or all of it; but he knew enough to basically say what you said: that he knew A LOT of what was coming.

bicfitness1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

A bunch of Mario and Zelda games, one of which is a remake. The only surprise was that second Platinum Games title and what looks to be a spiritual successor to Xenobalde/ Saga. But we kind of expected that from Monolithsoft.

Still, the level of drama in this article seems unnecessary given what was actually shown.

BlmThug1946d ago

Well they haven't got much to celebrate so any news is mind blowing for them I guess (Ninty Fans)

BullyMangler1946d ago

Nintendo has to step what up dude? . They will show this generation, and next , HOW to properly use system power.

cpayne931946d ago

The proof is in the pudding, and it hasn't been served yet.

Legion1946d ago


And in this case we are getting the recipes of the pudding they are making and wondering why we are yet again getting the same pudding we were fed as a baby?

1946d ago
Root1946d ago

Totaly agree, we already saw most of these coming a mile away.

What about the main issues they seem to be ignoring...third party developers. Why all the ports, where is GTAV, Dark Souls 2, FF Lightning Returns or Lords of shadow 2 for example

It's pretty obvious that third party support will be dead after the PS4 and Nextbox come out. The only third party support we'll get will be ports of every third party game release THIS gen. While we get Fallout 4, they'll probably just be getting Skyrim

Irishguy951946d ago

Thankfully for me, I have a Ps3 and 360 so all the games you mention mean nothing to me when alking about the WiiU. It was always extremely likely I would get a WiiU for it's exclusives eventually. This is just the push I needed, Xeno series successor

AWBrawler1946d ago

This was just a 35 minute direct. Imagine what they'll do at E3

AJBACK2FRAG1946d ago

Now you're talking. E3. Today was kind of like a mini E3 for me personally. Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker is an a Fantastic game as is right now today. I loved the art direction, The graphics were silky smooth, just so much fun to play and explore and to fight(!) and reveal... hidden.. secrets... through out! To see this triple A game in hd is a pleasure I'd beg to pay for and everything else looks amazing!
Super Smas bros. Universe. How many Wii U's do you think this frosty little piece of soft ware will sell? Lol! The Wii U's "in crisis". "Not a "true" next gen video game console" It's not a powerful system" Wrong wrong wrong. Don't belie the hype.

fermcr1946d ago

Not being a fanboy, just being realistic. I can honestly say that the WiiU, until now, has absolutely nothing that really interests me. I not hyped for anything on the WiiU in the foreseeable future. Maybe that will change on E3.

Old McGroin1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Fair enough. I have been pretty disappointed with what the Wii U has to offer as well having bought it at Christmas but today's announcements have me psyched in a way for a console that I haven't been since the days of the SNES. What is your opinion on the new Xenoblades game trailer? IMHO it's pretty damn impressive and has me pretty excited to see how all that detail will be applied to an open world Mario or Zelda game.

Edit: And for PC heads, nobody cares that the Xenoblades video only looks like a PC game on medium setting. Nobody. Except yourselves.

thezeldadoth1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

while you guys argue over how bad nintendo is and drool over sony and microsofts already outdated (in comparison to PC's) specs, i've already enjoyed hours of gameplay on the WiiU, and continue to enjoy top notch graphics and seemingly endless creative indie games on steam/PC. But its ok, true gamers love sony and love to play the same over-the-shoulder shooters with graphics equal to medium settings on PC's over and over again. You're only limiting yourself. Non fanboys will be able to play Zelda, the last of us, halo, and half life 3.

AngelicIceDiamond1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Right, but according to this article IGN knows something that we don't about Nintendo. Games they'll be announcing this year.

Whatever IGN saw got them very excited for the future of Nintendo. I agree Nintendo is predictable but the way IGN made it sound they're gonna have a killer E3 coming up.

I'm pumped to see what Nintendo brings because honestly, they're lagging behind.

3-4-51946d ago

* Wind Waker HD

* Shin Megami X Fire Emblem

* New Yoshi's game. First since N64

How are these known ! ??

wampdog291946d ago

Add Monolith's "X" to that list as well.

Let's also not forget that we still don't know what Retro or Mystwalker are up to...

Fierce Musashi1946d ago

It's called "downplaying", I believe.

cpayne931946d ago

Technically not the first since n64 because the ds had a couple.

Blacklash931946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Why are people acting like this is E3? This would be fairly underwhelming there, but for a 30 minute online broadcast used to communicate new developments with fans this is a lot of promising news and titles.

hotrider121946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Here some games would draw huge crowd of gamers old school an new school gamers to wii-U
1.Contra 4:the alien war 2 (not made yet)
2.Super Metroid return (back to side scrolling roots)
3.SUPER R-TYPE return
4.SUPER GRADIUS 6: "The new beginning"
5.3 NINJA kick back

These are the games i would perfer playing on wii-U instead of first person shooters.

hazardman1946d ago

Battletoads is owned by MS

hotrider121946d ago

@ hazardman

if you read CLOSELY i said :here are some games would draw huge crowds to wii-U

did not say the name of the developer rights who own them. dont care who own them be GOOD to see them make it to wii-U .

