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ZeekQuattro1976d ago

Really looking forward to this game. Its release can't come soon enough.

StraightPath1976d ago (Edited 1976d ago )

wow...first killer app for the wii u? this game looks really fun and just a feel good feeling. colourful and vibrate game which you dont get often nowadays.

I do not have a wii u yet but this game has got me interested. why is there so much disagrees here?

cant take the fact that this game looks darn good? and its on the wii u?

ahronith1976d ago

Looks good! Kinda reminds me of Pikmin meets Pixar meets Super Heros

callahan091976d ago

Looks amazing. Can't wait!

MNGamer-N1976d ago

This game looks fun! I will pick this up when it releases.

Neonridr1976d ago

lol, love the curly slide at the end..

This game looks great. Although it looks like this game will not support Off TV play, since the trailer showed a specific feature that required the use of the gamepad to show something other than the TV. That won't deter me from buying it, but I really do love the ability to play these games off the gamepad alone.

EddieNX 1976d ago

The game looks like a must buy. That Slide bit kind of had a Disney pixar feel about it.... Like High quality animated humour... Hard to explain.

Wiiu has so many system sellingly good titles on the horizon. The tables have turned to the point where I believe the 720 and ps4 are going to have a very hard time trying to announce more bigger games right after launch like the wiiu has.

browngamer411976d ago

This game is looking better and better!

Venox20081976d ago

I want this game, I was blown away by the trailer

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The story is too old to be commented.