Iwata apologizes for Wii U software drought

Nintendo president says new titles will start showing up in March, extra dev time needed to meet quality standards

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IAMERROR1915d ago

yes, quality comes first.

Flavor1915d ago

It must be really hard for some people to watch their childhood icons screw up so badly... look to tomorrow, I say.

blitz06231915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

looks like they won't be getting new CoD games :P

3-4-51914d ago

* Yoshi's Island Wii U ( first since N64 )

* Shine Megami X Fire Emblem

* Mario Kart U

* 3D Mario Game

* Wind Waker HD

* New Legend of Zelda game.

Yea that sounds like failure to me....Flavor are you serious ?

PygmelionHunter1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

Yeah, I was really surprised when he started apologizing, but even more surprising was the fact that Eiji Aonuma himself admitted that Skyward Sword was pretty linear when compared to how explorable it was going to be before release.

RFornillos41915d ago

i agree. and from his statements, the next Zelda may be more "open-world", as he said they'll go back to basics.

PygmelionHunter1915d ago

I hope that's actually true this time around, I gotta admit, I was slightly disappointed with SS due to my high expectations.

AsheXII1915d ago

He wasn't just talking about Skyward Sword, but every main zelda since The Adventure of Link.

EddieNX 1915d ago

He made up for that with
3D mario
Mario Kart Wiiu
Shin megami tensei X fire emblem
Yoshi Game
Windwaker HD Remake - looks completely different , not an uprezz
NEw Zelda
Monolith softs game

And a new Wonderfull 101 trailer looks awesome. And Bayonetta 2 sounds awesome.

How do people find Negativity in all that ? it was like an awesome E3 almost lol. So happy.

Murad1915d ago

I personally don't care for any of the Mario titles whatsoever. I find them to be far to overrated at this point in time. Why? Because there are about 20 of those titles, and they won't stop coming, just like Pokemon. Zelda was great, and it still is, but the story feels like it's going to drag on and on, and there's no point in playing a franchise that never comes to a full closure. Shin Megami, and Fire Emblem are two titles I'm looking forward to, specifically Fire Emblem.

dlpg5851914d ago

well i personally disagree with you. if you're counting only the 3d title (as in mario 64 style) there have only been 5 mario titles. if you include all the 2d titles with it (while they are good i agree that there are simply too many) you get 17 (around 20 like you said).I feel that the 3d titles have added enough to each entry and kept it fresh enough to warrant my purchase whenever it is possible for me.

in comparison, the fire emblem series (i love the series, don't let anyone tell you different) has had 6 U.S. entries (including awakening) and 5 additional entries japan only. i would seperate the handheld titles from the console, the gameplay is mostly the same (not a bad thing, it didn't need to be changed). the story (albeit a bit more straight forward) is comparable to the zelda saga. most of the entries take place enough time after the previous ones that the story is unaffected and stands completely on it's own.

Murad1914d ago

Sorry, I believe I should have been more specific. I dislike the Mario franchise because the story does not feel like it's going anywhere, and maybe you do have a point, maybe the platforming does add a few new features, but it's nothing close to innovation, nothing like the first mario title, or the RPG one that was released for the GBA, which is the primary reason I dislike the Mario franchise, or feel indifferent about it. Concerning that you believe that they add a few features, I do agree, that is something I do appreciate, but that can be said about any platformer, whether it'd be Limbo, or even a new indie title called Rush Bros, however, the thing that pisses me off is that being charged about 30 dollars for something that is nearly identical is nothing special. I mean sure, coding the 3D features into a game is very difficult, however, I cannot agree to pay 30 or 40 bucks every month or so for the 50th anniversary edition, and I'm pretty sure most people would agree.

In terms of Fire Emblem, the only good titles within the US were the ones with Lyn, and Eliwood, the first one to come out in the US, along with Path of Radiance. Sacred Stones, along with Radiant Dawn were far to easy, or were far too broken. The use of supports seemed to be downgrade, and outright broken, for example, if you got an A support with Soren and Ike in Radiant Dawn, it's impossible to KILL Ike. This is the same for Sacred Stones. And what is up with the story in Sacred Stones. It seems as if Nintendo forgot that there was good story going on. I mean I understand the ending was justified,but it didn't bother explaining all of the good lore within the game, and how the sacred stones came to be, or what is up with Formitis, the last boss. This is why I feel so indifferent about what they do nowadays. Hell, I think MadWorld is far more creative than Mario, atleast it hasn't been done a billion times over.

DOMination-1914d ago

Also, correct me if Im wrong but isn't yoshis island just a 2d Mario game but.. With yoshi instead? In fact, wasn't the first yoshis island.. Mario world 2??

Its all well and good saying its the first since n64 but i dunno.. Seems like a cheap way to get around the lack of originality (even though Im sure it'll be great, i just wish Nintendo would take some risks..)

Buff10441915d ago Show
ZeroX98761915d ago

Just yesterday I was commenting that I needed more games on the wii U to justify me buying it.
Well Nintendo, Good job on that one!!
That's exactly what your fans wants to see.

chronoforce1915d ago

screw apologies and release games

BanBrother1915d ago

I sort of agree, but there is still good reasons as to why it is taking a while. I'm sure all will be forgiven when the new Zelda ir Metroid is released, perhaps even the new 3D Mario?

Still, it takes a man to apologize publicly like this, so I applaud him. The Japanese are very respectable, as they always admit to their mistakes and try to better them. Activision and EA could learn from them and their humility.

thaimasker1915d ago (Edited 1915d ago )

With the games he announced today? Pshh. Apology accepted
Its a new system of course there is gonna be a drought in the first few months
Its better than releasing rushed games that could have been a bit better with more time *cough zombi u*

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