Legion1946d ago


hazardman was totally accurate in his statement. Your inclusion of a title that would likely never see the light of day on a system due to it's affiliation with another systems ownership is too the point.

Regardless of your thoughts on it being GOOD to see for you on the Wii-U, it was the broken COG in your list.

If you want to make the point of drawing games to the Wii-U and not caring about the possibility of them ever appearing then your list is very poor. A better list then would be games that have never seen the light of day on the Nintendo to draw the people that might be more interested in other systems titles. As Nintendo already has it's Fanbase and their Fanbase needs little draw for them to return.

showtimefolks1946d ago

I have not bought a Nintendo system since N64. People can hate all they want I feel like every time you actually give your opinion n a matter you are called butt hurt fanboy

While we hold MS and Sony to different standards and say we are tired of sequels Nintendo can make as many Mario,Zelda,Mario part,Mario tennis,super smash bros as they want and Nintendo fangirls are fine with that,

Rules should be the same if Nintendo wants to compete in HD console race than they will not get a free pass or atleast they shouldnt.

This is why most 3rd party games will still not come to wii-u, Nintendo knows how to promote their 1st party games and that's all they care about. Get GTA5,get bioshock etc,

Most 3rd party publishers will still make kids games for wii-u since Nintendo always goes after that market and mst mature games will be on pc,ps4 and next Xbox.

Here is a fact the last Nintendo system to get great 3rd party support was NES

If Sony can't keep making uncharted
And MS can't be making more halo

Than Nintendo shouldn't be make the same games from last 30 years. There was so much hate on HD collections but now since a Zelda game is getting a HD remake all of the sudden it's all good

hduce1946d ago

The SNES didn't get great support?

thezeldadoth1946d ago

complains about being called a fanboy, proceeds to call people nintendo fangirls.....

man this site sucks.

showtimefolks1946d ago


that was meant as a joke

JamieL1945d ago

They can make them over and over when they up the bar so much with every new game. Nintendo doesn't get a free pass, they have just been that consistently good. I have never been disappointed by any Nintendo game I can remember. I also can remember any game in my whole life that wowed me like Mario64, ever. They jump from SNES to N64 was amazing IMHO.

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1946d ago
lfclee1946d ago

With the leaks from the other 'two' consoles has you say , the only real big differences is that the other two consoles have more ram but graphically all the same !

DonFreezer1945d ago

How can someone give this guy well saids?If he said the same about Sony he would be marked for trolling and with disagress for all of his life on N4G.

ziggurcat1945d ago

"We already knew Nintendo would be making a new Mario Kart, Zelda, etc."

exactly... that's pretty much as guaranteed as a new CoD every year.

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NYC_Gamer1946d ago

I wasn't hyped after watching the conference to be honest..Nintendo needs to step things up and create some new different type of franchises...That X game was the only unexpected surprise software wise for me...

EddieNX 1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

Wonderfull 101 and Bayonetta 2 are coming.

3D mario and Mario kart with wiiu visuals sounds incredible.
Windwaker reborn looks astonishing
Monolith softs game looks like the best game ever
Zelda Wiiu is in development
Shin megami tensei x Fire emblem sounds awesome
Smash bros wiiu will be revealed at e3
A new great looking Yoshi game is coming.

You could not ask for any more. New IP's are great , but I personally am more excited for all listed above.

Add to that Pikmin 3 , Rayman Legends , Monster Hunter Ultimate , Lego city undercover , Aliens colonial marines , Wii fit U , Game and wario , Resident evil revelations unveiled , etc.

And the wiiu looks very very promising.

Sorry but you can't say ''3D mario is a rehash so IS mario kart and Zelda blah blah''

Uhuh , and Mario galaxy 1 and 2 , Twilight princess and skyward sword are right up at the top of the best games released in gen 7 and Mario Kart is Amazing and a super system seller.

Edit - Right now the only thing wiiu is lacking is proper multiplat support. But PC has best multiplats anyway , Console gaming is all about Exclusives in my eyes - and the wiiu is shaping up to be the Best on that front.

And I think as Wiiu gathers pace , third party support (western/multiplat) will increase dramatically.

@specsmatter. Stop stalking me around calling me pathetic lol. You're making yourself look that way.

