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Crysis 3 Beta Incoming, Sign Up and Get Early Access to the Nanosuit

"EA has just announced that fans of the Crysis series will be able to get their first taste of Crysis 3's nanosuit in the upcoming beta for the game." (Crysis 3, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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ZBlacktt  +   798d ago
In Crysis, you can clearly see the huge influence from Predator, Terminator and Aliens.
Braid  +   797d ago
And Jurassic Park. That rainforest environment shouts Jurassic Park 3 to me.
Pandamobile  +   797d ago
Pretty sure there was at least one Predator mod for Crysis :P
tronjohn  +   797d ago
You don't, need a comma after Crysis.
CanadianTurtle  +   798d ago
I don't think anyone wants to sign up for a beta where nobody is probably going to play after the 3rd week of it's retail release.

I owned Crysis2. Could not get into 1 online match because there just weren't enough players. Such a great way to waste 40 bucks.
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RankFTW  +   797d ago
Still loads of players on PC.
shockdude  +   797d ago
"loads of players on PC."

353 players online, according to c2stats.com
torchic  +   797d ago
which platform?

well on consoles at least, Crysis 2 had a problem where the game took an incredibly long time to find you a lobby.

you had to wait like 5 minutes for the game to place you into one but once you were in, from that point on it was easier and faster to find other lobbies.

maybe that's the problem.
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LAZL0-Panaflex  +   797d ago
That's bullshit I played instant action for over 6 hours yesterday. I platinumed ps3 version,...which was busy, and now I'm going for 1000 Xbox points now 4 achievements to go. You must not be any good so you resort to bashing. Ehh?
benihya  +   797d ago
"Still loads of players on PC"
I agree, there is always 2 to 4 games with 16 players on 109 ping, at anytime.

of cause it is not COD numbers, but you can still find a game going
KrisButtar  +   797d ago
I always see cryisis 2 at stores for 10bucks is it worth it? I would only ever play single player btw.
CanadianTurtle  +   797d ago
The singleplayer is quite flawed and not as immense as they make it seem in the trailer. The reason is because of the gameplay. The gameplay is mediocore at best. It gets stale fast because the armor abilities are quite useless.

Do not make the same mistake I did. Don't trust ign with their 9.0/10 scores. Trust me, this game is far from a 9.0/10.

For 10 bucks though, it's not a bad deal. Just don't go expecting a great or revolutionary game
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jjb1981  +   797d ago
I bought the map packs and was never able to play online with them more than twice. GTAV is going to bring the crysis 3 multiplayer community down to 2 people and one of them will be some idiot sitting idle...
iistuii  +   798d ago
I wish some games wouldn't bother with online. Crysis is just better at single player, don't tack on a crap multiplayer, just leave it single player. That goes for Far Cry 3, great SP, tacked on crap MP, just don't bother.
Hufandpuf  +   797d ago
FC3 was supposed to have multiplayer. It just turned out to be crap compared to the other far crys
Shuyin  +   798d ago
You don't have to sign up, lol. I call this bullshit. Still gonna try it out on my Playstation. I actually liked C2 mp alot. Was almost on the highest level, I think. Glad it's an open beta, though.
stone_cold  +   797d ago
how can we get this beta ?
Pandamobile  +   797d ago
It's an open beta.
sourav93  +   797d ago
Can't sign up for it for the PC. For some reason the sign up page isn't working for me. I'll just get PS3 version then...*sigh*
Adexus  +   797d ago
You don't have to sign up for anything... unless you don't have an Origin account of course, then you'll need one of those :P
sourav93  +   797d ago
Yeah I just realised. The article said sign up, so I thought I'd actually have to fill in some details to get access to the beta, like I did for The Elder Scrolls Online closed beta yesterday. I guess the "sign up" thing only applies for closed beta.
But yeah, I'll download it for my laptop and ps3 both, so I'll be able to compare and decide which version to get when the game finally releases.
Dark_Overlord  +   797d ago
If were lucky they'll fix the god damn awful lag
sourav93  +   797d ago
Were you in the alpha? If yes, then how bad was the lag? I saw some alpha gameplay footage and didn't really notice any lag, but I'm guessing the best person to judge the amount of lag is the person playing the game.
Dark_Overlord  +   797d ago
No sorry, I meant in relation to Crysis 2, it had by far the worst lag in any online game I have ever played (Till BLOPS2 and its lag compensation stole the crown) and Crytek refused to fix it. If it is even half as bad as Crysis 2, i'll avoid it all together :)
Skate-AK  +   797d ago
You probably havnt played Kane&Lynch 2. The online was so laggy it was unplayable. Crysis 2 wasnt as bad.
FantasyStar  +   797d ago
...aaannnnd it's gone.
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