Four Reasons Why Consoles Should Cease To Exist

With digital distribution now the norm and the cost of financing hardware increasingly impractical, Jacques Voller argues that traditional consoles are no longer necessary for gamers as a whole – nor a sensible investment for the manufacturers themselves.

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IAMERROR1918d ago

One reason why they shouldn't: Demand

Army_of_Darkness1918d ago

All the pc gamers I know or meet don't have a life...

zebramocha1918d ago

Yes they do,their lives revolve around pc gaming just like mine revolve around console gaming.

TheLyonKing1918d ago

manufacturing cost is subsided as demand for product makes up for cost.

Hardware limitation? you mean you have found a machine that has no limitations?

Consoles are a great way to kick back and relieve stress.

DanJenkoFMV1918d ago

I appreciate the points made but I still like the simplicity of buying a game disc, putting it into a console and starting playing.

Maybe I'm ignorant but when I've tried to play games on PC I always find there's something wrong that I have to fix. I just find it too much hassle.

DragonKnight1918d ago

Yep. Driver conflicts, server malfunctions, some option that you didn't click on.

KrisButtar1918d ago

just what i was thinking, last game i bought for pc i couldnt play because it required my pc to be online, yet i done have internet even offered where i live. there are a few games i bought i couldnt play for that reason.

at least with a console i buy the game, throw it in and it plays.

aquamala1918d ago

you again :) wouldn't you say only a very minority of gamers like you (<%0.1%?) don't have internet??

like I said before you can use Steam in offline mode, yes you need to be online once to set it to offline mode, you don't need to be online ever again after that. how did you even download a game from Steam in the first place?

aliengmr1918d ago

"like I said before you can use Steam in offline mode, yes you need to be online once to set it to offline mode, you don't need to be online ever again after that."

This isn't correct. If you lose connection while its running Steam automatically goes into offline mode. On start up, it asks if you want to go offline or try again. Having to go online to go offline was fixed a while ago.

caseh1918d ago

PCs are the more superior experience in most cases but like you said, the games sometimes need to be tweaked to get that experience:

'Adjust AA...hmmm, nah msybe if I lower the resolution slightly. Bit better, maybe if i adjust shadow/texture/dynamic lighting' etc

Not everyone can be bothered with that, consoles you just whack the disc in and play.

Yodagamer1918d ago

You really can't use that whack the disc in anymore, Both sony and microsoft have games that you have to install data just like a pc, heck you can't even play halo 4 on the entry level xbox 360, get patches like pc. They've become pc's with out the great graphics.

caseh1918d ago


You're missing the point completely, I accept some games have installs or patches but patches are optional, i played though sleeping dogs without bothering with the 1gb patch as I couldn't be bothered with it.

The difference is once thats done, you can play. You can't tweak anti aliasing, you cant change the resolution or lighting, it can't be tweaked for performance improvements. Every single person who plays the game gets the same experience from the game on consoles straight from the box.

DragonKnight1918d ago

Digital Distribution isn't the norm. Where did you pull that from? Have you heard of bandwidth? Have you heard of the lack of the online infrastructure globally to make DD the norm? Everytime there is someone saying DD is the norm, it's almost always an ignorant PC fanboy(girl) saying it because they don't like console gaming. It's not true though.

KrisButtar1918d ago

i agree internet is not offered in my area, i only have wifi when i drive 20mins to a tim hortons for coffee

DragonKnight1918d ago

Gotta love Canada's internet infrastructure eh? Bell and Rogers have a near complete stranglehold on the ISP front, and Canadian law does practically nothing to allow real competition to stand up against them. Look how long it took to force Rogers to stop throttling everyone under the guise of needing to to maintain high speeds at peak hours?

creeping judas1918d ago

Ok so I don't feel so bad, I went from a 35gbs service to a max of 12gbs, but quite often 8gbs service, when we moved. The difference was immense. But it sure does beat having to drive to Timmies for wifi connection!! Have you tried the rocket sticks?

KrisButtar1918d ago (Edited 1918d ago )

At above,
ya bell and Rogers are dicks they won't even bring the Internet outside the city in my area the closest provider here is eastlink and there service stops about 10mins away, they need to put in new lines or towers to extend to my area.

I own a roger rocket stick it doesnt work. To be honest when I'm home I don't even get cell service with my iPhone, also I don't mind going to timmys as it's great coffee and I in here a lot. Sometimes I bring my vita to.

My area is being told by eastlink that we will have Internet within the next 5 yrs, which is better than what bell and Rogers have said.

aliengmr1918d ago

DD is pretty much the norm, on PC. Nobody says that because they hate consoles, its just a perception.

There was a point where I assumed it was the norm, but I don't have a console. It may be ignorance on our part, but you have to understand, for many PC gamers gaming completely digital. With the stores carrying fewer and fewer boxed PC titles we really didn't have a choice.

At any rate, you are right, its generally not the norm currently. Doesn't mean it will always be that way.

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