Wiiu is in a league of its own and you can't accept it. Have fun with you crusty old PS3 mate. I will be Enjoying

Windwaker Reborn , Pikmin 3 , Monolith softs games , Rayman legends , Monster Hunter ultimate , Wonderfull 101 , Bayonetta 2 , Mario Wiiu , Mario Kart wiiu , Shin megami tensei x fire emblem , Lego city undercover and many other days.

Somebody call the fire brigade , Specsmatter is butthurt.

bicfitness1946d ago

Where's the third party support? Platinum Games and Atlus aside? Takes more than two to make a diverse portfolio.

iamnsuperman1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

"Zelda Wiiu is in development" and how long will that be. You could argue the next Halo is in development but it isn't like we will see that anytime soon. I wouldn't use it as an example

specsmatter1946d ago Show
Neonridr1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

specsmatter - while your list is impressive, there is a reason why Zelda and Mario are some of the highest selling franchises in existence, and there is good reason for that. Not to mention arguably the two greatest video games ever created are Super Mario 64 and the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

What's the highest selling game on PS3? 4 of the top 5 games are CoD games, talk about quality software.

And the PS2? 3 of the top 4 games are GTA, wow..

and you want to talk about wash, rinse, repeat?

I rest my case..

majiebeast1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

"Wiiu is in a league of its own and you can't accept it. Have fun with you crusty old PS3 mate."

I will enjoy my crusty old ps3 seeing as it has games in January and Febuary where the wiiu has zero.

the worst1946d ago

have fun with those old a$$ games

sway_z1946d ago


After reading your post...YOU are really trying to hype up Wii U (which is fine by me), except it appears that YOU are really trying to convince YOURSELF the Wii U was a good investment and that a ton of games are coming ...

Much like those who still await the 2nd coming of the Messiah.

stage881946d ago

It is tiresome and embarrassing the things you write.

You're trying so so hard to get everyone to love the Wii u writing that wall of text.
Doesn't that get tiring? If people don't like the Wii u then don't hold it against them. For me it looks ok at the moment but will be pretty much obsolete when the new consoles come out. I guess I'm a bit bias as well though as Nintendo's 1st party games do nothing for me at all and, dare i say, are pretty much all rehashed kids games.

wampdog291946d ago


Actually, Wii U is missing FIRST PARTY releases in Jan and Feb. Third Party games are actually abundant. This includes 1 third party exclusive in Rayman Legends...

DonFreezer1945d ago

Well it's not only Specsmatter who is butthurt judging from the disagress a well thought comment got.

XabiDaChosenOne1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

Honestly the only thing exciting about these game announcements is that these games are finally in HD, never mind the fact that Nintendo are 6-7 years late to the party.
@Neonridr and the best selling game on the wii is *drumrol....Wii sports, SEAT THE F*CK DOWN!

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LightofDarkness1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

They very well may, but the console is only 2 months old. They have to treat their fans right first, who dutifully bought their system on the promise of more Nintendo. They were no doubt very pleased to see the likes of Wind Waker HD, Yoshi's Yarn and to hear news of all those staple franchises making an appearance soon.

Plus, Wonderful 101 is quite a new and different type of franchise (despite its similarities to Pikmin), and as you said, that new Xeno project from Monolithsoft looks outstanding.

I, as a Wii U owner, was very pleased after that conference and Iwata absolutely allayed any fears of the console going unsupported for too long. But like I said, they first need to cater to the die-hards who bought the system first, without question. Then they can start appealing to new audiences.

Theyellowflash301946d ago

@NYC Gamer. So you knew Fire Emblem x Shin Megami was coming? Bullshit

Servbot411946d ago

Why would you lie and pretend like you expected SMT x Fire Emblem? There is no way in hell anyone predicted that. Stop being an idiot, PLEASE.

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jakmckratos1946d ago

Side Scrollers, Mario Kart and Mini Games...yeah nothing like what we've gotten for the last 7 years.

specsmatter1946d ago ShowReplies(5)
Phil321946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

FPS games, racers, and sports games-- yeah, nothing like we've gotten for the last 7 years on the other consoles.

Hooray for stupid generalizations!

thaimasker1946d ago (Edited 1946d ago )

People have to remember that this isn't E3 and this isn't all of the Wii U exclusives for the year...there is still more and For a nintendo direct this is very good.
Also the console is only 2 months old

StarCSR1946d ago

I wonder how many people here who are downsizing this Nintendo announcement, are themselves psyched out of their minds when they see the new CoD, GoW of FIFA trailers ;)

Offcourse these are things we could be expecting. But I'm pretty sure that the fact they are telling this now, means they've got a lot up their sleeves for E3 and Gamescom.
I'm happy... Finally something to look forward to.

ahronith1946d ago

Wait, thers a new CoD coming eventually? The Gods are listening.