5 Most Despicable Capcom Decisions

WC: Imagine gaming history without Capcom; it’s a world I would not want to live in. I loved Street Fighter 2, Power Stone, Resident Evil, and pretty much every Disney game they made. Whether they were innovating and creating new IP’s or perfecting old ones with sequels, they changed gaming in so many positive ways, so for me this was actually a hard list to make, not because I had nothing to say, but because I used to think they were such a great company. But the reality is, things have changed.

Capcom is not an “evil” company, they just make some very non-consumer friendly choices for their games. I have nothing personal against the company, but I also believe we shouldn’t ignore their decisions to occasionally do some rather despicable things.

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IAMERROR1880d ago

I still can't believe to this day that they blamed MML3 getting canceled because of the fans.....

Larry L1880d ago (Edited 1880d ago )

1) Abandoning Monster Hunter's entire established fanbase for Wii's install base. EVen after announcing a PS3 Monster Hunter at E3 06. Then in 07 you cancel it because "PS3 is too expensive to develop for".......Really?....... you say this while at the same time putting development $ into obvious crap like Dark Void and a PS3 port of Lost Planet which no PS3 fan wanted in the first place? You would have looked like less decietfull scumbags of you just fessed up that it was all about install base being more important than fanbase.

2) Asking Marvel vs Capcom fans what characters they wanted in the expanded version of MvC3 with a voting poll when it was clear how disappointing the original roster was for fans.........then proceeding to NOT add a single one of the most wanted characters from that poll aside from Ghost Rider who they planned on adding anyway. WTF was that all about Capcom?......Why even ask then?

3) The rediculous amount of money they charge just for DLC costumes. If you bought every costume as they released, you basically triple the cost of the game (actually more since it was a $40 game).

4) Pulling multi-player from RE5 just to charge for it as DLC.

That's about all I got, I didn't read the article but I'm sure 3 of those are on this site's list. But I'll bet Monster Hunter's not.....because I'm unfortunately one of 26 people outside of Japan who actually cared about Monster Hunter.

EDIT- After reading the article, I do disagree with the author about 2 things. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3- WHile I HATED the character that they ended up adding to Ultimate, I actually think releasing a new version of the game was the best thing Capcom could have done. I know it LOOKED bad releasing a new version in less than a year, but it was only $40 on release and had alot of actual ground-up type engine updates in addition to the new characters. Based on Capcom's DLC pricing structure, I really doubt they could have added 10 characters to the roster as DLC and it cost less than $40. A new version was the best idea for gamers imo.

And I also liked that Capcom went with Original Mega Man 1 Box Art Mega Man. I thought it was a really cool homage for the 30+ gamer crowd to see whatever character that was on that box-art to come to life. It was one of the few original and interesting ideas they've come up with this gen as far as I'm concerned.

TongkatAli1879d ago

Why do you I still have to pay for Jill and Shuma ? I got the Ultimate edition they should be free, such bullshit.