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IAMERROR1945d ago

This was very surprising

Trenta271945d ago

The entire conference was. That Direct basically kicked everyone in the crotch and yelled "GIVE ME YOUR MONEY!"

EddieNX 1945d ago

Whilst I am looking forward to Ps4 and 720. The wiiu looks to have guaranteed must buy status with all these anouncements.

You will have A wiiu and a PC or a Wiiu and PS4 or 720.

People who buy 720 and PS4 and not a wiiu are softcore 4 lyfe.

ozzywazzy1945d ago


Why are you getting your panties so moist over announcements of games to come? Those were obviously coming next year or so.

Merrill1945d ago

I don't understand your excitement, none of these games will be out anytime soon. Do you really think Windwaker HD won't be delayed? or the new Zelda? This is just damage control by Nintendo because sales are slow.

Get excited when they actually show gameplay and a product that is further along in development, not a slapped together teaser trailer promising they will release games for their system someday.

Army_of_Darkness1945d ago

show'em a 15sec clip on any work in progress game and they'll go all haywire;-)..
Something to finally look forward to I guess hahaha!

PygmelionHunter1945d ago


Sorry man, I guess there's still some people out there that aren't used to yearly releases running on the same engine every single time, and thus, easy to make a trailer out of...

ChickeyCantor1945d ago

"This is just damage control by Nintendo because sales are slow. "

Wait, Announcing games is " damage control " ? The whole point of promoting games is to sell Consoles. What do you mean damage control?

Are you on crack?

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Kurt Russell1945d ago

Wtf is this? EXPLAIN PEOPLES?!?!

RFornillos41945d ago

and i was just planning to get me that Fire Emblem Awakening... now there's one more to look forward to. awesome!

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney1945d ago (Edited 1945d ago )

@Kingofwiiu Ps4/pc for me.

While ninty is doing a good job I will probably want more mature realistic games like The Last Of Us and beyond and less realistic games like Ni No Kuni. Also a hack/slash game like God Of war. Also this all on a last gen console in the same year of the new one being announced. I have it made..

Also I have to play Rome2..

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Deathdeliverer1945d ago

While this is this guys personal opinion and preference, I must say that it is quite the shallow one. Give me a range of great titles from every genre and style. I can appreciate the gorgeous bloody mayhem of God of War just as well as the Beautiful art direction and story telling of Ni No Kuni. I feel bad for people that have no imagination and limit themselves to one particular type of anything. Except sex. Limit me to women please. Thanks.

OptimisticPrime1945d ago

Once again, he said he likes ni no kuni. He said he loves that the ps4 has everything from the last of us, Beyond and even has less realistic titles like ni no. He was saying it was a good thing.

sitharrefus1945d ago

Fire Emblem cant wait for this!!!

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